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1. ooo thanks
2. sorry, this problem with the hitboxes has gotten to a point that for the update that includes the ex stage, ill just make the characters have IN-style switching

3. yes, basically sibylla was trying to send everyone to horny jail and she caused an incident that removed the passion from all the gods and youkai 

oh, since the game starts where it ends its super easy to make the other 5 stages but we wont. we will have an extra stage some time though...

oh, its ok to not be good as long as you can enjoy what you play 


yeah the lack of sound is disturbing but one day well add that


oops sorry thats... not supposed to happen

but thanks

oh, i dont think frogmask thought of that when giving us the story but that is an interesting observation. i guess it is like that, and only the expressive allies will remain happy.

but thanks, were glad so many people think that this is faithful to the original touhou

oo cute art

oo thanks (next time well try to put in an *ending* ending)


it was a liiiittle weird how the game was really long but the dialogue was still kinda cute and along with that the art (both opening and normal game) was really nice

im dying its so cute

howd you guys even come up with something like that in 2 weeks im melting

this is hilarious really

i didnt like it at first but towards the end it was so silly i cant help not to like it

oh wait also, alices gay baking adventure was quite the experience i must say

hmm, the first problem really shouldnt happen when you select anyone. we dont know why it happens but it shouldnt happen when you open it for a second time. the second problem were well aware of and it happens to both teams. im not sure how we never noticed it, but thats unintended and well fix it next time

but thanks for the compliments, glad you like it

wow, this is pretty tricky

was fun and cute though

huh... thats interesting

i like this arcade aesthetic thing a lot

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-the song is just theme of eastern story... thats it...

-you can bomb during dialogue

-no hitbox display

-patterns are a bit bland...

-no life/bomb display as far as i can tell

uhhhhh yeah also sorry if this came off mean...

sure ryann sure

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oooo... tasty

story is so cute and its fun to play