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Formidable PatchouliView game page

Ever wondered how it feels to like a magician librarian who may or may not enjoy having tea with you?
Submitted by kurantoB (@kurantoB), Bakaretsu, VItheSixth — 22 minutes, 58 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of LGBT Themes#64.0834.250
Narrative / Writing#74.0434.208

Ranked from 24 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
kurantoB, Bakaretsu, VItheSixth, Utsuho, Celia

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(1 edit) (+2)

Heheh! Marisa is quite the star celebrity when it comes to gay couples, hm?

Active time multiple-choices making is really not my forte but thankfully I got the hang of it fast. (And also because I know Formidable Alice).

Anyway I really dived in blind and just played by guts feeling. And before I knew I got a perfect opportunity to confess so good job me first try I guess.

Like when you want to confess to your own chosen one (maybe?), I guess choosing what to talk about is not obvious. I generally tried to choose topics relating to Patchouli, the protagonist Marisa, and their usual activities, but in the end I really did win by luck.

Sooo huh, I guess it's a good real life confess talk simulator? You never know what'll really happen nor if it'll help you on your objective to confess. *shrug*


"blind" ? "played by guts feeling" ? "FIRST TRY" (?!)

I'm pretty sure some natural law of the universe was broken right there. I could've sworn everyone else who played this game gave up permanently after being brutally rejected 2-3 times. You, sir, are a great reassurance.

(1 edit) (+2)

Never took the hook of this gameplay, I guess Im just aint good at conversations, its very interesting tho, and it got a huge jump on art since formidable alice, still trying to get the ending xD
Edit: Just noticed you mentioned a cheat sheet, good, if I just hadn't downloaded the first version, I might had saw that XD


Thanks for playing! Do let me know if you need more assistance in reaching the 2 endings! (I agree, the mechanics here is unforgiving and unsalvageable.)


I am yet to succeed. However, the writing and art style are both great and keep me invested for sure


Do note that I posted a cheat sheet in the game description!


I still haven't completed it yet since its very tricky  but I think I found both "confession topics" but still have trouble finding the actual confession window. Patchy is formidable indeed. I definitely want to come back to this and try to beat it once I go through some other submissions!


Dialogue is fun and I love the art style, it's like 2020 Ranma. Do you have any tips on beating the game?  I'm having a hard time raising the bar (I did once and I thought it was max but confess didn't work either)


Thanks for the feedback! It's hard to give tips without outright telling you the exact steps to take, but once you get the heart gauge to the max, be on alert. There's a tiny confession window (lasting maybe a handful of dialogue messages). Anytime outside of that, and your confession wouldn't work.




VN is not my cup of tea (OwO) but i still liked the challenge for PatchyXMarisa 7/10, I still stand for AliceXMarisa


wow, this is pretty tricky

was fun and cute though


Thanks, glad you thought so!