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Collection games are addicting in their own right. It took me a while to notice that the egrets (?) bumping into me took away an entire meter (instead of dropping a whole bunch of extra fragments seemingly for free.) The most mechanically-challenging part was getting the surround on the white birds, and not knowing initially that it counts if they fly into your circle too.

Thought process was basically, oh, nice background art. Wait, I am the background art. I'm playing as the background art.

Shinmyoumaru's catharsis here seems to have a cost.. of my own catharsis as the struggle is there to remap the funny letter symbols to the correct finger. Anywho, this would be pretty cool as an arcade game where we try to one up one another on our scores.

Simple, self-contained, has all the vibes of the previous Megapig9001 games I've played. The art, music, and writing all fit nicely into one bite-sized package. The minigame where you dodge the bullets threw me for a loop at some places, but it ended up being doable.  (And hey! We also just happen to be close to Mother's Day huh.)

Very evocative, engrossing poetry with some nice flavor-gameplay to go with it! I wanted to harp on the lack of transition between different scenery but I guess in actual dreams you don't actually notice the transitions anyway.

What a cute little game, all of the characters are so funny and well-writt- (meets Youmu)

.. Anywho, gives off a bit of Undertale vibes, minus the RPG exploration, especially with the black-and-white and silly portraits. The mini-games are a nice touch and the fact that you can only win at them was kind of amusing.

Ah the mechanics here, while apparent, aren't readily explained. Clean visuals, though, so props for that.

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I'll admit, I'm not that familiar with Berigoo lore (aside from just the phrase and the artstyle) but I think the set design here teaches me enough. I'm trying to imagine what it would look like if this gets expanded upon and I'm thinking some kind of Blue-Clues mystery/exploration RPG.

There was more depth to this than I expected, especially with these dream effects that signal a wake-up from time to time. Sometimes it feels like I can't tell when exactly am I in the "danger zone" but I feel like that might be the point lol.

Ah, the classic me, myself, and my sword against 1000 bullets (and gravity). Not gonna lie, I read the description and thought it was gonna be a top down hack-n-slash (like Scarlet Curiosity) buuuut turns out I was off by 1 whole dimension (for my hitbox to wander about). Very neat concept with the being-able-to-leverage-frozen-bullets-as-platforms though. It's unfortunate I was never able to clear that part due to poor timing on my end (and maybe RNG. It's always RNG.) Would've been much easier if these were one-way platforms that can only be collided with from the top though.

Unforgiving. Both you and your umbrella are one-hit-KO hitboxes, while even trying to be as resourceful with your umbrella as you can puts you at risk. Very dynamic game mechanics. The mental calculation is strong here.

If there's one thing (aside from having to start a level all over again if you die) the strong gravity and swift movement speed really makes precision movements difficult, especially in the vertical sense, and especially when bullets enter the field of view while you're mid-jump.

Thoroughly enjoyed this though.

Lore? Melded with puzzle elements? I enjoyed this more than I expected. The terms "ally" and "friend" are similar enough to cause some confusion but I guess that's an issue with semantics. Had some issue parsing who some of the portraits are, but that could be due to the limited palette and totally not due to my ignorance of Touhou lore.

Innovative concept. There's definitely a skill curve here, and having the stage be 3D here makes for a bit of scenery. Movement here is loosely based off aircraft pitch, so my mental mapping to inverted controls screwed me over. Was fun, though.

I wanted to see Cirno in tiny sunglasses..
Anyway, this is the complete package, isn't it? Pastel colors, lo-fi beats, I'd even say the character art is on par (heck, maybe exceeds) whatever era this is supposed to be reminiscent of. Would've preferred seeing a bit more pointers on how to progress in-game but hey. Proud of myself for finishing the broom quest (before fumbling around and taking a while to realize that that was it).

Ah, the sheer amount of times I was thinking there's a secret to a map [somewhere]. Anyways, as someone who only knew of Yume Nikki through osmosis, I'd say this pretty much captures it. (Now I'm curious if pinch cheeks is an actual ability originally.)

Ah, needed to do a bit of praying to the RNG gods here. Especially amused by the whole chandelier Anti-Remilia strategy. Now, what could be happening to give Flandre a dream like this...

Wow you really ... knocked it out of the park... with the polish here. Simple and fun. Maybe some additional indicators as to how well you time certain things (like hitting the right arrows and how close you are to maximum X power) would help too.

Whoo that reload time. My impulsive ass really tried running past all the enemies but that didn't turn out too well in a dungeon. Might actually try making it to the end one day (or watch a LP if there ends up being one.)

What is a Bagoum game if weren't constantly reminding me about the existential water crisis?

Fun read. I'd like to think effort was spent at trying to be as outlandish as you could in your storytelling while keeping the reader grounded to the narrative.

The cute dying noises were what got me through the night. (3:09)

I swear some of the remixes from Touhou can easily make any of the "Top 10 Most Emotional Anime Soundtracks" videos on YouTube. N************* being retconned into being *****'s brainchild... I really did not see this coming. Was curious so I tried shooting for the options that didn't make sense but then, you know. hm.. maybe that's for the best.

Most intense flower-watering experience ever amirite. But what can you do, fairies gonna fairy. Man, I wish I'm good enough at FPS's to have a valid take.

Yukari, please don't stoop so low as to appeal to Reimu's sympathy for us Californians.

Hm, the duration of gameplay wasn't enough to last through the duration of the soundtrack. Perdition Crisis mixed in with Dream Land (<3) and this one other song whose title is just off the tip of my tongue....... Mm mm.

One can always enjoy a good old-fashioned bullet hell style gameplay. Cucumbers too stronk

Smooth controls, check. Head-scratching puzzles, check. Polish, check. Humorous writing, check. The complete package, if you ask me. (I deserve to be slapped for making it sound so easy.) I love/hate how it took actual commitment to beat the last boss. Anyway, I only played the final build but judging by the bugs encountered by those who played the jam version, I guess I'll dock a point or so from gameplay.

Making bullets disappear- ha! I love that trick. Kinda wish I had a wider range of movement to actually do some dodging but it all worked out. Portraits are hella kawaii.

I was softlocked where the next door appears in empty space above the car. That being said, I'm digging the treasure-hunt feel to it. Really gets you thinking.

I'm not sure I understood the story completely (that's entirely on me) but blah blah love between two girls can heal a heart, that much I can get behind. Refreshing to see challenging gameplay interwoven with a deeply ingrained story. Anyway, thank you making this.

Oh the logistics of how to deal with multiple shooter fairies. That said, that was a fun challenge. The writing ain't bad either, I guess. ... (Continues laughing privately)

When a game pushes a glorified version of its characters where they operate on pure, raw emotions, it usually is a hit or miss. This one's a hit in my book. If there's one thing I can say about this game, it's that it's... cohesive. The music, art, and writing play into each other very well. (SPOILERS) The premise that Marisa grows old and dies and Alice is sad about it isn't much on its own, but uh, you explored it to its fullest and managed to make this simplicity itself captivating. At least, that's how I feel.

I like the concept. In practice, I tend to focus more on getting the most amount of blocks down with the correct timing than actually matching colors, so there's definitely a learning curve. I can see the the appeal of something like a scoreboard or a vs human mode here.

The most challenging one I've encountered yet. You wanted to harken back to the Super Mario days, and I expected no less. No-efforts-spared in terms of assets here. Pretty well-rounded, while leaning towards the challenging end.
(P.S. I never figured out what the flower ability does)

This is, uh, fast bullets! (sweats).. difficulty curve!... (sweats more) dodging!... hard! I can't really pinpoint what exactly can be done to make it more playable.. could be a variety of factors, or I just suck. Something something bullet speeds, player movement speed, and player hitbox tweaks?

Nice story, though. Educational.

So deep in lore, it's marinated not only in Touhou lore but also the lore of stuff I haven't got a clue about! (Okay, maybe I did know some of the manga/anime references.) The dialogue here, as long as it is, doesn't seem to have a specific direction, which is probably what makes it relaxing and low-stakes. Cool game.

The story is quite a trip, and the art is... *chef's kiss*. I'm not very well-coordinated when it comes to mapping locations on the screen to my fingers across a different axis, so it was quite the challenge. It was fun though!

Some hiccups during playthrough but I can get the overall gist. Strong git-gud energy coming from this one, especially with parry timing. I'm usually not one to go all wild with a first-person camera which might've been my downfall. The concept do be nice though.

"One thousand"?? Maybe? I wanted to hear it all. But alas. I think 700's my limit ;c

You know shit's going down the moment the text shrinks to account for its sheer volume. ReiMari as portrayed here... a bit lazy but w/e. Yachie x Sannyo, ...sure. Saki x Miko... um. Yukabaraki, depends on how their food date went. Kaguya x Mokou, pretty standard stuff. But we know the real ship here is the crimson v vermillion discourse x the Youmu flower discourse.


Very neet platformer concept. Not sure how eternity ties into gravity-reversal, but hey, something something space-time, right? I'm also glad the Torifune episode of the Music CD series is gaining attention - that bit about an abandoned greenhouse floating in space came out of left field, but leaves so much to explore. There were some places still buggy, where switching would make you fall through the floor sometimes, but I managed to clear it in the end. The music and writing hold their own too, so there's also the well-rounded-ness aspect I guess.