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I second Draco's comments on the visual. The character portraits are nice, though.

Admit it. Half the budget was spent on the cash money artwork.

Joking aside, I appreciate this. I was expecting some kind of sick twist in the end, but a happy ending? I'll take it any day.

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I know right. ^_^

I wonder who made them. And what the person who made them was thinking. ^_^

I’m sure they very much enjoyed themself while making them. ^_^

Solid platformer and thoughtful puzzles. The combat is tricky to get the hang of but it just takes time. I'd prefer it if the character's walking speed is amped up a bit.

"Toss the baby? Get gold? Got it.

A scythe? Okay.

Wait... a scythe?"

Really fun game that makes you keep trying for a better score. I love how racking too many celestial kills in one motion can send the baby shooting down before you can react like "This combo ain't free ya know."

Very smooth-looking graphics and a high degree of movement freedom. The level of challenge is great for speed-running no-miss runs. As a button-masher, I never quite internalized which button was jump/punch/dash to the point of instinctiveness. Oh, and the writing tickles.

Pac-man meets Baba. Simple, yet challenging. I never got past level 5, not being sure about whether there is more depth to this game, or the degree that RNG comes into play. Whatever the case, it's quite exhilarating to be pursued by monsters that move just as fast as you and and having smart path-finding.

Yes, directly copied from (game that I should have heard about but never did, with the evil villain in the exact same pose as Joon handed to me as a reference.) Thanks for your feedback!

This is a neat battle system that is the first of its kind I've ever encountered. One thing I would prefer there to be is for some way to distinguish which character I'm selecting moves for (like maybe giving the move selection GUI themes that vary between the characters), instead of just the name. This could also be a me problem because I'm just bad at internalizing movesets.

Simple, intuitive gameplay, but challenging nevertheless. I enjoyed it!

Experimenting with different cooking methods is the best part. The genre mashup is neat here - neither one interferes with the other, both feed upon each other. I was reminded of this mobile game called Alchemy, which got me thinking, what if different food ingredients can be cooked together to yield a whole different weapon?

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My only regret is that I'll never see how the Special story unfolds, because I'm just not special enough.

I love it when the rush kicks in every time about 5-10 seconds before I inevitably lose. Cutely polished game! (Polishedly cute?)

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Hey thanks! But now that you mention it, the sad story can be pinned on how Game Over is inevitable hahah.

This put a smile on my face. And whoo! You were even thorough enough to showcase both endings. This game was really fun to make, and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Watching someone else play made me realize just how very frustrating it is to play through, which I can't speak to since I know exactly what route to take......... Duh. Subbed.

This is rock solid. The writing made me laugh. Game was hard, but hey, that's what a (seemingly) infinite life bar is for! One thing I have to say though, the charge shot SFX was a bit grating to my ears.

Well that was entertaining. I think the number one strength here is the visuals. Followed by writing. The music is top-notch as well. That's a heck of a story to think up, and I'm a sucker for over-the-top murder mysteries Phoenix Wright or Danganronpa style. I'd actually wanna see more of these.

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Some thoughts in retrospect.

Here’s the game mechanic. There are 2 conversation topics that will give you a scenario for confessing but for that to happen, for each of them, two other specific topics need to have been already discussed (doesn’t matter which order), which the “confession-friendly” topic builds upon. If you go for the confesssion topic first, before finishing the other two, it won’t build upon anything and you can’t confess properly. But you can go back to the same topic after you completed the previous two.

One glaring weakness is that it’s hard to tell when it’s okay to initiate a change in topic. I blame the limits on my writing skills. In general, each topic has a point to be made, after which the discussion sort of winds down. It’s safe to change topics then.

If I were to do this over, I would have some sort of indicator to let you know how many “precursor” topics you’ve already covered, so you’ll know when to look out for an opening.

I think this is a neat concept - sprinkling minigames on top of an overarching story. Nothing too twisty in terms of plot, but this is just the beginning. Overall exploration theme reminds me of DnD, not that I’ve ever played that. The in-game text is dense and detailed, but I would’ve preferred more visuals to go with it.

The small amount of people rating this game makes me think it's underrated. There are many deep and funny quotes, and while it might not be the most unique storyline, it's still something to easily lose yourself in.

Slippery snow is slippery. There wasn't any particular mission goal (besides, kill all enemies?) so I treated it as a bit of a game of exploration. The excellent visual assets kinda warranted that. This can definitely be used as a springboard for... something.