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3rd try's the charm

That's not good.. Did you try pressing space to advance dialogue? Maybe play the web browser version. I may have just forgotten to update the executable or something.

You do have a point, but if I go there, I might as well remove it all together (the penalty for changing topics before the current one winds down) ^^;
The game has many flaws, but I hope to address as many of them as I can in my next Formidable-style game.

But anyway, glad you made it to the end!

"blind" ? "played by guts feeling" ? "FIRST TRY" (?!)

I'm pretty sure some natural law of the universe was broken right there. I could've sworn everyone else who played this game gave up permanently after being brutally rejected 2-3 times. You, sir, are a great reassurance.

Thanks for playing! Do let me know if you need more assistance in reaching the 2 endings! (I agree, the mechanics here is unforgiving and unsalvageable.)

Everything in this game just seems very production-value. Nice job portraying Merry’s gripping personal journey (both physically and mentally.) One bit of detail is that Maribel and Renko’s timeline was supposed to take place many years after the main games’s timeframe, in the future. It makes sense though, if Merry were to suddenly appear in Gensokyo’s current timeline, people would mistake her for Yukari! :P

It gets lonely standing on top of this graveyard. of crushed Marisa souls.

What carried the game for me was the writing. Even though it's pretty obvious it wasn't meant to be taken seriously. Not sure what spurred the character design decisions here but... it works for me. Also, I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment. Kosuzu IS best girl.

Plant, buy, and plant. Man does it feel good to horde and spend resources so easily. It's neat that you managed to incorporate plot elements into a farming game. Oh, and music that's just tailored for this kind of atmosphere. Bravo!

Do note that I posted a cheat sheet in the game description!

Neat game play and challenge. Though, having everything be keyboard-based and physics-involved makes the control scheme a bit less precise/efficient than other types of cooking games. I didn't get a chance to try multiplayer yet, but will definitely do so soon enough!

H-hey, the number of unanswered questions isn't supposed to grow exponentially like that..! But yes, the dialogue here is slick and fast-paced, and full of original ideas. One thing I would prefer is to have each of the various characters take on more of a well-defined role within the overarching storyline. But it might just be too early to tell.

I can respect any type of Megaman remake. That being said, the stage hazards are tough to master. I would love to see a speedrun of this from someone who can properly clear everything.

I like that little interactiveness you got going there. The writing can be a bit mundane, but the story itself is wholesome.

Nice li'l game. I see this kind of as an underwater Sonic. My favorite part is jumping over chunks of land.

Your intuition's on the right track XD. I'd agree, the game is still unforgiving despite knowing the manual. Read the (bug) cheat sheet I posted in the game page too!

Like always, I think your game really shines when it comes to boss fights. Thoroughly enjoyed the requirement of learning to Abuse the Iframe. The story is simple and engaging, and +1 for the music as well. This is peak delivery.

Simple and cute. I was able to pass the forest stage without having known that I was able to attack...! Am also fully digging the PC-98 representation in the soundtrack.

This brings me back to the old days of binging FanFiction when there wasn't anything to distract me on the internet yet. Must be something nostalgic about just plain old reading. Especially liked Hatate's characterization here.

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Huge props for making this so faithful to the canon titles both visually and musically. Patterns were challenging and apt for some kind of EX boss. Also, uh... I guess the whole thing about Gensokyo losing all of its passion kinda reflects how the Outside world sucked out all of that passionate energy and became the chaos that it is today huh?

Thanks for the feedback! It's hard to give tips without outright telling you the exact steps to take, but once you get the heart gauge to the max, be on alert. There's a tiny confession window (lasting maybe a handful of dialogue messages). Anytime outside of that, and your confession wouldn't work.

Flowers die once. And permanently. :(

Thanks, glad you thought so!

The aesthetics here take me way back. I like the enemy diversity and challenging gameplay. Patchouli with her annoying shenanigans is a nice touch as well. I do find myself unable to discern between solid / non-solid / floor-only blocks sometimes, which sucks when you are being converged upon. Nice game overall.

The visuals here carry hard. The music too. If you're here for the word count, this VN won't disappoint you. At first I didn't understand why all that discussion with Reisen was needed at all, when it didn't have much to do with the main plot. But now I realize it shows the contrast between Mokou's two completely different sides. This game be good.

2 things I figured need explaining -

I have a gigantic monitor that let's me play the game in its native 1920 x 1080. If you're having trouble playing it, the submission window is over, so until then I can't fix it. Try enabling full-screen mode. If that still doesn't work, do leave a comment to let me know, though.

Also, yes, that bit about topic buttons in the tutorial is a placeholder graphic :(

I would be down to just read an entire visual novel with this art style. Also, I used two hands to combat this WASD layout, hoping that it's somehow less confusing (it's not). But it turned out fine in the end.

Man I did love playing Learn to Fly. I was kind of expecting the horse to run faster as you upgrade it. Anyhow, this has been a fun li'l game.

I second Draco's comments on the visual. The character portraits are nice, though.

Admit it. Half the budget was spent on the cash money artwork.

Joking aside, I appreciate this. I was expecting some kind of sick twist in the end, but a happy ending? I'll take it any day.

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I know right. ^_^

I wonder who made them. And what the person who made them was thinking. ^_^

I’m sure they very much enjoyed themself while making them. ^_^

Solid platformer and thoughtful puzzles. The combat is tricky to get the hang of but it just takes time. I'd prefer it if the character's walking speed is amped up a bit.

"Toss the baby? Get gold? Got it.

A scythe? Okay.

Wait... a scythe?"

Really fun game that makes you keep trying for a better score. I love how racking too many celestial kills in one motion can send the baby shooting down before you can react like "This combo ain't free ya know."

Very smooth-looking graphics and a high degree of movement freedom. The level of challenge is great for speed-running no-miss runs. As a button-masher, I never quite internalized which button was jump/punch/dash to the point of instinctiveness. Oh, and the writing tickles.

Pac-man meets Baba. Simple, yet challenging. I never got past level 5, not being sure about whether there is more depth to this game, or the degree that RNG comes into play. Whatever the case, it's quite exhilarating to be pursued by monsters that move just as fast as you and and having smart path-finding.

Yes, directly copied from (game that I should have heard about but never did, with the evil villain in the exact same pose as Joon handed to me as a reference.) Thanks for your feedback!

This is a neat battle system that is the first of its kind I've ever encountered. One thing I would prefer there to be is for some way to distinguish which character I'm selecting moves for (like maybe giving the move selection GUI themes that vary between the characters), instead of just the name. This could also be a me problem because I'm just bad at internalizing movesets.

Simple, intuitive gameplay, but challenging nevertheless. I enjoyed it!

Experimenting with different cooking methods is the best part. The genre mashup is neat here - neither one interferes with the other, both feed upon each other. I was reminded of this mobile game called Alchemy, which got me thinking, what if different food ingredients can be cooked together to yield a whole different weapon?