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The gameplay part is kinda weak:

The perspective looks nice but it makes dodging and aiming awkward at certain angles.
In the Jam version, Flan and Sakuya can go off screen and there doesn't seem to be a way to adjust the view.
In the Postjam version (at least), Sakuya's aim can get "uncalibrated" somehow... Awkward.

Regarding balance, Jam version feels quite unfair. Flandre has phases where she can just move next to Sakuya or offscreen, overlapping bullets in the process of moving. I had to wait until I got decent RNG to win.

Would have loved a Focus button, would be so useful for more precise movement.

I gave points in concept for novelty efforts though!
The character animations and the perspective are nice looking. (And Sakuya's overly dramatic dying animation is hilarious.)
I love the bright models and bullets over the dark background, looks a bit like neon aesthetic.

For peeps who can't complete the game:

Only relevant thing I have to say is that cancelled bullets could go away faster. The cancel effect lasts for like half a second, which I can easily imagine be confusing in high bullet density/spawn rate. Goes double for lasers. The effect's cool but it's kinda scary at this slow animation speed.

Anyway, the Jam version's very tough but fair and par for the course for a StB-type game. It may be too hard for non-shooters though which is why I made a video of said version.

Letter "A" is incorrect.

Notes covering the left side could be tranparent or binded to a key (like Spacebar)
Had a time where Sakuya bot tried to pursue an enemy on the other side of the wall and didn't stop being a dog with rabies.

The challenge is hampered a bit by the *gameplay quirks*, but overall game's still challenging and fair and fun. The base idea is just too funny and amazing.

Regarding the wall-raging Sakuya, look at her from 4:38 onward.

I was worried that the melee attack was going to be useless but it turns out that it deals way more damage than bullets. It also lasts deceptively longer than you'd think, so it gets a pass👍

Like Worm said earlier, the game does feel like a tutorial. However, for demo purposes, the proof-of-concept and execution is excellent, the abilities all had their chance to be used.

Fun story! Seeing the non-initiated discover a computer sure is something.

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I wonder why the fairy sticks to Rin when Rin touches her.

Slippery movement like a wet bar of soap. Since there's no game there's no gauging how good or bad it can be.
Jump button... No uses in this demo so idk.
The rest of the controls seem good.

Because of the chibi body proportions, the moves feel a tad too small for a Beat-M-Up. You could try stretching the attacking moves a bit or add attack effects to give some reach to the characters. Anything to make the moves more visible. Also the leg should look more visible too, it's really thin-looking right now.
Overall, from this build, I'd say that the gameplay implementation is a success.

While there's not much to see, the art style is funny and Rin's animations are nice. It's pretty good to see her fighting moves. Her moves being fully sprited is a welcome surprise to me.

This is for the people who don't get the reference:

i am stupid; i understood the "16:9" example as some random number or screen ratio of sorts
*ragdolls 3 meters in the ground*

It's a legit PC-98 game! So cool!

I can cheese the battles by defending with 20- Speed characters lol
Poor 8th party member can't fit into the party screen lol.

The spells don't seem to have any benefit over physical attacks. They feel like a waste of MP.

The balance is in a weird place.
It's tough when the party is small, and very cheesable especially with a full party.
It doesn't break the game too much though.

Use this in case of poor sense of direction. Contains spoilers.

Huh? No. Retro games are things like knuckle bones or play-fighting with sticks, right? Chess is still pretty new.

How do their concept of cooking time work?? What do you mean 15:23 + 45 minutes is not 16:08?

Also the amount of arranges is impressive. Cute game.

Got a crazy double game bug.

The game also becomes very uneventful once all the spellcards have been exhausted.
The concept though is quite fun, being a very big subversion of Touhou and Pong.

Alright, I did.

The exploring and the experience is quite something.
Truly haunting and immersive. The writing and character building is nothing short of masterful.

I really like all the personality sprinkled into the game.
There's the right amount of random events and flavour texts which kept the game from getting stale!
As for the gameplay, it's simple and stable.

Overall a good time.

I am speed. And yes, will do.

Incredible game! The return happened!

Really cute game!
I made a video with a Reimu mode clear, for those who struggle with it.

For people who can't get far in SHmUPs I published gameplay.

Game published 6 hours ago. So I'm going to say the obvious things here.

Right now game's uncomfortable to play.
Controls are responsive but the frame rate tears often, some pipe bullets die on spawn, enemies sometimes clip through solid tiles. hitting boxes is inconsistent.

Dunno if you will address these issues before the Jam time ends but if you will, then good luck!

Are you ready for birdy?

The feeling of progress is surprisingly great even though it's simply new skills and equips from the bosses. Especially so after your second boss down.
It's really all that was needed for this small game!

Story's pretty light-hearted and funny. Definite chill.

Even though I died to a couple bad RNG rolls, I did not expect more than decent balance for a FnAFB fangame.
The skills and statuses and items are all in a good middle ground. Again, very surprised in a good way.

Seen the Jam and post-Jam versions.

Gotta say, the base idea is interesting. But the enemies (for now) are too easy to deal with, come in very few variations, which in turn doesn't allow to put the concept in the spotlight.
I guess it's about picking which upgrade is better suited for the current moment, except that-
The current moment: "I return again (because Mima can't)"

Fantastic! Short and blood-pumping!

Very neat arcade machine style! Especially the enemy ships, very reminiscent of the pillars of SHmUPs.
If the aliens won't stop pondering, Mystia will make them.

Dev times are one hell of a motivator.
But then I played a eurobeat mix of Free Bird on another tab:

There's lots of room for polish.

I can't pinpoint what makes me think this, but something (or three?) feels off about the story. I couldn't enjoy it.

The balance... Well.
Please allow the player to have more strengths to make use of. Either that, or have the enemy's attacks match better the limited strengths of the player character.
Full version:

I didn't have fun due to the unfairness of the enemies. Utsuho fires these fast, ondulating, random bullets frequently, and the player has nothing to compensate. We got a big hitbox, we move slow so no getting out of the way quick, no other way to shoot at the boss than being at the same height (which is the aforementioned zone of death), and no mercy invincibility.
In other words, there's no way to do skill-based gameplay.
Boss!Sagume is barely more tolerable. Has the same problems but not on the same intensity for each. The curving bullets are actually okay somewhat. But the high speed random salvos... at times you just cannot dodge, end of story.

Cute and great, inertia-based movement

First person mode kinda broken.
I had enormous lag a couple times. I am not sure but it seems to happen when the propellers are uh. inside surfaces? I somehow got this easily while trying to drop Aya on the secret spot of the last stage, landed the drone on the pillar, and "forced" the camera close to the pillar's surface. (It's deliberate though so it doesn't look like it should affect normal gameplay?)

Other than that, ᗜˬᗜ

It's quite unique thanks to how Aya attack only downward! The verticality of the levels complement this mechanic very well too!

The boss fights may seem like an enigma at first, but it's really because they ARE puzzles made to test the new skills Aya acquires. When I realized that and figured out what to do, what a feeling!

The plot's really nice and clever, got a smile from me.

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Liked the extra mechanic, makes the original formula fresh!
Also rare Tengu Is Watching arrange!

Fumo eyes ᗜˬᗜ

i am very bad at open-ended tower defense, my brain fried, didnt defeat boss

Love the style, very funny and cute.

This is amazing! You really took ALL of the cues from the official Touhou games!
I do mean it, perfectly reproduces the vibe and experience - I felt right at home!

I played on Nuclear and then Normal. The entire stage is perfect as a Stage 1!

Minor thing 1: restarting after seeing the credits bugs the gameplay, forcing me to close-reopen the game. I guess reading a staff roll fries Okuu's brain.

MInor thing 2: I did a NMNB on Nuclear. With this I have nothing more to say about the balance.

There's a slightly high skill floor and a high skill ceiling. It's an arcade game alright.

There are some of the blue/circling enemies that are slightly unreasonably out of reach though.
The style's cool, I'm a sucker for neon aesthetics.

Also Chiyari discovers barrier-type spellcards.


Slightly weird that there's no diagonal movement when navigating around bullets is kind of important, but that doesn't get in the way much.

However what's questionable is how you can't put chicken in the nest from the side or the upside. Turns out that the hitbox that counts is that of the chicken, not Kutaka's. This goes for fighting the wolves too - that makes it that you can fight wolves only from "below" but that's a bit more tolerable.

Regarding the challenge, there isn't a lot of variation, and getting close to the wolves is more tedious than it is challenging. Kutaka's hitbox is her entire body so no squeezing between bullets wihout waiting for the gaps to get bigger, which gives time for the wolves to shoot another barrage...

The stylistic identity though is so endearing! Also, using chicken to beat the shit out of wolves?? That blew my mind in a good way, it's so counter-intuitive it's funny! lol

Near unbelievable, that's a very fresh one-tap system! I'm interested in seeing more of this.

Kutaka and Shinmyoumaru are adorbirbable in here.

Also Kutaka is such a rhythm godess she can score more than the maximum lol

Ah yes, Konpaku Youmu and her ability to  u s e  g u n  t e c h n i q u e s.
The things that cannot be shot down by t
his Barret M82, forged by the Moon's militia, are next to none!

Nothing else to add, the game's neat!

Played and completed only the v1.0 version.
Got roughed up real bad at the spinning pillar phases (the second-to-last phase) - this phase felt abnormally hard compared to everything else. But I was doing well enough before that I pulled through it with a couple lives left.
Oh yeah, and I really thought the big blue orbs were hazards, not merely background lol. Took me one (my only one) gamer over to realize that.

Anyway, I enjoyed the game a lot! Alice goes through character development I haven't fathomed before, and it's a story that happens right after Touhou 5 too.
After all of Alice's pondering, and all this flapping trial and the survival done, when I touched the arrow keys, it was so damn magical and deep.
If I had to tell one moment that made the biggest impression on me, from the whole Bird Jam, it has to be this.

Touhou MMO. Touhou MMO.

Pulled off quite well, besides balancing perhaps.

Not being into MMOs I was confused at first but thankfully it's easy to pick up!

Dating sims really aren't my cup of tea, but the writing is solid. There was not a scene that felt shallow, far from it.

Wish you good luck on continuing the project, it's a great start!

(Also, is the protag not a bird? They're not a fan of maggots, not flying up the tree to get the ball neither, not understanding Mystia's birdsong (lyrics?) )

The gameplay's a bit "stiff": there's quite a bit of a cooldown between uncharged shots, the jumps are low and the movement isn't particularly crazy.
But stiff isn't that bad in here. That didn't get in the way of weaving through danmaku and obliterating everything.
I had trouble with the aiming sensitivity (too high for me), methink it's a good idea for FPS games to have a setting for it. Good thing I can change my own mouse's sensitivity.

Also despite being an FPS with dodging to do, the game's easy enough to be relaxation~

Cute and vibrant style! Kinda crazy that the flapping movement has that amount of depth when used outside of its native game. The hazards here brought decent freshness!

Liked every single second of my first succeeded attempt. I'm a bit of a perfectionist guy so I spent like two hours because it was the end of the day and was tiredge, oops.

I love the music too. When the song reached the halfway point, hearing the music transition into the chorus and the cawing made me emotional.

Also the alert sound (from the tackling crows)... It's the 4 first notes of Wind God Girl's verse. Don't think you can sneak it past me :)

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If it's in this Jam then It's about birds.

Also for my first (and only one (so far) ) run I played the game on Lunatic. It's surprisingly way more manageable than I imagined at first.

Had a good time witnessing the sheer chaos of the story, of the surroundings and even of the core mechanic itself.

PS: might try a L1CC, but not going to bet on it