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Win the hearts of suitors and CRUSH homophobia in this retro-inspired top-down run-and-gun!
Submitted by Zirk, Funbil (@Funbil_), Verdant_Jack, ploopjuice, MochiMagician — 6 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Audio / Music#123.3603.360
Use of LGBTQ+ Themes#173.0803.080
Balance (Challenge and Fairness)#192.6802.680
Story / Writing#242.6402.640

Ranked from 25 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Jacob Richer (Verdant_jack), Funbil, MochiMagician, Ploopjuice, Zirk and 1 person who wished to remain anonymous

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It was short and too easy but the dialogue was funny. The bomb was never needed as you barely lose any life from hit and I didn't notice any penalties for running out. Some of the enemy fairies fired so quickly it was hard to avoid them the moment you switched to a new screen. I had some issues with the camera and the Meira fight in particular seemed glitchy. Often her bullets wouldn't spawn, or she or Marisa's partner would go off screen and freak out before coming back.

The visuals were decent, but the screen barriers could have been more than just pink rectangles. The music was great and kept me engaged. The writing was funny but I felt there could have been more of a backstory. I have a burning need to know why those fairies were homophobic. Meira makes sense as the boss at least. 

Overall, a short and fun game that could benefit from some polish to the gameplay.

Rather fun and short, with a rather unique gameplay presentation. But it's full of tiny holes that'll need to be patched..

- The camera's awkward in screen transitions.
  The partners most often will be useless, due to how Marisa has the ability to just snipe everything that's offscreen, and most of all due to how close the partner has to be to act. Even when the partner shoots, their aiming system looks like it's drunk.

- That in turn affects the balance so hard. It's weird.
  Since Marisa can steamroll everything from afar, I don't think the bomb, or switching partners is even useful then.
  The bomb, quite oddly, is also less useful than just tanking a hit which gives some mercy invulnerability at the cost of less "Love".
  There's nothing wrong with power fantasy or more options but it's kinda easy to make the challenge boring as a result. Especially considering that the enemies and the boss are already easy to deal with in the first place, and that Love pickups are all over the place, which means that the game is a bit too forgiving...

- Though, the game as a proof of concept IS creative.
  Hmmm... Who knows what the gameplay mechanic implies...?

Pretty cute game. It does feel unpolished, but that's understandable-- seems like you're trying to do a lot with the mechanics. The character switching with the hearts is still a little confusing to me. The game has quite a charming vibe-- reminds me of Super C and Zelda 1. The boss dialogue was pretty fun, and the music was pretty nice. But yeah, like euniworm said, it feels like there's no reason to kill enemies when you can just dash right past them and beat the game super quick-- they're generally just not dangerous enough, I think.

In short, it's like a big sloppy kiss-- good in an indulgent way, lacking in elegance, but that doesn't matter too much. Yeah wow great simile there mhmm

love wins. i dont get it but maybe thats how it was meant to be

Not bad but nothing spectacular. It is not earth-shatteringly bad, but also does not feel like a complete game when lined up with the other game jam games this time around.

Art is a delight to the eye, but the clashing UI riddled with rushed graphical errors and tile map warping does stand out. Immediately dropped into the game without any quick control scheme to show (which I  know is a small criticism, but its huge for accessibility!) Love meter isn't explained, pause button is Enter key and not ESC, and there is no reason to stand around and shoot enemies when you can dash through to the larger red fairies to proceed, and constantly recontinue, and ignore any semblance of "health" as a mechanic. Even when picking Reimu, my partner is changing from Alice, Reimu, Kagerou when I die? Boss has collision, and just pushes you into a corner, where you can attack spam to victory.  When I won, the game crashed :,) Ending splash arts very good.

I see the vision, just needs a lot of polish. 


Loved the different ending screens. Malice for life, though. Go Alice! Go lasers! Reimu can go walk her dog!


There were some oddities like the absolutely mega size of Marisa’s hitbox and Alice’s lasers OBLITERATING every fairy before I even got to see them. But otherwise it was a cute and fun game and Meira’s attitude gave me a laugh (as did the end screen). I liked the music a bunch too!


An interesting little game. The challenge is there, but a fair amount comes from trying to grapple with game mechanics as fairies pelt you. There is a character switching mechanic, which is cool, but its not announced and it doesn't appear you can switch when you want, only when a heart comes up.  You can end up with a character taking up a lot of the love bar but no way to switch to them so you have less effective health. And it seems like red hearts are way less common. The gameplay is tricky and requires getting comfortable with strafing and dashing. Getting it right has a good feel. The visuals are quite good with colorful sprites. With a bit more polish on the edges this would be a star.


Neat concept. That remix of Love Colored Magic was groovin!

I draw, I  don't make games. It's really hard. It needs some polish but I like the idea of a sort of an RPG adventure Danmaku game with a party that tags alone. I don't understand what your team does but I'm in. It has Kagerou!

Favorite Parts: The idea it's pretty cool, it if was polished, I would dig it!