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Thank you so much!

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Didn't have the time to build and upload versions for Windows, Mac OSX etc.. I only could upload the HTML file

Also, I just realized I forgot to change the hit points of my final boss in the final build, so now it dies in a second. Can I upload a modified build please?

The art is super cute, the music has the kind of beat I like and the terumoko manzai like interaction is funny and warm. Gameplay kind of similar to VVVVV which I like too. I like this a lot!

I really liked this! I think the concept was really original and even though there was a lot to read, it was enjoyable to do it! music and visuals are very good and if it wasn't for the Mokou fight (which I liked) I wouldn't be able to say it's RPGMaker. My favorite quest was probably the lore quiz with Keine. btw Tewi... found the Jojo reference lol

I just like this a lot. VIsuals and music are top notch I'm really in love with the character art, specially Jo'on! Also the writing and references were very funny

Loved this! I like the arcade style a lot, reminds me of Gun Smoke and Sunset Riders. I think everything has good feedback and the controls feel great, the dialogue is funny too (tiny guns lol)

Thank you for the feedback! To be honest I was playtesting and noticed the out of bounds thing too. But... I like when I go out of bounds in games so I pretended not to notice and left it unblocked (in the team I was in charge of blocking out the level) lol in fact I left a couple other escape routes in

Thanks for the comment! the first camera is supposed to give an overall view, but you're right that it's a bit difficult to see, we did not account for someone exploring that area (not enough time to playtest much!). Glad to hear you find it fun and like the style!

I liked the game quite a lot overall, but I wanted to comment to specially praise the music because it's some of the best I've heard so far in the jam, love the sonic-like beat

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I know you probably pictured something different in your mind for the end result, but I still think the amount that was done is impressive for 3 days of work, and I would say it is quite finished for a jam project! I like the pixel art for Reimu a lot and the dash + melee gameplay works! Also like the chill music

I think the game looks great, plays great, and is difficult but has a satisfying game loop, kind of like Celeste! awesome.

Also it's really funny that the premise is built around tacos and bells lol

I'm a big fan of Contra! One of the first games I played, I've played all of them quite a bit so it's very nice to see a Touhou version. As a suggestion, I think the original NES controls of crouching with down arrow work better, I know shooting straight down by having to jump is a pain but the separate crouch button is really difficult to juggle. Otherwise the gameplay was very good! and I love the title screen

I like the expansive scenery and the feeling of flight, I think that's really well achieved! Marisa works better than Reimu IMO because of the camera. If you allow me a suggestion I think limiting the amount of turn you can add would help, because it's easy to spin out of control so the game becomes difficult to control. In any case this is a very cool game concept!

lol the nostalgia, wish I still had my lightgun around to play with it... the game is well polished and it does feel like time crisis, I'd totally play this with stages that go forward and more enemies etc

It's good for your first Unity project! much luck to you. I would suggest a scrolling background to make it look more dynamic

PD: me hace gracia que los textos del juego estén en español jajaja saludos desde españa!

Thank you for the answer! I do remember GameMaker had a 3D mode which looks kind of like Mode7, great to know!

I was totally not expecting the VN to turn into arcade games! it was very fun. Music is very good and the writing is nice. I managed to score so bad in DDR that the score turned positive (also, unexpected rumble was a nice touch!). Love the Mode 7 style on the racing game!! how was it achieved if I can ask? is it just a quad with a stretched texture or is there more to it?? loved the VN backgrounds too btw.

I just think the overall atmosphere achieved here is great!

Really cool game, reminds me of rhythm heaven! Very polished and great use of the combo concept. I really like the idea of going up higher and higher.

PS:My high score is 199.

Awesome doujin shmup style! It's all superpolished. I'm finding it difficult not to run out of time though!

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Amazing work, I like ace combat games and had fun playing this (took me a while to figure out W increased speed btw). Adding danmaku to combat flight is a great concept!

I wish I could see the models up close, they look nice.

I think it has a lot of stuff and plays very well for that short amount of time!

Please consider releasing a Quest version, thank you!

Loved everything about the game. The snes graphics, the character art, the dialogue, the concept of robbing a bank, the vault background, the gameplay... one of my favorites for sure! I only got 1735 coins on my first try though.

Also the bgm is amazing, checking the artist soundcloud now, what is the name of the track you used?

It looks promising! poor meiling...

"How this game fulfills the theme: Clownpiece + Utsuho combo" lol

The dream-like atmosphere is very cool, and the action feels nice and satisfying, if I had a suggestion it would be to jump higher and dash further

Cute and funny and the gameplay felt smooth and interesting to play! Lol at the (spoiler) snowman having skeleton

I like it, the danmaku gameplay is good and the difficulty is well adjusted! I think some sound effects would help a lot

Don't misunderstand! I think the game is very cool despite not having characters, I just thought that it was worth mentioning.

Why is the character art so cute??? it's fantastic I love it, also the music is really good and the story is very funny and easy to read (the english is rough, but adds to the charm a lot). Never expected the katamari like gameplay and the story about the machine, really one of my favorites in this jam.

Very impressive for one person! A lot of movements and the controls feel right, although to be honest I could not beat patchy in normal, and the graphics specially the character sprites are cute . Also I think some music would help a lot! hola btw nice to see another Spanish speaker

I love the retro style, looks and feels awesome. However the difficulty is too high! Faeries have too much hp, there are too many of them and it's impossible to get up close.

To be honest because there are no characters I thought there was going to be nothing to the game, but it's very pretty to look at and it implements the theme well.

Funny, and very heartwarming, with awesome art. I wish there was music to complete

Well the graphics are mostly paint stuff but the gameplay is surprisingly nice after you manage to understand where to click (hard to see until I saw the guide) and even if most actions give little to no feedback. I think the same game with good graphics and UI would work pretty well with the gameplay as it is

Thank you for that ending

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Loved the game, very funny intro and ending, and it was cool to find there were more moves even though I was button mashing. Art is lovely and music is chill. I cheesed by flying elbow more than I want to admit though lol

Such a super fun read and then... OH MY GOD T-T. Thank you so much for making this I loved every second of it and yes it made me cry. You are super talented, the VN just flowed and the art is so pretty, specially in love with how you drew Kogasa. The music is just right too. I want to give this an 11 out of 10.

SO cute I teared up, so real too. Probably my fav on the LGBT theme. I also found the random small talk with Reisen super enjoyable and relaxing, which was unexpected. And the art is so good, they look so pretty (thanks for that ending cg btw lol).

PS: my only technical gripe is that changing the auto delay doesn't seem to do anything, so I couldn't use auto mode which I usually prefer (too slow on default).

I love it, very atmospheric story and so easy to read, absolutely stunning visuals (the pixel art portraits are amazing), the music is perfect. One of my favs for this jam.

PS: now that is the most hostile university classroom I've ever seen lol poor Maribel

Very cool game! Any tips for beating the wolf lady?? I'm getting destroyed