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Loved the atmosphere created, and the dialogue was easy and nice to read! felt the rhythm at which the story was told was perfect.

Fun and fast battles, cute and imaginative art and humorous dialogue. Made it to the end by killing 2 or 3 enemies per area I'd say it's the right amount of challenge (the multiple head throw was a life saver). *spoilers* The gap map reminded me of Yume nikki.

Absolutely loved this!

I found the visuals very good and the gameplay is promising!. It was a bit difficult for me to play because at some point a lot of enemies had spawned and the ragdolls blocked the shots . Overall it's cohesive as a project and feels good, just wish the shots were a bit more powerful but I know there's no time to balance stuff because it happened to me too lol what can we do.

Music and writing were also good!

I'd like to mention something in particular which is that I liked when the camera zoomed in for a moment during the dialogue! found that bit pretty cool I need to use that for my projects.

Very pretty pixel art, and the story was charming too! Wish it had sound because I think it would improve it a lot; overall I liked it very much anyways.

Thank you and yay I was going to put more boundaries but had fun jumping around when testing the map and thought someone else might appreciate it glad I did!

And yes hahaha it looks like I overdid the bloom...

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely agree on those points and in fact I thought about throwing potions or tweak the control more/make it more forgiving but time ran out to improve anything lol hopefully next time! Glad you had fun!

Thanks for playing!

lol I wanted the player to be able to gain some time by pushing her out of harm for a bit but it seems it ended way too powerful...

I wanted to report this bug, but I was kind of embarrassed to admit I was cheating Flan trying to sell her a mainframe for videogames lol. Oh wait I just admitted it...

PS: Game is very fun!

The writing was something else, whoever wrote this is very good at narration. The rest was nice too, game was short but sweet! and it had been years since I fired up a GBA emulator lol (btw it ran well on VisualBoyAdvance as far as I could tell )

I beat it! The action was very good once you get the hang of it, reminded me a bit of Mystical Chain. I liked how you can graze to regain health, and the Suika sprite made me laugh. Also (spoilers) cute art at the end!

Thank you!! There wasn't time to polish anything and a lot of stuff is broken, also there is much more for the environment that was planned but was left out like lanterns or a pond to mention some random things. In any case, really glad you enjoyed it!

Loved the theme and the drawings were beautiful! The script was really funny and lol at Reimu's dialogue choices.

Big fan of zettai hero project here, liked seeing the mechanics in the jam! the song that plays is very catchy btw

This is now canon, this is how the great suwa war happened.

Good danmaku fights and fun dialogue, just wish there was music! Also I wanted to go into the settings but Kanako didn't care lol

PS: "this kind of looks like the flag" *notices spell card name* lmao

Sweet game! at first the difficulty caught me a bit off balance, but I didn't lose my head over it and ended up having a good ride.

what would happen if gensokyo was america


This is so good, the presentation is amazing and I loved the tunes very much. It's difficult to get the hang of it with 8 keys but it's doable (only managed to play in eeee eajy modo lol)

The mechanics were so good, I was surprised at the gravity one specially, I'd say that if it had music, better animations and art this could be a very good game.

I loved this game the visuals are so pretty, the danmaku fights are fast and fun, awesome music and the dialogue and story are super interesting and funny! this is one of my favorites

Controls are very tight and the pixel art is cute, liked it a lot! managed to beat it, I found the level design/enemy placement very good (lol the ambushes)

It's fun and easy to read, the style reminded me of MUD games!

I managed to beat it! Loved it, it's incredible what you did it in the limited time of the jam, it looks and plays so well. The level design is fantastic and I had fun collecting the coins and getting the treasures. Also I'm impressed by the Quake FTE engine it fits this game so well.

Felt difficult as hell at first but once I got the hang of it I was able to push through and beat it! fun stuff

PS: intro was awesome "it's also setsubun" lol

The art in this game is supercute, the music is top notch and the writing was fun even if a bit difficult to understand. Liked it a lot!

(If anyone else is having issues starting the game like I did, you need to go into the fonts folder and install the fonts, that fixed it for me)

I liked the game even though I couldn't beat the boss! the concept is cool and the music is very relaxing

Loved the visuals, and the story was kind of unexpected! I wasn't sure if the choices have any impact on the story, but overall the atmosphere was very enjoyable.

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Loved the Celeste style gameplay! and the tidbits of info are a nice touch (found the asset thing, great stuff!)

Difficulty was really good, (had a good laugh when 20 rocks feel on top of my head) and loved the ending

cool game!

very cool!