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Immunity of SensibilityView game page

Maribel's emotional journey in the wonderfully perilous Gensokyo and her uncertain reality in the Outside World.
Submitted by Myouya (@Maya_Keiko282), Ett orm, nekondx (@DxNekon), 祈月 kdzki (@_kdzki_), Myouya (@Maya_Keiko282) — 1 hour, 17 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Narrative / Writing#24.4694.469
Use of LGBT Themes#133.5633.563

Ranked from 32 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Naomi Myouya, Ett orm, nekondx, kdzki, Prismriver Orchestra

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Whoa. This title theme... I stayed at the title screen for the entirety of the theme, I got goosebumps all this time listening to it.

Anyway, the graphics are quite impressive too: in-battle sprites, and bullet patterns even. The gameplay is a bit too leaning towards the easy side but that's because it's the first arc so it's understandable. I really like the battle mechanics, especially the danmaku costs/recharge and their special effects. I see potential in this.

The story is really good too. I really like how a second arc ("exploring and knowing Gensokyo) )has begun in the middle of the first arc ("helplessly running away"). And then the demo ends right after the first arc finishes, when the protagonist has gained determination and sets out to find a way to go back home. It was a perfect setup of a story hook.

In short I enjoyed very bit of this game, and I am looking forward to the full version.


We will be sure to make it a worthwhile experience~ Thank you.


Top notch game, rpg tend to be long without reason, but this one keeps a decent pace, the fact that Mary might be trapped within herself was very appealing, then I saw her teleport out of her room and I really can't believe such thing xD.

The concept was neat, quite op since wriggle is the muscle of the team, in my opinion yoshika fight might have included 2 things, regeneration, since that's something she does in the original game, and poison damage, because, come on, they smelled that from far away xD

Quite interesting story, very easy to relate to, hope to see more from you in the future.


Thank you very much for your time.


good game it is, committed war crimes i have.

Developer (1 edit)

To you, give thanks I will.

Deleted 66 days ago

Everything in this game just seems very production-value. Nice job portraying Merry’s gripping personal journey (both physically and mentally.) One bit of detail is that Maribel and Renko’s timeline was supposed to take place many years after the main games’s timeframe, in the future. It makes sense though, if Merry were to suddenly appear in Gensokyo’s current timeline, people would mistake her for Yukari! :P


Your interest in the game is warmly welcome~

(1 edit) (+1)

Lovely music and cute, stylized graphics! The take on Secret Sealing Club is such a fresh one, although the dialogues needs a little polishing. Very few minor grammatical errors are spotted here and there.
Instead of "Green Tea was found!", I think a proper template should be "Found Green Tea!"
I will move on to other Touhou Jam games, but I can say that Immunity of Sensibility was a great start for me


Oh- yes... A few of those texts are taken directly from a few preset RPG Maker MV scripts, which helped save time. We will be sure post-demo to address those as well~


This new "adventure" of Maribel and Renko was really interesting and comfy. I enjoyed the whole game
I think the combat system needs a little polishing and balancing because, for example, certain atacks are too weak compared to others.
About the story and the characters, I loved Wriggle and I would like to know more about what Maribel and Renko live. Also, that cliffhunger caught my attention! I will be waiting to see what will happen to Merry


Your time spent playing the game is graciously appreciated! We have already begun overhauling the combat system to make it less tedious, and more interesting. I fully admit fault at failing with it.


So I'll wait to try it again in future versions :_

(2 edits) (+2)

I liked it a lot!

The atmosphere of both the Outside World and Gensokyo was just right, I felt immersed while I was playing. The graphics are cute and good (especially the portraits), and the music is really nice too (I especially liked the Ancient Temple arrange). The story and script were my favorite part, I really liked the interactions between Maribel and Renko, and reading Maribel's thoughts, and I enjoyed the pacing, alternating between both worlds.

I think it all fits together very neatly, congratulations to the team!

Some feedback:

- Maybe I'd add a setting to decrease a bit the rate of random encounters. I wanted to thoroughly explore the maps and they were a bit too frequent for my taste.
- I think the power cost of danmaku spells is a bit unbalanced. Overall I found myself using double/triple shots the most because they were cheap and powerful compared to beams and rings.
- A small bug: Wriggle's portrait disappeared after she joined for the second time and stayed blank until the end.

Waiting warmly for the next version~


Your feedback is very much appreciated, thank you deeply for your time.
The issues you called out, we have already fixed them for post-demo versions. Much of the tedious combat system is being overhauled.

Thank you for your patience and interest~


I love it, very atmospheric story and so easy to read, absolutely stunning visuals (the pixel art portraits are amazing), the music is perfect. One of my favs for this jam.

PS: now that is the most hostile university classroom I've ever seen lol poor Maribel


And unfortunately, it's not that far fetched from what certain individuals suffer from just for being themselves publicly...Thank you for your feedback.


Ended up only playing up to the training dummy bit due to time, but the presentation is stunning and the writing is very very good. Pacing is definitely an issue; fights take a lot longer than you'd expect them to, and it takes a while to get into the meat of the story, but it's a good RPG nonetheless.

Thank you for the review. We will polish the pacing in the post-demo version!


10/10 I absolutely adore this game. The art style is lovely, and the dialogue and plot are really great too


Your time is much appreciated.


Very cute, I enjoy reading the conversation


We will polish them intensely for post-demo~ 


I wanted to continue further, but the game softlocked at Youmu rip. The idea of having a battle system based around restorable SP is interesting, and the writing was really well done. The first boss is a bit mindless though since the tutorial doesn't come until after.


I am so sorry for that bug... I can assure you, I will triple my efforts if necessary for all post-demo content!

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Hi there! We're so sorry for the bug, the team will work hard to fix it as soon as we can! 
For now, in order to progress your game, please try to avoid touching the right side of the staircase (and use the left path instead) as indicated by this badly drawn diagram :) Thank you!


I really enjoyed this game even though I usually don't like these kinds of RPGs not that much. Only thing I kind of disliked was the slow text, but otherwise it was really enjoyable.


I will make sure to make smoother text for post-demo content, thank you for your input~


Hello! Thanks for your review~
May you suggest what aspects you liked about this game?


Could use a bit of work with pacing, text is too slow and random encounters feel a bit, grindy? I'd recommend keeping battles to a minimum with just the interesting encounters if this is a story-driven RPG. But anyway, the music is nice and I absolutely adore the character pixel art


I will take notes to make smoother text during post-demo content, thank you for your time.