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The danmaku patterns and the story are really cute :_
The growth of the relation between Kaguya and Mokou are cute and it have a very wholesome ending <3

So I'll wait to try it again in future versions :_

Very wholesome :_

This new "adventure" of Maribel and Renko was really interesting and comfy. I enjoyed the whole game
I think the combat system needs a little polishing and balancing because, for example, certain atacks are too weak compared to others.
About the story and the characters, I loved Wriggle and I would like to know more about what Maribel and Renko live. Also, that cliffhunger caught my attention! I will be waiting to see what will happen to Merry

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I liked so much how the game uses Touhou lore, for example, before I decided to get in a topic, I knew what Mokou and Reisen were going to talk about because I already know those characters (and in the past I have read about them)

I think the physics are really interesting to explore in this game.

In the beginning I didn't know what I should do, but after I collect the sparkles, I started having a lot of fun.
Also I love the detail that If you are fast enought, you can go back to where Sakuya was jumping through the ravines

A solid game with a lovely story, funny gameplay and a very good pixel art. I love it <3 !

btw I think we need more about Utsuh0 and Alice (?

Cute game and very good gameplay! I loved especially the Extra Stage puzzles

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Its short and enjoyable

I like the concept and I think that it need be hard.
Only in some situations i think that it is unfair, for example, in the Reimu Stage, if I touch the ceiling I die. Also in the Nitori Stage I still did not dominate the jump much and I died many times. At least I had infinite continues :_

The relationship between Sumi and Hatate is very cute and the same with Kaguya and Reisen. I would love to know more about these couples in the future <3
btw the jokes of sumireko are really funny, I laughed hard with otaku Hatate

The way in which the LGBT themed fits into the story is quite beautiful, now I love Nagai and I want to know more about her in the future <3 !

Cute ending!

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Nice game with an interesting concept, but the difficulty.. that was too hard for me but at least I reached 15 masks


Best adventure of the best fairy

The third Spell Card of Marisa was too hard for me hehe

I remembered the battle of GFW in that encounter.
btw I think that the premise of Rin wanting to exist is very interesting and sad.

The idea of changing the dolls for the abilities that each one has is very interesting

That final... 11/10

That was very hard! But I liked it because it has many checkpoints :)

A fantastic danmaku adventure with a drunk Suika! Very fun game!

Nice game!

I feel like Seija in this moment

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What a wholesome game

Now, I have a new perfect ship!

Short and fun...!

The bullets with a circular trayectory are hard to dodge

I like the art and the music, and I think the jump is difficult to master, but in some parts the jump is difficult to pass and this parts are too hard for me.

I couldn't finish the game for only 3 pages and one fairy :(

This is very good! It is short and fun.

The idea of a reverse danmaku with Youmu and Yuyuko are too interesting.

Also the ending was very cute <3

What a nice game about the best couple of the best immortal girls of Gensokyo <3!

That ending was not something I expected but it's now something I need a lot

Oh god, I love the Gameplay and the music of this game.

I like how you must to change constantly the shot types because some enemies have a protect with one specific shot type and this protection forces you to play differently.
Also the covers of Last Remote and Lost Emotion are really good :) !

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Please, stop moon rabbits! The cake is a lie!

I really like the atmosphere with that music and that art!

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Too many Reimus


Nice puzzles

I love Flandore Giorno Scarlett Giovanna so much!


I really love the concept of this game. The mind of Sumireko can be really interesting and I think that you managed to generate a accurate experience.

This game is really wholesome and it made happy my day
Thank you