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Kaguya's Riddle (TPS Shooter)View game page

Mokou confessed to Kaguya?! But to get Kaguya's reply, Mokou needs to solve a riddle first...
Submitted by Mark Li — 1 hour, 54 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of Theme (LGBT Pride / Identity)#252.5862.586
Challenge (Tough but Fair)#322.3792.379

Ranked from 29 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Mark Li (Programming, 3D Modeling, Game Design, Sound Design)

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I like the concept, remember me of kid icarus for 3DS (that I love)
My biggest problem with the game is the level design and the fact that I basically lose all control of mokou if I jump or get hit, and there is a lot of enemy's that just fire nonstop, so I needed to stay behind the bridge and shoot until all of then die.
if some kind of evade, more control about mokou actions, this can be a really nice game.


Thank you for the suggestions! Yah the control and power balance can be really frustrating in this game and needs a lot more work. Btw I checked out Kid Icarus for 3DS and it's a really good inspiration in terms for game mechanics. Thanks for mentioning that game! 


Neat game, However I'm not sure there is a effective way to avoid projectiles, they move so fast and in a short range they are devastating.

Exploiting the splash damage really felt appropriate.

The concept was a bit confusing,  the elements were interesting but they didn't communicate any cohesion. Like the stamina meter was cool but it was only used for jumping.

As for visuals, being 3d was a huge plus,.

Audio gave a punch that felt good.

Writing, or story was minimal

Challenge, beatable, but felt unfair, on both on the losing end and the winning end.

Not very strong on the theme, but it exists.

For solo dev I'd give a +1 to the overall score. Because you did an amazing job!


Thank you for the elaborate feedback! Yah I do feel like this game is lacking in many aspects (especially story and theme). But I'm also making a similar game outside of jam and I'll factor in your suggestions while I'm working on that :)


This one is a great visual spectacle! I wish it had a desktop download so I could run the 3D environment better without the choppy web build. The gameplay itself seemed fun to make a game out of but there wasn't much currently done with it besides tediously shooting the a lot of enemies so you don't die. With the right enemy placement I could really see this being gripping to play. I actually liked the mechanic where getting hurt repeatedly meant you couldn't fire. That's an interesting anti-cheese mechanic that could lead to some good level design.

Where did you get the Touhou models btw? And the specific arrange of Immortal Smoke? I'm not noticing them in the jam page.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for the feedback! I apologize for not providing any desktop builds as they are too buggy to be played (@_@)

I modeled the Touhou models using 3DS Max during the Jam. 
For the Immortal Smoke sound track, I used the music sheets I found in this link and added violin to it myself.

I'll also add these two info to the Jam Page. 


Ahh the models are very good! Impressive fitting all that into one jam. Thanks for letting me know!


Glad that you liked the models (^̮^)


What a nice game about the best couple of the best immortal girls of Gensokyo <3!


If the game doesn't work or if there's any bug in the game (which I'm sure there will be many), please let me know in the comments!