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The Heart's IlluminationView game page

A lantern youkai guides Hata no Kokoro through a blizzard in this Touhou Project fangame.
Submitted by Rae (@RJMouseling), Karob (@krichotomy), minute (@minutekiwi) — 1 hour, 44 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of Theme (LGBT Pride / Identity)#24.1714.171
Challenge (Tough but Fair)#73.6003.600

Ranked from 35 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Rae, Karob, minute, Aria

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Got staggered with lantern puzzle but I did it! This is an extremely well made (and cute) game!


Thanks! Sorry about the lack of clarity on a part that wasn't meant to be confusing.


This one was my favourite. Everything is just so neatly packed into a Zelda-style bird's-eye-view puzzle game, and you even include Danmaku!! It's like a tasty green tea mochi of action, adventure, sexual tension, puzzles and bullet hell, all set in the idyllic wintry landscape of ********. Eight stars. Sincerely, Rinzai.


Green tea mochi is the best!


Nagai and Kokoro is very cute!

I like them!!!


The way in which the LGBT themed fits into the story is quite beautiful, now I love Nagai and I want to know more about her in the future <3 !


Great game. Good work guys.


While I know very little about Touhou, this was able to convey who the characters are and their role in its world without weighing itself down with anything unnecessary. As a brief game as it is, each line (and even the lines without actual "lines") felt meaningful for its story. 

On top of that, the pixel art was adorable and the music and sound all combined to wrap it up together into a really nice, sweet package. 

Submitted (3 edits) (+3)

Solid experience.  Gameplay was solid, with well thought out design in every aspect. 

Concept was interesting and with a clear vision. It was a soft, tender experience. The feeling of a winter air can bring it's its own comfort bringing people close seeking a warmth. The main characters have a great bond, in story and gameplay, and adding a bad ending and a bad choice in the beginning gives gravity and value to relationship. And I'm tempted to try without help (is it possible?) like a hardmode. 

Visuals added to theme and gameplay, even the subtle things were beautiful. 

Audio communicated action and atmosphere. The softness of the music settles you in. 

Writing was concise, engaging and becomes lovable as it continues. It does an excellent job of conveying its theme, in a gentle, meaningful, and believable way. 

The challenge  was easy but it's as hard as it needs to be. 

The jam theme, was well executed, I wish it was stronger on identity but made good on the LGBT material. It's not overt, or subtle, it is simply implied, and is unquestioned to the very end. With the conclusion being as natural as any other love story. As a person who is inexperience in approaching LGBT themes this work here is the standard I would  learn from and seek to achieve. +1

Fantastic work. 


I, too, love the "simply implied" style of Rae's writing here.


the rocks were way too sensitive, and letty's second pattern made you aggresively dodge the falling rings but at the same time spawned bullets from high up which felt a bit unfair. otherwise very enjoyable


Yeah, I'll give the block pushing a traditional delay. (Sometimes they even move a different direction than you pushed them, but don't tell anybody I said that.)


Cute!! I liked the atmosphere, for a jam game having such a detailed environment and ambient sounds like footsteps is a really really nice treat. Not to mention the rest of the visuals look great too, with a  cute OC character and story. The puzzles were simple but still had you think just enough to keep your attention. There probably could have been more in that department but that's game jams for you haha. I liked the idea of RPG overworld danmaku. That was a fun thing to play with, it's a shame there was no real fight mechanic.

Good gay girls.


Thanks! Here's to hoping we can satisfy those concerns for a Redditaisai release. :)


i dont know much about touhou, but i do know that this game is very cute and fun, with excellent art and music and a very nice lil story!!! thanks for the lovely experience!!


Thank you so much! We're thinking of doing more with it, actually, and we'll likely update the itch page when we do '‿'

We worked very hard on this game and it's so nice to hear everyone's positive comments


Heh, it's a cute little story. Puzzles were simple but didn't really get in the way. Only confusing moment were the danmaku segments; are we supposed to fight back? Letty's dialogue implied we are.

Liked the introspective touch with Fuyu and Kokoro's respective natures.


Sorry about the confusion. We didn't have time to make the character able to fight back, but it is still planned.

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Known bugs:

Resetting a puzzle after fighting the ice fairy will block the ice fairy path.