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Thank you! I'm considering it.

Seven is just like catching your breath, and was meant to have more story and mark the transition to the hard puzzles. Eight was supposed to be harder, oops.

Cool combos and navigating the world feels great. I do wish the text fast forward was faster.

I had to give up at the boss because the extreme screen shake really hurt me.

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Interactive background in scrolling shooters is always cool. It almost always seemed better to use the main shot over the weak shot.

Hard mode difficulty felt good for me, though I didn't finish the boss. Focus would have been nice to have there.

Is there a story behind Nitori being the MC?

> or did i just spend way too much time coding the fucking menu
Big mood.

I'd love to see an expansion of this.

And laser ammo.

Pretty fun to play around with. I wrote my name with a triple Youmu slash.

Luna's snipe shots are pretty fun to play around. They're a cool-looking dodgeable surprise and a lingering sort of wall.

The game window doesn't quite fit on a 1080p screen with an always visible Windows 10 task bar.

Pretty and pretty fun, though I'll have to save trying to beat it for later. I'd prefer the bell ringing cooldown to be a little shorter, though I understand the appeal of brutal timing requirements.

I can't really follow the numbers while keeping beat, so thanks for auto. The background was really cute.

My refined palate only accepts sky-sourced tomatoes.

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It seems single player isn't accessible without an active internet connection. First jam game with DRM???

For some reason the game crashes after I choose single player. (I didn't try multiplayer.) I can hear stage music for a few seconds (but no stage graphics) before the crash happens. (Happens on jam and postjam builds.)

After defeating Mokou, I tried speaking to her again, and it locked me into a second battle with her. On the plus side, I have extra pants now!

Great puzzle. And it's always neat seeing a way to modify game content (the level files). My submission has raw level files and a debug mode (F1) through which levels can be edited, but both are not user friendly in the slightest. ^_^

The visuals are really pleasant. I wasn't sure if there was a way to properly deal with the overwhelming spam of bullets aimed directly at me.

I thought this would break my brain but somehow I could subconsciously autopilot Mamizou while consciously handling the rest? I think your game opened my third eye or something. :P

Pretty well presented! Just needs some sound effects. The white bars on the sides of the game area kinda bothered me.

It could just be me but it felt like some of the notes didn't match the music.


Love the sprites and the music use. There's nothing better than Youmu holding her hand out as her sword remotely does her bidding.

It took me a while to figure out how to get past the first wall because double jump wasn't working for me. I didn't realize you had to wait for the character to be falling (rather than rising) before you could do the second jump.

This is similar to the other idea I had for the jam. For my idea there would be at least five different abilities and they could be chained together in different orders, so like you'd have a homing amulet that bursts into swords that shoot lasers for example. I knew I couldn't make that in the jam's three days, but it was fun to imagine how silly it could get. XD

The voice recordings are a great touch.

It felt so good when I nailed a good dive.

Music in a lot of games wears me out but I think I could listen to this for hours- which might be how long it takes to 100% the game. ;)

The Suwako model is cute as a button.

If I were in charge of a bank, this is how it would be laid out. And there would definitely be powerups.

2559 coins on my run.

It put a big ol' smile on my face all the way through.

Nue just inserting herself into the final boss role was hilarious.

Neat puzzle execution with cute art to back it up! The music and ufo pops feel nice. :)

I went into this assuming there could be hidden islands, which makes things a little less determinate lol.

It's easy for me to accidentally double click, and my mouse sometimes double clicks for me, so that was frustrating.

Thanks! The water droplets increase each time you act, and combine into a large one when they reach five, but I'll try to find a way to make it more clear how they work.

Bacon flower. I'll have you know they are organically grown osmanthus with a full-bodied floral flavor.

Oh, I see. I think it'd be a bit easier to discover combining if it were possible to push multiple gems at a time. So like, that long line of gems that spawns at the start looks like you're supposed to push it from the back.

Oh, it's possible that my other heads were defeated then. I'm not sure.

Brilliant writing and charming graphics. Lots of fun. I repeated the quiz so many times just to catch all the snark.

I didn't realize just moving into the bed would end the game, as I hadn't fought Mokou with a full party yet. I'd suggest requiring the player to manually interact with the bed to end the game.

I just gotta say I like the color pattern on the bamboo at the top.

Being able to dodge over the pits/walls was unexpected and neat.

Nice graphics! I couldn't really manage all the keys well, and it hurt my hand to jump around so much, but I did clear the boss once I took advice from the comments.

Cute. I like the idea and love the music arrangement.

Gem combining seems bugged. Usually, nothing happens, but sometimes a random gem on the screen will combine instead of the one I'm pushing.

I got 34 combos before chasing the shuttle right off the ledge. It recreates the feeling of juggling something in the air and "being your own enemy" so well.

Now throwing in kimonos is just not playing fair. XD

I love the character animations and the story gave me a chuckle.

I don't see what it has to do with Touhou aside from being a bullet hell game, but congrats on making your first Unity project.

I had fun. I finished the first 15 levels. "The opposite of a shoot-em-up is a match 4 puzzler" got me lol.

Hehe, I kind of miss this style of 3D.  All around pretty neat entry.

The visuals are fun and well laid out. The lasers and speed lines looked pretty cool! Overall, even though there's not much going on, the gameplay is presented well and works smoothly.

As the game progressed the enemies started only appearing in the first two columns, then eventually only in the first column, which I suspect is a bug.

Thank you! I'll try to clarify how the water works.

I'm glad to hear that! Some of the sounds were made for my previous jam project, but didn't get used there, so I was thrilled that they actually fit this one and it saved me some time.

The Jam Version crashes before you can see the ending, so here's a screenshot if you missed it:

Thank you so much. I'll note the misplaced dependency. The AL warnings are expected behavior. I've been... not well, but I plan to try the mac app packaging eventually.