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Thanks! Here is the path I took, where I fell off the level.

Maybe it would be better with increased warning distance, or just making the birds a little slower.

Thanks! Now that you mention it, the game does have some similarity with Pac-Man.

The attacking birds are masked Mystia sprites. I did consider just making them normal birds (undecided species), but re-use was faster and it made sense for the story too. I love egrets, tho, so let's just go with that explanation instead! XD

Thank you! Maybe the warning icons on the edge of the screen should display earlier so you have more time to react.

The music + floatly slowness really did feel like a dream. And just... Koakuma going boing boing on giant floating books. I love that!

This reminds me of the old Orisinal / Ferry Halim flash games.

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A nifty little 3D course. The way your angle affects your velocity worked quite well! Oh, and the animation for the game starting was pretty slick.

Is this inspired by NiGHTS into Dreams? If so, my entry is too! Though mine doesn't have 3D motion.

Wonderful art style. I'm enjoying trying to figure out the first bonus. This is a great game.

I couldn't figure out how to use the main menu.

I can't keep up with the text, so I was pretty lost at first, especially having no idea how to play with keyboard, but I figured it out after a few swings. This is a pretty fun idea to thrust into Gensokyo. There's a lot of cool stuff going on with the graphics and audio too.

Gensokyo needs more of this representation. The writing was really fun. :D

The patterns seemed like a good challenge, but beyond my ability, so I'm thankful I could still experience it all via the infinite lives.

I'm kind of lost. The shoot button doesn't seem to do anything. Going right was a dead end. So I kept going left until I fell off the edge of the level. I restarted the game and found a few carrots.

Once I figured out the mechanics it was a pretty neat loop. The atmosphere was pretty compelling.

The location hopping format works really well and everything about interacting with the interface is smooth and pleasant.

I can imagine someone like Yukari with her powers and probable experiences developing an eroded sense of what is reality and what is dream.

My submission was going to have Doremy stuck in a dream being the cause of an incident. ^^

Casually Mima enters. Definitely not a dream, nope.

A very charming romp around a mostly familiar Gensokyo.

It might not be clear that "wake up" ends the game and cause the player to lose all progress. Especially since, at least for me, the placement of the option makes it feel like it might be a gameplay mechanic.

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I like the Sumireko sprite. I appreciate the generous amount of health pickups. (And the fumo, lol.) The aiming feels nice, though I'm not really sure when my shots are hitting and when they're not.

I had some issues due to the shift key being painful for my hands to keep held down for so long.

With the slow movement speed + big open levels, I think I would have liked a dash, or faster movement when not in combat. I went through what I thought was the whole map twice, and didn't find anything to do other than shoot stray fairies. I guess I missed the boss somehow.

Hehe, those are some pretty wild effects on the player. I would have liked a way to move faster, especially with how much ground has to be repeatedly crossed to explore everywhere.

I love the Shinmyoumaru Godzilla dream idea. I can see this being pretty cathartic for the player too, haha. Only I don't really translate onscreen W,A,S,D into directions that well, so I was super slow at it.

Penguin pajama Sakuya.

Thanks! Being able to reclaim some of the dropped stuff is a great idea.

Emulators themselves are legal as long as they don't come with code actually taken from the consoles.

A satisfying mechanic. I wish it would have warned about the jumpscare level crashing sound effect.

Omg this. It's just a wonderful silly idea and bonkers fun. The difficulty, surprises, and tells are just really well tuned, and the gameplay inspires hilarity instead of frustration. The controls are pretty easy to get the hang of - the way you can just let everything go when panicking and Renko will automatically retreat really helps with that. And the graphics + audio are brilliantly done.

I feel like the deflected snores on the title screen could be explaining why Renko ended up drawing on Merry's face. XD

I appreciate Doremy's coldness toward Reimu. And the "corrupted" music.

Young Alice pulls a Cirn't. Nice bright arcadey game and good music. I enjoyed being able to climb around, and I was thankful for the high bullet visibility.

"Wait, where the heck are my wings?" 6 AM mood.

I felt a dream-like immersion from the surreal grim environment and complete package of story, audio, and visuals establishing the dual tone. Good luck, Eika!

I was stuck at the haniwa part for a long time because I was trying to stand right at the hole, face it, and interact with it, but it could only be interacted with from the sides.

The real reason there is no title screen is because I am in the middle of changing how I make menus XD. But I am a fan of when games effectively blend the title and the game together.

The fully scoped idea for this game has a lot more mechanics, and they also kind of lean on the environment itself nudging the player toward what needs to be done. The eggs making you go faster is actually a pretty important part to me - that opportunity to just stop worrying and zoooom. The planned idea was for flaming rings to appear when you pick up an egg, and moving through those would progress hatching as well as speed you up. (You could also opt to throw the egg through the flaming rings to heat it up, lol.)

Basically, the full idea was a bit of a playground, with a lot of implicit interactions between things, and a fair bit of strange. But it would have taken me at least a week to finish a minimal version of that.

Also, the full scope had an incident in which Doremy Sweet herself was trapped sleeping in a dream world, and some evil baku was using her powers to trap other people the same way, to feed off of their figments, wishes, and fears. So like, you would have to wake up four others first in a strange sort of boss fights in four stages, then challenge the evil baku and sleeping Doremy in the end. The ending would have been very different. The dialog would have been focused on contemplating the sleeping characters' wishes and fears.

But honestly, I like the simple and down-to-earth Mystia-Wriggle interaction here too. :)

I love the simple graphics and the sprites. The main thing I would want was a stronger feedback that bullets had hit an enemy- some visual effect and a sound.

This has a lot of cool factor and I can imagine all the mechanics options and how they interact with the bullets being something that you can really master and feel satisfied about with practice. The chosen key layout was pretty difficult for my brain to adapt to.

The harsh slap/tap sound on the menus and when getting hit was much louder than everything else, which made it difficult to appreciate the audio.

What a completely executed aesthetic, wow! I might would start using screensavers again if this was one. XD

Some parts dragged on for kind of long with just a lot of sets of enemies.

"Then let us show you how we do it in Gensokyo." Nice.


Fun and funny. I think the sunlight could be more visible.

I really took my time playing this one. It was pretty enjoyable trying to figure out what to do next, frequently riding very close to a loss, and sometimes having a satisfying set of cards to play together over one or two turns.

Like others say, attack cards are really sparse, and how often they come up can sometimes make the rounds fast and trivial or very slow and hopeless. Still, for a jam game, this was pretty well balanced and I wouldn't mind giving it some more tries to get past stage 5.

Flower, but with violent birds. :)

I love the sense of it vibing with morning or night magic.

I'm glad it wasn't too obtuse.

While it's not telegraphed, it's the fireflies that hatch out of the eggs. You are in Mystia's dream, and you're basically gathering parts of her dream (figments, wishes, and fears) in order to "hatch" them as something that gives you more influence over the dream.

The full idea was to have four stages, each with you entering a different character's dream. And they would have their own themed wishes and fears, as well as something else that hatches out of the eggs based on their character. (Ghosts for Yuyuko, foxes for Yukari...)

Pretty neat lemmings-style gameplay, though I think it could have done more with having multiple sheep to control. I ended up just moving one through the level while juggling the others at the start point for most of the levels that I played. The pause music effect was really pleasing.

Normally, clicking while dialog is still appearing makes the rest of the dialog appear instantly, instead of advancing to the next line. The way the dialog input is currently implemented causes people trying to speed read like they might normally do in other games to miss out on dialog instead.

What is presented is really polished and enjoyable. I can't get over this charming dialog and character art.