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This sounds like a hardware issue. Most keyboards have some limitations on which keys can be held at the same time. You can try changing the key bindings.

The up and down thing is super weird. What key did you use for focus?

Yes, the waiting game is no good- this is basically my dev test level with the story tacked on, because I spent too much time on presentation and waiting far too long to start on the gameplay, oops. I added the second boss attacks minutes before the deadline and didn't have time to get to three and four, oops.

Windows 7 laptop, Intel HD 4000 graphics, and I would have suspected background activity, but the lagging was randomly permanently on or off per launch of the game. It's not happening anymore now.

The game itself is clever and hilarious. XD I'm not sure if it was a bug or not, but sometimes unsuccing seemed to cause stuff to overlap, like two strips in the same place.

Restarted a second and third time- unplayable.
Restarted a fourth time- playable again.
This is fascinating.

Executable build, always, but I just restarted the game and now it's running butter smooth. Odd.

Seems brilliant, but I couldn't really play to due heavy input lag and stuttering, which kinda surprised me since it doesn't really have a lot visually going on.

This relaxing 3D adventure and its chill BGM helped heal me from the jam stress. :)

Brilliant ideas and sure looks nice, but a lot of the danmaku was just so small and fast and abundant that I couldn't track it.

Is there a way to pass a turn without moving (when there is nothing in range to attack)?

Every time I alt-tab out, the music stops and I cry because I can't write this comment to boppin' music.

I honestly didn't even care about the score- I was just having fun climbing walls and maintaining airtime while avoiding the snow thingies.

Nice story telling and honestly even the ghost was cute in her behavior.

I liked how, after the game ended, the laughter played quietly one more time.

I LOVE the building design (and overall environment) and appreciated being able to climb around on them, the fences, and the hills. e m e r g e n t g a m e p l a y.

The bright glare on Eirin's hair and other things was giving me a migraine.

The background art is very nice. Did you make it? I also like the sprites and overall visual design.

Between the unfocused movement being floaty (accelerates and decelerates slowly) and the focused movement being really slow, I found dodging and grazing frustrating.

Wonderfully put together and cute. :3 There's plenty to praise about it, but I'd like to mention the charm of the writing.

Very bad for my eye strain tho. ;_; The first two stages were fine since lane 2 reliably echoes lane 1, and getting into that rhythm felt great, but after that I just couldn't.

Brilliant graphics and music. I didn't understand the gameplay but I liked how it was laid out. Is that a Sekibanki little red riding hood? :D

It's kinda funny that you can fire a missile, then run around to the other side and get hit by it, taking damage. XD

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Nice idea. I love the title graphic and the Youmu sprite.

The music never played for me, and sometimes Youmu wouldn't attack even when I wasn't stunned and had full stamina.

I just ran past all the enemies and went straight to the boss fight.

A game that understands that danmaku should be beautiful. ^_^ The motion feels good too.

Great music, cute graphics, and I feel sorry for poor Kaguya :D

The sections with a lot of bamboo at once are too hard. >_<

I really dig these graphics. Cool game.

On some waves, the slow enemies kill all the rabbits almost immediately after the wave starts, which sends me to the next wave right away.

Neat. Cool menus too.

The game gets a lot easier if you just keep to the left or right side since most enemies will never try to get closer to you.

Sometimes I felt like my bullets were passing through enemies, but my aim might have just been bad.

Another brilliant and cute puzzle game from the creator of my favorite, Youmu is a Zombie!

By the iron placement, I assume they were not meant to respawn on map change. As it is now, it's really easy to farm all the iron you want at any map border.

Your English is good!

The game looks fine and plays smoothly. My only complaint is there is too much randomness in the power of the cards the player is given. Sometimes hard is impossible because I only have low numbers and can only recapture my own cards.

I had fun. The slippery movement made small platforms kinda frustrating. In one sense I didn't like the rock RNG, but it was pretty funny when they knocked me all over the place and splatted me at unexpected times.

All that should be improved when we finish making the game. :)

This gameplay is brilliant, and the art has a nice theme. It took me some time to understand how the betting worked, but once I did I really enjoyed it.

In Yachie's zeal to shoot me, she shot down the audience while also shooting the boss XD

The bullets fire at some point above my mouse instead of directly at my mouse.

Good writing and nailed the feel. It really drew me in, and I felt that returning-to-reality melancholy after it was over.

This is fun and funny!

Funny hehe. Very cute character sprites. The hammer seemed useless compared to the bullets. The difficulty of fights varied a lot depending on what patterns the bosses happened to use. I like that fighting the bosses was a learning experience.

Neat patterns. Mamizou's second pattern was too visually confusing for me, especially with the bright lines in the background as well.

The graphics are really nice. I love the logo and the description of the game. The talk in the game was interesting though I didn't really understand it.

Brilliant in every category. Kutaka a cute. Some phases of the final boss were a bit frustrating, but bless those checkpoints :)

I would have loved to see some sections that rewarded intense thunderbird use like in your gifs :P

I like the recharging shield. The debris is too visually confusing with all the bullets, especially since some look similar to debris. The blue bullets are hard to distinguish from the background.

Pretty cool thematically, and nice presentation. It could use some code to slide the player into place instead of getting stuck on corners in such a time-critical game.

Nice mechanics. I can imagine them being used in some really challenging and fun scenarios.

Thanks for the thorough information!

  • I only tested the special attack on a dev version with infinite wealth, oops.
  • There is no game over, but I forgot to enable checkpoints so it treats the beginning as a checkpoint, oops.
  • I was afraid the ring staying on screen might happen XD (since the rings aren't well tracked in the code)
  • For hitbox, maybe I can add a dark shadow around it to visually emphasize it.
  • The only thing I know to do about the Linux version issue is to try compiling with a newer release of MonoGame.

Duly noted! I'm not sure if it'd be better to increase the hitbox size, or deal with the disparity in some other way.

Thanks! I added the variable for invincibility frames (and checkpoints) but forgot to use them in the code. XD

Can you tell me more about the graphical glitches?