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i'm going to tear everything apart.
Submitted by randevlper (@randevlper), kalechips (@kalechipskid) — 29 minutes, 56 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of Theme (LGBT Pride / Identity)#93.6343.634
Challenge (Tough but Fair)#113.2203.220

Ranked from 41 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
randevlper(goldragon) kalechips

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The art direction is definitely my favorite part about this game.  It stands out in a very good way, not just compared to the competition, but just in general.  The game controls very well, I didn't feel like I was fighting it at all.  I wish it were a bit longer, but that's probably just a testament to the enjoyment I was having.  It wasn't particularly hard, but it didn't feel like it had to be.

Submitted (1 edit)

A enjoyable experience that I could recommend to someone else. 

Level design was clear, well communicated, and effectively design. The lack of detail was made up in quality art and audio. Providing a surreal experience that felt more symbolic than literal. Shame that aspect could not be expressed better through a longer level. If this was a demo for a larger game it would have my attention. 

The boss fight was easy, once you figure it out, but still very fun and climatic 

Theme was only touched on, but it leaves you wanting more. I want this game to go further. 

The stylish experience is the best quality of your game, and makes up a lot of what is missing.

If you continue developing I want to play! +1 to my score for a lingering interest. 

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you very much for your thoughful comment, and to everyone else who has played it so far too.

There a lot of things in here mechanically that we couldn't develop further on, but it would be nice to go back and tune up some things! A longer level would be helpful as it is mostly the boss right now. I'm happy you enjoyed it still.

(1 edit) (+1)

Oof, that story. Totally agree about the art and visuals stealing the show; Koishi's art and animations are wonderfully done. Environment is... hm. On the one hand having only the one tile makes the foreground bland, but on the other hand it makes it clearly distinct from the background without being distracting. Really my only complaint on the art front is that the red bullets blend into the background a little too well; maybe if they were brighter?

Game is short, but for a three-day jam that's just a sign of responsible scope management <_<. You managed to cram in everything you needed to say into it despite that length, so kudos!

Boss fight was... hmm. Once it became clear Satori was simply moving about on a track it simply became a game of 'stand where you know she'll stop and spam attack', eating one or two bullets being irrelevant. Though I imagine anything more complex would fall victim to the scope problem. This makes judging difficulty a little... er, difficult though, since the bossfight is the majority of the game.

EDIT: and only now am I realising that 'whispering enemy' was Koishi's third eye orz


Thank you for all the thought you put into this. We can into some issues with having time to work on this, so it got cut down to just the boss fight and trying  to polish the little we had. thestrory was written and put in about 30 mins before the jam ended  

Thank you though for the fantastic feedback.


Ohhh this is hella stylstic. The art and visuals really steal the show here, and the gameplay is satisfying as well. I liked how you could float around a lot by holding attack and plan your airtime around bullets that way. It did feel like the boss had too much health for each round though, after figuring out the optimal pattern there was still some sludging along, but that's par for the course in a jam entry   Also the control mapping was a bit wonky, I feel like z and x would have been ok. And shift for dash was pretty hard to maintain and I don't think dash ever really crossed my mind as a good idea since the screen was always so packed. But maybe i wasn't thinking about it enough bc the key binding made it hard to use.

Either way, great entry! The story felt very personal and had a nice message at the end, so that alone is worth its weight.


Thank you for the feedback!
Honestly i would have liked to have easily re-mappable keys so the player can choose.
Yeah the health was too much. Probably would have helped to have someone else playtest it beforehand.
But I'm glad you liked it!


the only thing i dislike is that you lose all momentum when you attack, other than that pretty cool stuff.


Thank you for your feedback!
And will have to play with that.


very spooky, but not so spooky that I can't play it.

Being able to float by attacking is a nice detail, though the spongy healthbars for both Koishi and Satori felt a bit much

Pretty cool overall!


Thank you! I agree completely after watching other people play it. The fight really takes way too long for the minimal variance in attacks.


I really like the atmosphere with that music and that art!

cute idea. it's hard to manage everything with just the left hand, or else use the arrow keys on the right and then you can't use the mouse. i would map the attack to a keyboard key.


Thank you!
You can use the Z key to attack as well.


OH! thanks so much