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Q_Q That was very sweet. I'm happy that it made you feel that way, so it doesn't sounds silly at all. Thank you so much for the kind words... Take care! ☆

  Yays hello helen!!! I'm happy you liked this one as well!! ❄⛄
  Oh, the menu.... I thought to myself, "I'm gonna make this fancy! Yet unobtrusive!" but it looks like I made it too hard to see ^^" I'll keep that in mind for next time! thank you for telling me! It is sorta dark...
  I wanna write a bunch more, so I'm gonna get better fast! Maybe..! Thank you for enjoying my writing, it feels good to hear your thoughts.

ahhh!!! AHHHH!!! I thank you oh so very much! It was flowery, it was dramatic, but it found it's way into your heart which means it was all worth it! So, thank you for playing. \^o^/+.*

hope you enjoy it....once again! (‾◡◝)

Waaaaaah! Thank you for making a video of my game! I watched it over morning cereal ♪(´▽`)
Don't worry, there's a much nicer ending in there. Don't lose hope, passenger★

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Oh goodness, aw geez, thank you for your lovely words, they really made my day. I'm happy that people are still enjoying this :,)) And most of all, I'm happy you found it so nice. It's good to hear. I really must keep up, now.
Someday, somehow, the bird boy will reach his stop. Here's to safe travels.


I'm happy it caught you interest, Macaria. Thanks for playing ★

Thank you oh so very much!!! It was a goofy project between friends, but it makes us happy that we got you laughing out loud. The characters will likely return one day, even more chaotic than before.

Thank you for such high praises. It makes me very happy, that you were able to enjoy it like that. I wanted to make sure that all the characters were given the proper love and care. I always worry about pacing, because I feel like I don't fully understand what it is... So it's good to hear it was well in that aspect also. I'm really proud of the music. The composer is wonderful. I'm not sure what else to say, but thank you for taking the time to read the story, I hope I can make even more like it!!

The writing for this game is seriously incredible. Gosh, I just have to see more. The story grabbed me from start to finish, with all it's creeps and action and light dashes of cheeky humor. I'm so happy I read it!

Wowowowowow, thank you kindly Hikiyami, I'm happy to see you again. Thanks for making a video, too! I was happy to watch it!
Yay, it got your heartstrings, that's the goal. The music was all original this time, and done by some very talented people.
My health prevented me from adding the profiles as originally intended, but it's good to hear you enjoyed the extras as well. I know I liked writing that part.

Thank you to the moon and back for taking the time to play it! I really appreciate it. It was so much fun, I hope to do it again one day.

Thank you oh-so very much! I'm happy that I got to work with these talented musicians. The final chapter will be coming out in no time, so I hope you like it when it does ^_^

This game was a delight. Short, but covers all the bases. I hope to see anime loser and the questionable exorcist another time!

What a wonderful surprise to wake up to. Thank you very much for making such nice videos! I was happy to see that you liked Billi so much, and she likes you very much as well :)) 
I wanted to make a story with a nice ending and so I was worried about it....But if you enjoyed it, I have no choice but to enjoy it as well! Thank you again for playing. It means a lot.

Thanks a million, ganbobur. I'm happy you liked it as you did. I'll be sure to put all that good luck to use!

"Because you are white and wealthy, the law works differently for you." this is the most realistic game ive ever played in my life

Oh my goodness. I greatly appreciate your kind words. The rest will be coming at about late August, so I hope you like what happens then. I can't figure out what else to say, but I feel real happy knowing you enjoyed it!!

Awww, thank you very much, Jay. It's good to know Huffy has some fans.

Wowza, it's so colorful and fun and goofy and discombobulated, but it makes me sad, too. Being allotted value by something you don't understand, in a world that doesn't make sense (and doesn't care to explain itself, either). Down with the genius 1%, who worked so hard for their staggering brains...

Thank you very very much~!

Gosh, thank you so much for taking the time to make a video! I'm happy you enjoyed it. There is one other chapter, but the rest will be out in time.

Aw geez, thank you Terry! Because of some silly decisions when writing this, I can't really provide a word count. However, i've found that the average read time is about 40 minutes to and hour. Hopefully this helps.

I played this game. I wish I was still playing this game.

  Goodness gracious, this is such a nice surprise. Thank you so much for playing my game, and furthermore, for going through the trouble of making a video. I watched it while taking notes of various things.

  Doppler is awful rude, isn't he! But Billi was fun to write in all her silliness. I am happy most of all that you enjoyed the story as much as you did. I tried hard to write something intriguing.

  The game will absolutely update-- Much of the story is already written, it was just a matter of making proper art. There is much more to draw. But finishing this story is important to me.

  Thank you again, and I hope you will enjoy whatever happens next!


Thank you very much for your patience ^_^

Thank you! Shahin is Best Boy.

I'm happy you feel that way. It won't be too terribly long for the next parts!

Thank you for such kind words! I tried to make every character look and sound different, so I'm happy you like them. Billi is the most fun to draw, but doppler is very "tch!"

I hope you enjoy whatever comes next :D

I just straight up like the way you draw miku.

The visual style is very nice, I love seeing the texture of the watercolor.
You build up the mystery quite well. Good job!

Incredible game because i can have 3 grilfriends and we all hold hands and kiss. Cute, fluffy, pink. 10/10

Upon seeing the cute art and readin' them goofy words, I started smiling and couldn't stop. Can't wait to see where it goes.

Thanks, Kind! That's very.... kind of you.

Thank you very much! However, we don't have any money to offer you for the translation work. I'd prefer you to be compensated for that sort of thing. Thank you for the offer, though.

It was a wholesome story with a good message. The art was nice, and the music really hit it off! Great job overall~♡

Hmm, the art is really beautiful and soothing. I kept thinking, "These pieces must go on forever!" The music is soothing as well. I can't say I fully grasped what was happening, and in that case it was difficult for me to fully connect. However, this was made by some clearly talented individuals with an interesting concept :))

I liked this a lot. The mega man battle network stuff was a nice surprise, and the art is really pleasing. Hope to see more~