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Yeah, this is a cleverly written game. It makes me go all jeebies on the inside. Keep it up. I'm going to show my friends all the boner jokes.

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Thank you very much for your thoughful comment, and to everyone else who has played it so far too.

There a lot of things in here mechanically that we couldn't develop further on, but it would be nice to go back and tune up some things! A longer level would be helpful as it is mostly the boss right now. I'm happy you enjoyed it still.

  I feel like my eyes got rather hot playing this at time. The art is charming, and by the time I got to the end, I was smiling softly. Thank you very much.

   I noticed that Rae's sprite will sometimes have a hairclip, and sometimes not. Just something to keep track of if you update it. I'd be happy to see more stories from you guys. <3

  So I typed in "worst dating sim" and got this, thanks for the recs. As soon as I saw it I wanted to play it.

  You're fantastic at setting a seriously unsettling tone right off the bat! Your choice of using actual physical mixed media and music straight out of a drug addict's conciousness mixed together into a really sickening cocktail. Even if it's a "simple renpy visual noooooooooovellll", you've made something that's sticking with me. I would like to see you make more works in the future. I am not typing anymore because the butter yellow on offensively bright blue background is frying my retinas. Keep up the amazing work.