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Not having played actual Celeste, I thought the game was a lot of fun.  For some reason, I really sucked at dash jumping, but other than that I really enjoyed trying to solve the platforming puzzles and getting the timing down on the shooting.  I think it would've been nice if there was a sound effect each time you successfully shot the boss though.  Overall, really fun experience.

Love how smooth the animation is, as well as trying to figure out how to do each attack stage. Fun and fast-paced is my jam. Also, thank you for the gamepad support ;_;

Pretty fun game.  The puzzles felt pretty intuitive, and I didn't feel annoyingly stuck at any time.  There were some spelling errors, but I consider that a trivial complaint.  Reimu is a cute cat.

Very Enduro-eqse, which is a huge plus for me.  A pure reflex, face-paced game.  I played it a bit more sometime after recording this, and my current high score is 156.  Top that g a m e r s.

I thought the game was a lot of fun. I really liked the sprite work, the music, and the responsive gameplay. The x's coming out of the spike trap was a nice touch. I didn't read the instructions ahead of time, so there were a few things I was confused by, like how revival worked. One criticism I had was that I felt that the broken up dialogue was a bit weird, and I would sometimes lose track of what was last said.

A short but surprisingly fun little game.  I rarely get the chance to run into text-based adventure games (for obvious reasons) and I think they're pretty cool, so this was a nice surprise to run into when I was looking for Touhou games online.  

Here's a full play (25 min) I recorded of the game: