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Felt good to play, and the art is really attractive.  I liked the small touches, like SDM being blurry in the distance.  The difficulty and length felt appropriate to me.  I'm still a bigger Mokou X Kaguya fan tho


Mokou x Kaguya is my bigger ship for sure but I'm just not able to resist the allure of pairings that make absolutely no sense and could never happen

because pedophilia is wrong.

I agree wholeheartedly with every bone in my body, but that's not what this is about at all, and this is definitely not the place to discuss this

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Buddy your attitude is very unwelcome here. The ship is presented in a harmless, non-sexualized manner with both characters pretty arguably child-coded. If something in a jam game like this makes you uncomfortable for nuanced reasons that's okay to voice, but you can't voice it by harassing the dev over multiple comments and insulting others involved in the jam. This is your one and only warning to be civil about your disagreements if you want to comment or rate in these jams in the future. You can also message me or another host privately if you have concerns about these kinds of things.

Edit: I removed your first comment about it since it was just the same accusation, but leaving this one as a warning.