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I’ve got my on Steam Deck now, so yes absolutely!

The game is still being worked on, though communication and update posts are a bit sparse. I’ll put out a notice if development is ever put on hold for an extended period.

Sorry to hear that! If you’d like, do send me your crash log file via email at and I’ll get back to you if there are any solutions

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are there some original characters being planned?

Just updated the FAQ with an extended answer

will this game have artbook post-release?

Currently no plans, but we may consider it down the road

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Thanks for the feedback! In terms of your crashing, I’ve never run into a situation where a player can play online fine but crash in offline. Can you elaborate on the build you’re playing on (PC/Linux/Web) and the exact steps you take up to the point of crashing (do you enter/exit a menu/game before it happens)? Also do post some of your computer specs (GPU, RAM etc) just in-case

Maybe, but don’t tell anyone!


Interesting gameplay ideas, I appreciate that you made the absolute most out of your dev time through a cleverly thought out animation system, 4 weapons wow! I really like the fists rewarding well-timed inputs for faster punches

I still haven’t finished Elden Ring, hope I didn’t get spoiled haha

Hi Shcookius, I appreciate you offering to contribute! DM me on Discord at Brogrammist#2265 if you’re still interested in helping us out and we can talk about it there

The game is being designed with mobile in mind, but only Android will be supported since iOS is too costly to develop for.

No, it’ll just be here and Twitter. Big updates will have a video on Youtube. We’ll make a Discord server when we decide it’s necessary to have one, probably when we release the Demo and want to receive more feedback

Sorry for the silence, a new devlog will be up in a few days! Things have been busy toward the end of 2021

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Removed a debug variable making you always start against the same opponent (sorry for that)

Apology accepted! I was confused why runs were suddenly more difficult haha

Primarily an inspiration, but I do reach out for clarification regarding the contents and how he does things in his video

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If RAID sends us a letter, that would mean we got the attention of a big company.

In my eyes, that would be an absolute win

Absolutely, we plan on building out an Android version of the game!

With RAID, so long as we don’t try to compete with them (charge money) on their home terf (the mobile app market) and we make sure to clearly distinguish ourselves from them so as not to confuse any potential customers, the project should probably be safe. Worst case scenario, they’ll tell us to change the name, but getting acknowledged by a big company is pretty cool so I wouldn’t even be mad.

Valve is pretty chill, and I’d be happy if they sent me an email at all

Good update, enjoying the new enemy gimmicks! Music partition attack is my new favourite :)

I played the OG Barkley RPG as a kid and I’m now a fulltime Game Dev. I have no skin in funding the Kickstarter nor have I toiled away on a single project for nearly the amount of time as Barkley 2, but I empathise with the hardships that come with overscoped projects.

Big respect for letting us know all of this and thanks for your contribution to pushing the demo out. It really helps provide some much needed closure.

Thank you Łukasz, this was a delightful experience. The audio work is bloody phenomenal as well.

As much as the anniversary feels like a satisfying conclusion to the Helltaker story, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want to see more of these sharply dressed demonesses in your future works.

Actual mobile game when?

Just fell into another Tetris phase, so I’m happy to say that I’ll be keeping Infidhells on my phone for the foreseeable future, just to scratch that Tetris itch. I’ve also been looking for a PVE RPG-style Tetris game so this really fits the bill!

I can appreciate that the game is currently very early in development but here’s some feedback since you asked;

  • Please allow for alternative colour palletes, just to be a bit easier on the eyes under certain lighting conditions (staying on this itch page for too long already makes my eyes go funny). Even a grayscale option would go a long way
  • Pieces move way too fast on the PC version compared to mobile (perhaps this is a bug?). Having options to customize speed of pieces would be appreciated as well
  • The customizable control system you have right now is a nice start, but the ideal would be something akin to PPSSPP’s configurable touch-screen controls.
  • It took me a long time before I figured out how to defeat the drone attack, maybe a description or hint in the info screen will help save some confusion from first-timers (me)?

Heya, went ahead and cloned the repo and tried to get everything working on my Rift S, with mixed results.

First off, awesome job for joining the VR Crew! The Touhou VR scene only expands thanks to the efforts of heroes such as you folk!

Gameplay wise, I like the idea of a VR-sandbox where Reimu destroys everything with her orb in the style of HRtP, it absolutely plays to the strengths of VR! The destructible environment is fun to play around with and the props in the VR scene look true to form.

Below is some feedback on your next go at VR(both the Unity project and the game)

  • Try and implement snap turning for accessibility
  • Keep your teleport pointer visible even when you’re not pointing at a valid teleport spot (so the player knows the button is working)
  • Give your SteamVR Input names more accurate names, change the defaults ASAP. They’re used by players to rebind keys to their preferred VR device (so you don’t bind “SnapTurnRight” to “SummonOrb”)
  • Hitting the radio to swap music is a cool interaction, but not so cool when collisions can happen several times in a few seconds thanks to all the debris
  • Highly recommended you use SteamVR’s pre-made hands rather than a controller model. More immersion and is a very cool system to play with
  • When summoning the orb, do also reset the orb’s velocity, so it doesn’t bounce away when you try to summon it. Maybe you didn’t notice since you could hold the summon button down on the Vive wand touchpad?

Wow, you’ve got a great retro platformer! There was a very steep learning curve, but finally getting over it allowed me to experience the joys of old-school movement.

My only critique is the inability to set a teleport point to allow myself to quickly reset position after failing a run, the climb and walk back to my preferred start position is always tedious and just reloading the level doesn’t cut it.

However, I do appreciate the enabling of the dev console in the final build so I could abuse noclip, allowing myself to both get a lay of the land and return myself to hard-to-reach starting positions.

Quite the hardcore platformer, and very well put together for a solo-dev project! Took me about halfway through the experience before I understood the bell/chime motif.

The combo system was interesting in that it had consequences on the story+ending but I feel like the bell bridge undermined that aspect. But perhaps it was to make it more accessible?

I would like to criticize the slash effect not being entirely representative of your actual slash hitbox, just because most of the hurdles near the end make the assumption that the player knows of their extra 1-tile range to make the most out of their jumps.

I managed to finish the game, but I admit to slowing the game down to 60% with Cheat Engine near the end, as trying to juggle myself underneath a platform is too hardcore a skill for me to burn my fingers on mastering.

If Great Fairy Pass is the Jump King of Touhou game jam games, then this is Getting Over It with Youmu Konpaku.

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>Draw an In The Groove dance stage
>Call it "I can't believe it's not DDR!"

Wow you’re right!

Not even 2 seconds in and there’s already a Zelda CD-I reference my god

Bloody amazing minigames, even if the DDR one was lifted from a past work. I’d be hard-pressed to make the driving game within the jam period myself.

I will now check out your Stepmania clone, it better be playable on a dance mat

I usually don’t play RPG Maker titles and especially not math puzzles, but somehow I managed to finish both here, wow! Love the visual style you’ve got going on

I found Keine’s trivia to be exceptionally difficult though, not even the Touhou wiki was able to help me in the face of all the ZUN interview tidbits. The final phase of Wriggle’s firefly focus test filtered me as well.

Wew I don’t play a lot of airplane dogfighter games, but I’d say I got to feel like a pilot swerving around, going for the height advantage and trying not to get my tail chased.

Immersion took a nose-dive when I realized I couldn’t pull an ultimate sacrifice and explode into an opponent, but its plenty funny bouncing into both the environment and enemy planes.

Barrel-rolling away from an incoming laser was hella fun, but I would’ve also liked to see more AI gunning my tail too.

If Realm of the Mad God had Touhou hitboxes I wouldn’t have dropped it, but this is a damn good alternative.

The combo system is cool and the progression mechanic is solid. There’s something nostalgic about habitually activating all your skills as soon as they leave cooldown to eke out an extra bit of damage, probably from a childhood of playing kooky MMO games.

My one criticism would have to be the pacing of the game, as bullets come at you really fast, often with little warning. I tended to only have a small window of time to react so, I ended up never touching my favourite dash-mechanic.

I’m not terribly big on VNs, but I’m glad I got to play this one. I appreciate how the central theme is about chilling out and to not be stressed-out when dealing with your friends. A surprisingly realistic life lesson.

However, I am a bit confused about the way the drink mixing part of the game proceeded, as I assume we were playing from Satori’s point of view. It didn’t seem like Satori’s ability to read minds was ever explicitly invoked, making the whole sequence feel like a guessing game. Perhaps a consequence of jam time constraints, or perhaps that was the point and I’m missing it?

Wow, who would have thought that behind such an innocuous thumbnail image lied a legendary, ethereal, and transcendent experience.

The extreme anxiety you feel, growing as you ascend further and further, the awe from breaking your previous record quickly replaced by the intense fear of dropping your new streak. All these emotions exasperated by the ticking score count and the scrolling background.

“For how long does the background scroll? How high up will these fairies fly to pass the ball? At some point the sun would melt their wings, Cirno along with them.”

I’ve never gotten very far into Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, but I now understand the feeling you get when you ascend to the highest you’ve ever gone before slipping and losing it all in one second.

It just goes to show what great things can be achieved with a talented composer and just a subtle amount of audio/visual feedback. Bravo!

I’m usually not one to boast, but I’m really happy with the high score I’ve achieved, mostly thanks to being an avid DDR player. Any further and I may develop carpal tunnel.

Despite the use of asset store content, it’s all put together quite nicely, and the comprehensive menus help with the experience a lot.

However, there is something to be said about the difficulty/barrier to entry of this title, but I can’t comment on that because I’ve never played a flight simulator before. I’m more of a car drift guy and I can barely clear a turn at medium speed, much less drift.

I tried playing with both keyboard and controller and I’m just no good at turning it seems.

Well polished puzzle experience! Haven’t played this style of tile-matching game before and I got filtered hard by the cascade level.

I like that Aya’s leaf fan is just the Canadian maple leaf

It’s real amusing when Seija’s gimmicks lead to her own demise in the midst of my flailing about, very appreciative that most levels are forgiving enough that bricking out won’t happen unless you’re really trying to.

My only criticism is that you don’t know the exact details of what each of Seija’s effects does until she hits you with it, and even then you just have to infer what it is based on the counters and icon. A description that appears on mouse-over or similar would be great. Also full-screen mode.

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I love Clownpiece (and Utsuho) and I hate Meiling. Got a problem with that? (^_^;

You had my attention but now you have my ire, 1 STARS DOWN THE BOARD.

Considering all the time constraints you were under, what you have right now is plenty playable and nice to look at, especially as you were solo-deving.

Fighting games aren’t something to tackle lightly, but try applying what you learned in the next jam with a side-scrolling beat-em up or 2D action game!

You guys absolutely nailed the gameplay loop and feel of Slay the Spire!

The visuals are super rough, but between MS Paint card art, the enemies and the kooky space backdrop, it comes off as very endearing. You guys played your cards (hah) well!

My only critiques would have to be additional feedback in the UI, it wasn’t super clear how the pigmen stole my spellpower, or how much damage I was actually taking. That and just more polish overall, but I’m sure you guys are aware. Maybe if you want to take the project further?

Otherwise, I had a lot of fun!

I really love all the feedback and animations you’ve got going on here! The way the hit zone explodes when you press a button, the way the cured heads bounce around the bottom of the screen, the lasers.

I share the sentiment of previous commenters that by virtue of having a pulsing circle for a hitzone and music in your game, as a DDR junkie and rhythm game guy, I am let down that your game, isn’t in fact, a rhythm game.

I do have to criticize that the game gets progressively less fun the more mistakes you make, specifically in that with less heads to account for, there’s less lanes to watch out for. The moment I became the least engaged was when I had only one lane to concentrate on (which I was able to laser down without thinking until the ever-increasing head spawn rate put me under). Perhaps a lives system would be a better alternative?

All in all though, great job cranking this out as a solo-dev, couldn’t have been easy!

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Well, you’ve got quite the premise as always, I do find it odd that most of these “human captives” are over 100 years old and share the same name as non-human characters.

The decision to include an “Age” for the the “Humans” you buy at Yukari’s market is interesting, but it feels like a missed opportunity in that it doesn’t seem like it plays a part in the quality of the organs you harvest and points gained.

The cooking portion of the game comes off as an afterthought, as there’s no money to be gained from that process (does our cooking salary barely cover our living expenses)? Additional systems such as “the number of organs remaining in the cooked human” or “the age of the human”, or even gaining bonus points based on if we chose the correct method of preparation would have made it more engaging.

Do keep at it though, your Unity UI skills have been improving with each jam! I highly recommend joining the next jam with other team members, otherwise, do look for asset packs online, just so you don’t have to spend too much time drawing.

I scanned the QR code and was very surprised. 真是的,我现在必须要给你声音部分奖励满分。笑

At first I thought I was supposed to “fuse” the rabbits to each other. When that didn’t work, I thought I was supposed to just keep feeding them forever, but I kept losing the game. Then I noticed my timer increased when a rabbit walked into the fire. Very sinister, I liked it a lot!

The visuals are well done and this different form of pet raising was very amusing! I only wish that there was some music to better pass the time as walking from the warm area to the grass bed takes a while.

I’m a speedy typist and big typing game fan, so I was pretty excited to see not one, but two typing games this jam!

You’ve got a strong foundation for a really neat Typing battle system, but one thing that really needs to happen is to offer more words for the player to type, and to reduce the number of times the player types the same thing. It gets tedious quickly, and really starts to wear down on your fingers when you’re moving them about in the exact same way too often.

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the feedback! We’ll be tweaking the gameplay and difficulty moving forward, and we will absolutely be looking at adding more player performance stats to the end screen!

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Alright so before anyone asks why the upload date for the most recent post-jam build and the jam build are about the same, I forgot to rename the build’s zip file for the upload and replaced the jam build by accident. The jam build is still the jam build, just with a different upload date

Hey thanks for playing, appreciate the feedback!

We absolutely rushed some of the attack patterns during the jam period, so in the post-jam build (and going forward), the attack patterns will be tweaked to give more interesting opportunities to peak between knife volleys!