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Well I can't resist a polished match-3 game, 66400 is the best I can score in marathon it seems.

Good audio production and visuals, nothing makes me more terrified than when the soundtrack changes to the more hectic version!

dont buli the die-you-sei :(

God I'm bad at tactics games, never played Advanced War but clearly its too advanced for me. Big tank kills me good

Real cool that you got so much done man, music choice a bit too chill for me as I'm getting slaughtered

Sorry non-vr bros, hopefully this video helps!

simbly ebic

In a brief retelling of the strange happenings that occurred after the July 25th 2019 Team Fortress 2 update, play as Scout as he fights off the spirit of Ricardo embodying his friend Soldier whose trying desperately to sell him dirty hats at dirt cheap prices!

This is a bullet-hell shooter featuring the theme of Team Fortress 2 that's heavily inspired by the Touhou Project shooter games. The game was originally made in for the 72hr Content Jam hosted by TF2 Maps and later polished for an release

Download the game here!

Micromanagement of multiple rabbits is my greatest weakness, thankfully it seems like taking damage wasn't implemented in time

Definitely a neat way of doing VR bullet hell with the re-positioning of guns around you real-time! 

Disregard the Gman, bring your headset next jam you hear! 

Pretty neat Kamikaze simulator! We could use more danmaku puzzlers in the business!

Let everyone to install sizer for all their window size related needs :)

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The DARK SOULS of Touhou fan games comes out with yet another game that I'm not even allowed the chance of passing using cheat engine

The mere existence of the blob that jumps when you jump warrants a 5/5 in the challenge category

Having a game defined entirely by enemies that react to your mistakes is the same feeling as playing Dark Souls 3 and having an enemy punish you for roll spamming multiple times in a row until you die jesus christ thank god it was so short

From my limited reading abilities, I get the feeling that Alice confessed to Marisa and then Marisa complained about their bullets being incompatibly colored or somthing???

There's a lot of cool patterns and feedback effects going on and I do appreciate that! Feels good to play

Wow, I can almost tell what's going on!

I don't think my IQ is high enough to comprehend a shitpost of this level

"The real Reimu was recreated and ready to eat."
What did you mean by this?

Cool Paper's Please game, makes me want to try playing the original now! It's real cool that you managed to get everything core and a bit more in as a solo dev!

Bruh Moment Ending +10

I ended up playing the game so long that at a certain point the music stopped looping :(

Liked the premise of trying to Escape the Backrooms without losing your identity 

Kyouko has animated hand waving + 10 to art

You got an in-game tutorial? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiet another +10

Sound was alright and it helped, but it does leave you wanting, music certainly checks out

This game would be pretty solid with some additional polish!

Truly the Dark Souls entry in this Touhou Game jam, and boy that bonfire sure is placed awfully far from that boss room huh?

You've got a real cool premise going having a "what if" situation with a sekrit cut character. 

There's a lot of neat visual feedback and particles at play which is really appreciated, but it only makes wanting for some nice sound effects to go with it :(

What personally hurt me in the gameplay department was that despite how slick and tight the platforming was, attacking isn't very fun, just firing a short-medium range weapon that moves at slow speeds and takes a while to recharge doesn't do much in the "player empowerment" department. Whether or not it was intentional it made the act of fighting Marisa feel like fighting the Stray Demon with your broken sword in Dark Souls

Overall bretty gud, rocking that identity theme where others don't!

Aheh "team leader" here, save for me, it was everyone's first or second jam experience.  Of course the biggest challenge is always coordination and management of time, everyone was able to grasp the scope of creating individual minigames (multiple programmers) but no one really predicted the scope of making all the minigames flow together at the end of development so it was all masking-taped together last second.

It was both to our credit and our detriment and that I handled as many hats as an artist/programmer/sound guy etc since I have a lot of experience putting things together. Despite being able to deliver a higher level of content and detail than if I wasn't involved in more roles, we probably invested too much confidence in me delivering the final product so I crumbled under the weight of everything I was handling at once, a lesson I'll have to personally beat into my head one day.

The jam was a big learning experience for all of us and despite not delivering the best play experience, everyone got a lot of development experience out of it!

We'll try and wrap up our jam plans in a final post jam build V1, but no plans on improving the story besides minor edits to dialogue and flow

Many thanks for playing and commenting!

This game made my heart grow 3 sizes but my brain couldn't handle the rules

Nice aesthetics all around though, full pic of magical Sakuya when?

Seija flipped my brain and Shinmyoumaru beat it with the mallet


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Hey, pretty tight platformer! I'd like to give the programmers the benefit of the doubt that the blue field around the level was meant to be a big collision zone that just didn't work because jumping out there let me skip parts of the level sometimes.  Being able to straight up jump past the exit door and fall down into the pit irked me a bit

Audio balance could use a bit of work just because the music was a bit quiet and the firing sound started becoming tedious in the boss battle. 

Art and animations check out as well, couldn't tell if there was supposed to be some text at the end, saw something for a sec and it blipped away.

There's a pretty nasty safezone in the boss battle though, its sorta on the platforms near the entrance.

Damn who knew missing your shots would be this hard?

Real talk I get the feeling that early Yuyuko is easy to get by if you stand at the very bottom or very top, just a little gameplay note.

For what it is, it's pretty fun! Bullet patterns had me on my toes, especially at the end there, and the final slowdown was euphoric af

Could do with more sounds and a visible hitbox, but hey, there's always more to add in game jam games

Almost forgot how annoying it was to control vehicles without a proper steering wheel, but damn holding A/S for more than 2 seconds is punishing!

Aesthetics and sound were pretty slick though

Has a functioning quit button, +10


I wish to touch the secret koishi but I cant

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Audio is definitely the game's highlight and it was pretty silly experience overall! The game controlled quite well and having the player's sprite tilt when you moved is a good detail

Funnily enough, my jam team was arguing about whether or not characters could get tired from flying everywhere and I guess your story cements it in the fanon lore!

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Gameplay is pretty cryptic, not sure if anything I was doing was correct, though changing the subject at inopportune times is punishing, just like irl. The one game I can't use cheat engine to overcome

Talking to girls is really hard!

Virtual interactions, real anxiety!


very spooky, but not so spooky that I can't play it.

Being able to float by attacking is a nice detail, though the spongy healthbars for both Koishi and Satori felt a bit much

Pretty cool overall!

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very nice, high-dex gameplay, good ending!

Options menu + 10 points

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My dude I commend you for making it that far into the game and I gotta tell you, you know more about that second level than I do. Maybe after a week of slowly fixing things the game will be playable, thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback! I'll be looking into actually incorporating 3D sounds and such in the next version. The grace period reward for sorting spirits is really interesting and I'll definitely think about adding something like it!

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I realise the majority of people don't have VR so here's a video of it in action. Hope this helps a little

For those who do have VR stuff, please check out the game page for detailed instructions on playing the game since I couldn't put it in the game in time ;_;

My one critique is that respawns aren't instantaneous and it can be frustrating getting no-way!-ed in the face the hundredth time and having to sit through it because you're a shit platformer and speedrunner.

Besides that, you guys made a rock solid game!

It was a goofy experience, loved it! 

Yo high key can we get a goose game genre? 

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I might be afraid of playing this game in but I'm NOT AFRAID TO ADMIT IT

Great work on the aesthetic and game feel overall! Youmu's animations were quirky and fun to look at and Yuyuko's animation made me close the game window instantly!

The game was pretty confusing at first since I thought I was supposed to go downwards and escape the creepy shadow. I had to look at the screenshots again and ask myself "woah where the bullets at" and try again before realizing that up was the way to go. 

Yo but the flower physics are real cool, loved the concept! 

This game taught me how cool PDFs could be, I didn't even know you could do all that, not to mention how stylized it was!

A few parts of the game felt a bit cryptic though, the one that had me most stumped was the secret item puzzle. The map in the pdf didn't help too much since the place it pointed to was a bit off. I do appreciate that the Yukkuri curse was just a big red herring!

Put in a bit more time and polish and this can make for a cool puzzle adventure game!

Wow, game feel is through the roof! You did this by yourself in 3 days and submitted with half an hour to spare?

It's regrettable that you weren't able to get any music in but even so the sound game is spot on!

I hope you gave yourself time to eat, sleep and shower god damn.

You had a really cool idea going! Just a real shame you didn't have time to work.

I'll see you next jam!

I think something happened during the export process of the music and a lot of notes never decayed and went away.

The art is real nice but the game could use more work. I think it's a bit early in the year to start seeing so many spooky flying skulls