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The useless adventures of the love shooting, fairy enchantress, mystery solver magicianView game page

Submitted by stak134 — 14 seconds before the deadline
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The useless adventures of the love shooting, fairy enchantress, mystery solver magician's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Challenge (Tough but Fair)#282.4942.524
Use of Theme (LGBT Pride / Identity)#292.4472.476

Ranked from 21 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Stack, BlackStartx

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HostSubmitted (2 edits)

Aesthetically gorgeous with a lot of wonderful work put into it, but thoroughly and needlessly frustrating oof. There's so much craft and love put into the level design so it's a shame to see all that brought down by a combination of the tiniest of things. The wall-running thing was strange when it's where the majority of your momentum comes from but it's acceptable and made some good challenges. I think that mechanic needed an intro level that explained it a lot better. The bottom of the level itself is so cluttered that it was really hard to tell what's going on, so some tutorial-styled level design would've been a good addition there. What I really couldn't get used to without getting frustrated was the fact that Marisa's acceleration will start off super slowly and then catapult into high speeds. And considering most of the jumps were vertical-based and precise, that doubly worked against it. The fairies were the worst though and I just ignored them eventually. It was already hard enough to deal with them (and dealing with them basically did nothing), so when you kept adding more they eventually became completely not worth dealing with.

I liked some smaller stuff like the ladders you can swing around with your shot. Putting more physics and shot based puzzles could've been a good focus over the weird fairy stuff. I also liked the big complex map as a whole and wouldn't have minded the ability to lose some progress as much if the controls were solid. Unfortunately though there's a lot of design decisions here that cause frustration and I think that needed a lot more attention.

This was good enough to get my first rating!! The setting is ominous and saccharine at once, made possible in large part by the opportune use of borrowed auditory media. The footsteps added a nice touch, treading lightly but firmly. I wish that the same could be said for the actual motion of the character. My initial critique was that the difficulty was overwhelming right out the gate. While the game successfully expands in scope as the player ascends, becoming easier in direct proportion to skill level, I did not feel that an effort was made to “train” the player to play it by warming up to the harder levels gradually. The sheer drops, often mitigating half an hour’s worth of practice, seem more akin to some of the early Boss Levels in the Pinball Levels of Sonic the Hedgehog (chills) than the start of a whimsical but challenging adventure. Nonetheless, I powered through it and my frustration was vindicated by relief with each consecutive breakthrough to a higher level. I still had to gather 7 faeries and 14 pages by the end of it, but by that point I just wanted to get as far up as possible regardless. I should say as well that I really enjoyed the puzzle wherein a hanging ladder could be shot and turned into a rickety bridge. That element made it feel like a “puzzle” platformer rather than just a game about wall jumps. That being said, it did not feel consistent with the themes of Touhou or Identity in its design. They were inspired by the brief, but they did not seem to respond to it. In other words, this game could have been about anything and the gameplay would have been precisely the same. Yet playing as Marisa was fun, naturally.



Submitted (1 edit)

Very difficult, mechanics however are both its virtues and its vice. 

Overall the momentum feels wrong, Wall jumping goes further and faster than just jumping alone, and there is no control on the wall jumps in that I can't just feather the jump button off a wall to make a short gap, but rather would need to run up the wall and fall in the direction to make the gap, otherwise wall jumping the same gap causes a me to overshoot the gap by a unreasonable amount.  I feel like there was little correlation in how long I held down jump or when I released it. 

That said I see how map level design could be made to work around these limitations. 

I feel like there may have been a disconnect between the  mechanics design and level design. Like there was no level design to properly illustrate concepts or capabilities of what jumps could or could not be made. And I would guess there were last minute tweaks to the level design to make jumps possible. The game is hard out of the gate and merciless. 

Interesting design, execution has much to be desired. 

Good thing is that there are a lot of mechanics available, giving room for creative approaches, however the  of each mechanic gives little confidence to experiment. Certainly this maybe one of those hardcore platforming games at heart, but its expression needs to be through solid controls. 

Jam theme is a bare minimum. 


I like the art and the music, and I think the jump is difficult to master, but in some parts the jump is difficult to pass and this parts are too hard for me.

I couldn't finish the game for only 3 pages and one fairy :(


i could for the life of me not wrap my head around how momentum works in this game. one moment my jumps barely give me any lift and the next i'm flying accross the room, which is a shame, because it led me to stumble around way more than one should have to, and really worsens what could be a very fun experience.

When you're really close to a wall, you jump much higher. I think it's a hasty "climbing" mechanic or vertical wall jump.


yea the wall jumps work i'm talking just regular jumps, sometimes even from a standstill giving me different vertical momentum regardless of how much i hold the jump button


extracted filename is too long


mmh, are you trying to extract it in a already heavily nested subdirectory? Windows has a pretty strict max path length.

Try extracting it on a directory closer to your drive letter, if you wanna still try it of course haha


This is really good, but I wish that you went without the mechanic of fairies taking away pages. It ended up with me just dropping off all the fairies at the spirit room and coming back for the pages, since it was way easier.

Also, who was the reveal going to be, if you don't mind revealing it?


It was going to be Alice! Also, the background music was going to be an arrange of The Doll maker of Bucuresti. But no time left as usual!

We also almost decided to completely remove fairies at some point, but thought it was better to keep them for "play time" haha

Haaaaaaard, but kawaii!


I really like this. It`s FANTANSTIC