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Highly Responsive to Lactose Intolerance

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*Suwako noises intensifies*

Post submission QOL fix

Changed 'press any key to skip' > 'press space to skip'
because people are mashing keys at the end of the stage and end up skipping through menu/cutscene

Original submission still included

Full-screen currently makes the UI wonk in browser mode. Try to avoid using it.

Man I suck at rhythm games but that was pretty fun.


Mmm triple triad.

Glad you enjoyed it. Yeah that's a known bug.
Grid based environment and free-moving player/enemies/bullets. Didn't make the system robust and accurate enough.

Pretty sweet. Simple gameplay loop but addictive.

Pretty realistic babyyeeting.
Thought the crystals were collectables the first time i saw em.

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Just curious, what's your computer's specs and OS? Running anything else in the background?
Doubt this'll do anything but, does launching as administrator make any dif?

Some of the background elements made me thought they were platforms.

Mmm strange.
Was this on the browser or the executable build?
Did it occur all the time or only when you're doing things like succ-ing?

Was busier than expected. Finally added the mac , linux and webgl builds.

Mmm magnets.

You can kinda cheese by walking in and out portions that have materials near to map entrance/exits.

Not 2hu, not rating.

Needed to run as admin for the .exe to run.
Pressing [Setting] just puts me into the game anyways.
Like the dynamic battlefield size.

Dynamic dialogue boxes that pops around to give a sense of where people are talking in space is nice and all, but needing to shift my eyes a large amount vertically per box tires the eyes a wee bit more.

Kept flying to outer space.=d
The corpses are Marisaaas.
I usually don't nitpick on people's UI/menus during jams much but... the health and shot UI's style feel kinda weird. Like the 1990s internet bling bling weird.

The bloom as well as the di-chromatic effects are way too intense and kinda make my eyes hurt. Managed to cheese the game by just pushing the neet out of the map.

Game imploded when I pressed Help on the main menu on one occasion.

Aye, there's very little qol and visual feedback for the succ/unsucc mechanic. Wish we had more time & manpower to put some in.


Played on keyboard, handles pretty well. Wall running is slightly inconsistent with how fast/much you run up, but I got the feel of it quickly. Almost got through the entire game without getting hit but RNG(?) made yuyuko spam a lot more butterflies for her 2nd phase with me.

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If anyone has non-qwerty keyboard layouts and ZXC is uncomfortable, do tell, I'll make a build for your keyboard control.

Additionally pressing ' 0 ' (Zero) does a level skip.

Understandable, there's a lot of unexplained mechanics that mostly mirrors the early advance wars series.

The enemy's medium tank does stupid amounts of damage and is a bit resistant to most of the units the player has.  You'd have to take advantage of the fact that the attacker gets to deal damage and reduce the defender's unit strength first to beat the MdTank. It is possible to finish this map with no units getting wiped out. 

A few of the people who tried during the jam managed to only have 1 or 2 units die too. These guys are the ones that had some familiarity with the advance wars series. 

Plot twist: Cirno's actually chill'in in the big tank playing the chill music while steamrolling you.

Touhou Fairy Wars except it's actually a war. Command Cirno's army and blow up shiz

Game's pretty incomplete but I'm outta time

One map, no story, just a battle

Click units to move around and attack

Infantry and Mechanized infantry can move through any terrain.
Tanks cannot move through the forest

Infantry is only effective vs Infantry & Mech Infantry
All other units are fairly even game
Enemy has one big assed tank
Units on each player's turn will attack first in battle
Use your brain for big thonks

Trailer be like:

Video unavailable
This video is private.

Needs more screenshake

Idea on day 1 was to put the cast of IN as the player's team. Had to spend a lot more time on getting the frames and system stable on vr before I started on the models and I only had Tewi and Reimu. So I improvised.

extracted filename is too long

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SteamVR is required for this game. You can run the game even without VR but you won't be able to do anything meaningful in it.
Submission is incomplete and you cannot die, but the general idea is there.

If you want to have a rough idea how it plays out to rate my entry, check out the silent gameplay video.

In-game audio was mistakenly left at a inaudible volume when submitting.

Pretty enjoyable game overall. Only issue I had was not knowing whether i was hitting the enemy or the corner of the wall cause there wasn't any visual or audio feedback on that.

Not too bad for your first game. Don't feel discouraged by all the other cool games. in the jam and just keep at it~

Inverted controls. :l

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I'm on the oculus rift and I appear to start below the boat in the main menu.  After managing to somehow peek up onto the boat,  hands and scythe doesn't appear to be moving... (or it's cause i'm technically still under the boat and collisions?)

We've been having the bad habit of only thinking about the SFX when there's less than 4 hours left for the past two jams.

Mmm squishy and lerpy sprites.
Pretty amazing with how much fun and engagement I got from the game even with the game being relatively simple. 

Really spoopy. Shame some of the finer details like blood stains on the ground would probably go unnoticed by most people cause of how hard it was to see.

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Important Notice (Consider re-rating)

Hey guys, due to a huge oversight we kept our placeholder RPGMaker tilemap assets in the submission, which we are by right not supposed to (RPGMaker doesn't allow them being used outside of RPGMaker).

For rating purposes, consider that all ground/grass/trees/things on the floor in game do not exist and are just simple colored squares. Everything else is made by us during the jam period.

Do consider re-rating Visuals with all these into account.

Also thanks all that have left your 2cents in the comments about this game.

Highly Responsive to Lactose Intolerance