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Rin Satsuki Wants to ExistView game page

Rin Satsuki is on the verge of disappearing. Can she find a way to reaffirm her existence as a youkai?
Submitted by Aeon (@fire_land_dev) — 45 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of Theme (LGBT Pride / Identity)#83.6363.636
Challenge (Tough but Fair)#143.0453.045

Ranked from 22 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Aeon, PKNerdCatfox, Jaykinchan, Funes

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The third Spell Card of Marisa was too hard for me hehe

I remembered the battle of GFW in that encounter.
btw I think that the premise of Rin wanting to exist is very interesting and sad.


Truly the Dark Souls entry in this Touhou Game jam, and boy that bonfire sure is placed awfully far from that boss room huh?

You've got a real cool premise going having a "what if" situation with a sekrit cut character. 

There's a lot of neat visual feedback and particles at play which is really appreciated, but it only makes wanting for some nice sound effects to go with it :(

What personally hurt me in the gameplay department was that despite how slick and tight the platforming was, attacking isn't very fun, just firing a short-medium range weapon that moves at slow speeds and takes a while to recharge doesn't do much in the "player empowerment" department. Whether or not it was intentional it made the act of fighting Marisa feel like fighting the Stray Demon with your broken sword in Dark Souls

Overall bretty gud, rocking that identity theme where others don't!


AAAA I want to enjoy this more but the fact that death sends you back to the title screen of all places totally kills it after a small while. The game has some solid controls and I liked the progression of getting a weapon and then fighting, but yeah it eventually gets frustrating to sit through that cutscene over and over when you know there's no reason to. The difficulty formula is generally [chance of dying] x [penalty for dying]. If there's an update to this later on I'd definitely definitely appreciate having easier points to retry from.


yeah, i'm planning on making a version 1.1 with a reasonable difficulty + speedy text (hopefully a bit more content too?). i used a few too many random attacks in my haste to finish the game on time, and i want to make it more fair.

if you want to see the ending to make voting for some of the categories possible, i've uploaded a playthrough at, which, while having rather poor video quality, works well enough to read the dialogue.

thanks for playing, though! if you're still interested, check back after voting period is over and maybe i'll have the new version ready.

Deleted 3 years ago

hey, thanks for playing. i pretty much agree with all of your points, and if you're still interested, check back in a couple days once the voting period is over. i'm planning on updating the game with difficulty selection along with some other stuff to hopefully fix the rng issues

in the meantime, if you want to vote based on the story/theme quality, i got a walkthrough up at


Note: first version had a problem that caused a crash in the final cutscene. It should be fixed, but if it isn't, tell me at aeon#2682 on discord