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cute, and satisfying puzzles.

the ones where you had to step on the blue tiles while avoiding the fireballs felt like way too much trial and error, but all the others were good

very clever and intuitive puzzles (except the part in the "father" grave where you had to know that a gate was opened by a random button in a different room with no visual indication it was doing so, that was kind of unfair) and a wonderfully eerie atmosphere, looking forward to the next part

since I don't know how to draw and spent maybe 10 minutes per graphical asset tops during the game jam time crunch, I would say that all the art looks bad!

Big update! Play Special Mode for a mostly overhauled version of the game with a lotta new stuff.

I agree wholeheartedly with every bone in my body, but that's not what this is about at all, and this is definitely not the place to discuss this

Mokou x Kaguya is my bigger ship for sure but I'm just not able to resist the allure of pairings that make absolutely no sense and could never happen

it is rather loud and high pitched, isn't it? I'll get on tweaking that with the rest of the post-jam tweaks

those bullets aren't pulsing in and out, they come out and then curve back boomerang-style to come out  the other side. fair point, though

danmaku but you have to get hit by as many bullets as you can, I see, I see

There are actually a lot of very big gaps in that pattern, it's mostly just an intimidation tactic haha

I left in a lot of safe spots for almost every pattern just to reward the people who can find them!

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I totally understand, I hate having to mash the shot button in shmups too, but that's why I made it so pressing the button once makes cirno shoot for long enough that you can actually just wait a second or two between each button press without sacrificing firing speed, and just tap at a slow rhythmic pace if it's tiring for you.

Also in retrospect I really wish I went through with giving mokou a halfway checkpoint. I toned down her danmaku a lot, but I really wanted to make a game anyone could beat!

I really hope I become able to summon clown children to defend my confections when I get gay married one day

there is controller support in the currently downloadable version. keybinding coming eventually

the white bullets can be tricky to block anyway, so this is why I just set it up so you can A) dodge everything without destroying bullets at all B) just focus on cutting the black ones and avoiding the white ones normally

and hey, at least it's not ikaruga!

That is really weird. Well, if there wasn't an error message then chances are it wasn't a problem with the code at least; could be a hardware issue or something, the game has been acting up on some peoples' computers. oh well

oh, do you remember what the error message was? as far as I know it shouldn't be possible to crash the game by mashing the attack button (I've certainly mashed it thousands of times during testing runs), there must've been something else going on

Yep, black bullets are cut by the sword and white are blocked by myon

On easy mode, there are less white bullets so you can just go ham with the sword

Did you notice that you could launch myon forward as a boomerang projectile on Easy/Normal/Hard modes? also, it blocks all smaller white projectiles just by touching them even without being launched, so if you turn around it can be used as a shield as well

Lunatic mode is the only one where you really gotta manually swing it around into the boss, and on this mode it also does double damage so it's very worth making use of

well... more like 2 days + a few extra hours from getting up early before the deadline to finish the menus and ending, heh. to be honest I didn't think I was gonna be able to be doing the jam at all at first, so I got a late start.

maybe if I'd done some work on that first day it would have at least some rudimentary music, and a bit more polish and gameplay.

no need to worry though, I did indeed take care of all my physical needs

cute game, but I'd recommend uploading some pictures so people can see what it's about, will probably get more downloads that way heheh

Yeah, the ability to look down didn't really help in any of the parts I was having trouble seeing ahead in

A checkpoint after every room probably would have been best, really

for the second time in a row yours is probably my favorite, nice work

good pixels and solid gameplay for the most part, but the bits that require dropping down through hazards that are off-screen and precise jumping sections littered with unnecessary control reversals are a real pain in the butt when there's no checkpoints

expanding on the game with 3 more mech bosses, plus a couple run and gun stages with Katy outside her mech, was definitely something I've considered. though, if that happens, it'll probably be pretty far in the future. I totally burned myself out on this game with how intensely I worked on it during the 2 months of the jam, plus some extra personal drama that happened alongside it, ahaha...

that said, I will definitely try to get those story scenes done as well as some hefty balancing efforts in on Madeline, though it'll probably be taking a little bit of a backseat in priority to another game that I had already been working on since before the jam

Madeline is the boss with the least playtesting (was working on her right up until 4 hours from the game jam deadline), so I definitely hope to have her balanced out a bit more by the game's completion, haha

Aw gee thanks!

simple and effective, also very cute and shows a lot of potential, looking forward to this being finished

levels and enemy designs are kind of samey, this and the slow pace makes replaying parts after a game over a bit of a slog, but otherwise it's a solid NES style game.

the bosses are alright, though I almost gave up at Lotte, and in the end never did find out how to get around her without taking contact damage