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This is definitely a very neat and stylishly animated game, I love the concept and the art style. However, I don't know what current plans are like, but I'd warn against making too many bosses that are just big unflinching damage-sponges.

These sorts of bosses work for Smash because they provide a style of gameplay that every character can approach in the same way with less risk of bad matchups, where everyone's moves have the same effect (just do damage until you win) and everyone can avoid attacks with the generic dodge/shield/jump moves. But... because of this, they're too far separated from the standard gameplay, and somewhat homogenized. More of a fun sideshow than a culmination of the mechanics.

Since you don't have to work with this constraint, you should be able to make bosses that follow the mechanics of the rest of the game, and provide more satisfying "make use of what you've learned" challenges rather than basically making the player adapt to a whole separate playstyle for boss fights

I played Erin's route and got what I would assume is the good ending, but it felt rather lacking in the romance department. Erin's feelings for Lena are very briefly mentioned, but it never amounts to anything more than strong subtext in the end.

Well, maybe that's what all the routes are like, I wouldn't know, I'm only here for the girl/girl stuff. The story was good otherwise, characters are well-written and I was engaged with the plot all the way through. Art is a little rough in places, but it's fine, does the job well enough.

The pause button is enter on keyboard, and start on controller. And yep, the extra ending scene is exclusive to Lunatic mode!

I enjoyed the artwork and the chill, laid-back pace and atmosphere

great aesthetics and probably works well as a co-op experience, but there's not enough accommodation for singleplayer and it just feels stressful even when I'm not doing particularly badly. if this jam was longer I'd've recommended implementing an AI helper, but that probably goes without saying

I liked the visuals and the danmaku patterns were all nice to look at, but whatever engine this is seems to run very poorly on my computer because everything was at between 30-60% normal speed, making every single pattern a matter of waiting for the timer to run down

The retro aesthetic is spot-on and completely consistent in all areas of presentation, a rarity for these kinds of nostalgia-type games.

Unfortunately the high amount of time you spend stunned when you get hit, and all the waiting for power to regen/waiting for the overheat cooldown (which only takes a few shots to accidentally trigger) can make the game feel kinda sluggish to play, especially when there can be so many enemies with letters to chase down all at once.

the problem with helltaker is that's it's too straight. solution? fantasytaker

Great art and I really love the low-poly 3D (like for real, I want so many more games with this kind of graphical style), but the inverted camera controls were really hard to use and it felt like there wasn't really much of a point to engaging enemies

This is probably the game I was most interested in playing, but I couldn't really at all. Framerates were really bad for me even on low resolution and the camera sensitivity is out of control

Could use a bit of work with pacing, text is too slow and random encounters feel a bit, grindy? I'd recommend keeping battles to a minimum with just the interesting encounters if this is a story-driven RPG. But anyway, the music is nice and I absolutely adore the character pixel art

Gameplay inspiration is 1 part Cross Code (though I've yet to play much of it) and 2 parts Lucah: Born of a Dream, from which I borrowed a bunch of ideas like the slow-motion dodges, enemy attack telegraphs, and the automatic lock-on system.

The extra dialog scene that takes place after your screenshot is only there if you're on Lunatic mode. So yeah, not a huge reward, but it's something.

very cute, the world can always use more Hina love. the puzzles are a good mix of thinking ahead and thinking quickly on the fly

cute and simple fun and I really like the concept, but it felt to me like all the things that were borrowed from the original megaman games just happened to all be things I didn't like. yoku block platforming over instant death hazards and limited lives is a very specific kind of nostalgic experience that I'm fine with never reliving, but all that said I enjoyed the bosses and the various other original additions

Yeah I was aware of those things; thanks a bunch for the solution confirmation, though. Seems we had the arrangement of all the notes correct, but somehow we never tried to put them at that one specific height, out of all the others we did try. Figures, huh? Gauging the exact pitch of the voice sample vs the sound of the note-rocks was hard for all three of us.

Anyway, great game, loved it otherwise! It's little hidden gems like these that make diggin' around through miles of other indie games of variable quality worth the effort.

Applewood community · Created a new topic The Music Puzzle

I've been having major issues with the singing ghost puzzle in Blackberry Lake. First of all, I really don't think that music-reading puzzles are fair; not everyone is a composer, some of us are tone deaf or just straight up actual deaf (and the fact that it's optional doesn't do much for its case, leaving something unfinished leaves a seriously bad taste in my mouth). BUT ANYWAY, setting those thoughts aside for a moment...

I've been stuck on the upper-left ghost for what seems like an hour now. I brought in my brothers, who are musicians, to help me figure it out, but they're exactly as stumped as I am (and not the restful save-point kind of stump). It sounds right, and we've tried it on nearly every height on the scale in case we were getting the pitch wrong—plus dozens of other variations—but still, nothin'.

Anyone have the solution? Are we missing something incredibly obvious? Is this puzzle just bugged? Please save our souls lest we end up in the same eternal torment as this spectral barber shop quartet.


Very cute and full of charm.

I was really into the concept at first, but unfortunately with how much XP you need you have to spend way too much time just scouring the world for things that won't kill you (and the weakest targets available are usually still ones you have to do a lot of math with to manage limited HP). It got to be too much for me and I couldn't finish it.

Other than that, it's a concept with a lot of potential, I'd like to see more games like this.

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That's about what I assumed, but the issue is that Jack's side-quest is the one I need to do to get into the barrier (or so he says, unless it's a fakeout?), while Misty's requires me to be able to get into the barrier to progress.

A little bit of a paradox there, unless there's another way to get through the barrier? I've been wandering around for a while and haven't found anything

I activated two side-quests that required going to see Mindy at the same time; one with Jack to get through the barrier and one with Misty... which requires getting through the barrier.

Misty's side-quest took priority, and now I can't progress Jack's side-quest because Mindy is busy. What do I do about this?

woah, hey, I've watched a bunch of your jam game videos! definitely gonna be following this series too

Done. I totally thought I did that already, thanks for pointing it out!

I was way into the amazing pixel art aesthetic until the innkeeper girl showed up. ugh, no thanks...

Otherwise, hmm... the gameplay is mostly fine, but I don't think the lack of a basic convenience necessity is a very good selling point. I understand fully that a functional mapping system is probably very hard to make in RPG Maker, but this kind of game suffers a lot without it.

The option to customize our own party members beyond class and gender would be nice (at least naming and picking which portrait they use. and, a non-bikini armor option for the ladies as well perhaps... maybe asking too much)

yeah, as per my usual game jam approach I sacrificed a lot of graphical polish and background work so I could spend as much time on the gameplay as possible, just how it's gotta go when I'm doing almost everything by myself ;)

Really cool!! The card battles are fun and strategic, the premise is very unique, and the writing (at least from what I can understand through the translation) is funny.

I'm sad that I couldn't see the ending, I died JUST before the last day...

finally, a game where I can bury my entire face in ran's tails in full 3d

Detailed and atmospheric, very interesting

it's an RPG maker game, one of the older versions, no diagonal movement functionality in those

cute sprites, liked the little animations. I support reimu in her youkai girlfriend-seeking endeavors.

I didn't even realize there was a shoot button, but I feel like I probably didn't need it anyway since the hammer with the attack speed/power upgrades just takes kagerou and yukari out before they can even do more than one wave of bullets

as someone who isn't great at danmaku, the fact that we're not limited by lives is greatly appreciated.

also, Gay Rain Deluxe will now be the name of my hypothetical future band 

I understand that it's meant to add to the atmosphere, but the walking speed is way too slow (well, I've got this version of rpg maker so I was able to open it in the editor to speed it up myself and keep playing anyway)

otherwise, nice and spooky despite being so short, good work

super interesting and unique concept, and well executed too! I love the little touches like the way the melody smoothly transitions based on the show you attend (and the art is all so cute too)

the unique HP/MP combat mechanics are interesting (I always forget youmu has a second sword) but the stamina feels extremely restrictive; because of the random damage values you'll sometimes just not do enough to kill an enemy, so you're forced to sit back and wait

All-around adorable as heck. If I were to suggest anything, I'd say it might've been better to use arrow directions instead of letters for the controls, since the directions are much more clearly ingrained in my muscle memory than remembering which letter corresponds to which direction

simple but effective! love the cute little sprites, the controls are quick and responsive, and your attacks have a real feeling of impact to them (which is a small but important bit of polish that's pretty rare in jam games)

it definitely didn't feel like I was going that hard, there were a bunch more things I could've done that I didn't, not because of time constraints but because I just didn't feel like it, or because I wanted to sleep in a couple extra hours... until after it was over and my brains felt like scrambled eggs for a day, ahahaha

the presentation quality is fantastic, but, I'm sorry, it's just not possible for me to follow both opposite lines of notes at once. I'd love to give it more of a shot, but I have a hard enough time keeping track of the controls with only one line of notes, so this kinda thing is out of the question

I wanted to include a second version of the level for a Lunatic Mode which forced you to make use of every platforming mechanic with tight precision but, y'know, time constraints, and I am but one mortal woman

the second person was the music composer, the gameplay stuff was all me


...those 72 hours were a blur, I remember very little, I think I probably slept a couple times, maybe