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Even in this form, still one of the most competent completed Kirby fangames ever made. That said, I do have my gripes, though pretty much all of them can easily be chalked up it being such an old game.

Ended up getting a bit too tedious and frustrating for me even with max lives on easy mode, so I gave up after the second time I was forced to restart a level I just spent ages getting through (first because the darkness effect was making the game unplayable and you can't change settings mid-game, second 'cus I got stuck in a wall)

Nice for a trip down memory lane though at least, I remember playing the original version years ago back in the YYG sandbox days

Thanks for playing! 🧡

You kinda gotta... just get lucky. Sorry, I know that's really lame, but I really only put them in as a joke, not expecting anyone to try to beat them. I didn't put any time into making them an actual fair fight after that (you're never guaranteed to be able to dodge their running attack, for example), haha...

You actually nailed down my number one inspiration perfectly there; the world always needs more Swordcraft Story. Thanks a bunch for playing!!

The FIERCE Aunnlettes actually give almost no experience points ;)

All the moves were in the original jam version of the game, it's just that the controls were so poorly explained that it was easy to miss that they were there. I feel pretty bad about this, that's a lotta extra work that so many people never saw, and it definitely affected some people's impression of the game (as they have told me directly)

Thanks for playing, though!

there's one specific kind of statue you can grab onto, give 'em another look and you'll find it

The propeller move has already been massively nerfed, but I probably will continue to make some tweaks to make the fight not drag on as much.

You're actually not meant to be able to save after beating the boss, but I didn't realize it was even possible to pause at that point so thanks for letting me know

Cute game, it's a mechanic with some potential but I dunno if it was explored fully enough. Now, I have no idea what the intended solution to the final puzzle is, but I solved it like this and felt very sneaky

I'm too dumb to follow all the complicated explanations, all I know is that Yachie and Sannyo absolutely ran off to go make out aggressively

The statues with the eyes don't reset when you leave a room. it's a terrible puzzle

A quick hint for that room and several others: Nitori can move freely over pits as long as she's holding on to something solid, so it's all about what you're grabbed on to and what direction you're holding it from

Okay, I think I got 'em. Thanks so much for the help and I'm really really sorry you had to replay the whole game multiple times just to run into these

Really glad to hear that honestly; uninspired block-pushing puzzles have always been one of my least favorite parts of any zelda-inspired game, so if nothing else I'm satisfied with having done more than the bare minimum, and maybe someday I'll be able to capture the essence of what makes zelda puzzles so cool to me

Nah it was full-on, clank sound, bullet disappears, I take no damage, and the bar fills way up parries.

No worries though, I totally know how it is when crunchtime is involved

I really dig the atmosphere and still think this is an interesting sort of game with a lot of potential, but just like the previous one I keep finding myself getting stuck at every turn, with monsters I can't kill blocking every path, and unsure of what I could possibly be doing differently.

Willing to give it another shot after the full release though, keep it up

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Oof, that's a lot of new softlocks to go over, huh? Thanks a bunch for documenting them all though, seriously helps a ton.

Yeah, not being able to implement a reset button or a save feature in time for the deadline (and trust me, I tried, and I cried) is probably my number 1 regret for this game jam. Knowing how many times and how many people have been forced to replay from the start of the game because I couldn't make things work properly seriously keeps me up at night

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okay, I just tried it with both my controllers, and it seems it only works with the one that has a broken R button. no idea why both controllers would work with my gms games but only one works with this, but I guess I could try sending you my controller input code sometime after I've maybe cleaned it up a bit more someday and see if that helps any

Controls are a bit wonky, both to physically use and 'cus they can be kind of buggy, but the presentation is solid and the game is full of style and energy.

Feels like you've got a pretty decent handle on making combat work (I noticed you've even got input buffering), and I'll recommend looking into how to implement controller support next if you haven't already. or maybe it's in and my controller just didn't work with it, idk

Less relevant extra nitpick: I really wish I could do the uppercut move at any time during the standard attack combo rather than only after the first jab

Just keep on killing them until they die for real. However, if you haven't done the other areas yet it may be easier to leave and come back when you've leveled up a bit more

Well, you've managed to do it, this game chugs even on my new computer. still playable at least, though the low framerate, sensitive camera, and slippery controls kinda made it hard to tell what was happening.

very ambitious but yet again I'm a big fan of the concept and its an interesting game. I think my parry hitbox was bugged though, I kept on getting free parries without pressing the button and got enough meter to just sword-mode button-mash the heck out of everything within seconds

Well that's a weird lil' edge case there; luckily I already know what causes it so it ended up being a pretty simple fix

I knew that spot would end up continuing to trap people... That room has been such a massive thorn in my side for the last few days of development, nothing I change seems to make it work, ahhh... Maybe I should just add a way to skip it entirely

Tough to come up with advice until I can see what you've already got, might be a skip you missed, perhaps? Other than that, the biggest time saving tech I was gonna offer is that you can do this with very precisely timed dash-cancel wallruns, but you might already know this haha

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Very neat! I definitely built the game's moveset  and level designs with speedrunning in mind, so it's great to hear that someone's doing it. If you get a really good time, I'd love to see a video of it and I could maybe offer some inside knowledge on the mechanics if you're interested.

By the way, my own personal best is 1:58 ;)

Very interesting concept, but I think the amount the load increases for some of the upgrades is overly punishing. It's too easy to accidentally end up in unwinnable situations.

Cute (despite the subject matter), and very intuitive and satisfying to use GUI

This is definitely a very neat and stylishly animated game, I love the concept and the art style. However, I don't know what current plans are like, but I'd warn against making too many bosses that are just big unflinching damage-sponges.

These sorts of bosses work for Smash because they provide a style of gameplay that every character can approach in the same way with less risk of bad matchups, where everyone's moves have the same effect (just do damage until you win) and everyone can avoid attacks with the generic dodge/shield/jump moves. But... because of this, they're too far separated from the standard gameplay, and somewhat homogenized. More of a fun sideshow than a culmination of the mechanics.

Since you don't have to work with this constraint, you should be able to make bosses that follow the mechanics of the rest of the game, and provide more satisfying "make use of what you've learned" challenges rather than basically making the player adapt to a whole separate playstyle for boss fights

I played Erin's route and got what I would assume is the good ending, but it felt rather lacking in the romance department. Erin's feelings for Lena are very briefly mentioned, but it never amounts to anything more than strong subtext in the end.

Well, maybe that's what all the routes are like, I wouldn't know, I'm only here for the girl/girl stuff. The story was good otherwise, characters are well-written and I was engaged with the plot all the way through. Art is a little rough in places, but it's fine, does the job well enough.

The pause button is enter on keyboard, and start on controller. And yep, the extra ending scene is exclusive to Lunatic mode!

I enjoyed the artwork and the chill, laid-back pace and atmosphere

great aesthetics and probably works well as a co-op experience, but there's not enough accommodation for singleplayer and it just feels stressful even when I'm not doing particularly badly. if this jam was longer I'd've recommended implementing an AI helper, but that probably goes without saying

The retro aesthetic is spot-on and completely consistent in all areas of presentation, a rarity for these kinds of nostalgia-type games.

Unfortunately the high amount of time you spend stunned when you get hit, and all the waiting for power to regen/waiting for the overheat cooldown (which only takes a few shots to accidentally trigger) can make the game feel kinda sluggish to play, especially when there can be so many enemies with letters to chase down all at once.

the problem with helltaker is that's it's too straight. solution? fantasytaker

Great art and I really love the low-poly 3D (like for real, I want so many more games with this kind of graphical style), but the inverted camera controls were really hard to use and it felt like there wasn't really much of a point to engaging enemies

This is probably the game I was most interested in playing, but I couldn't really at all. Framerates were really bad for me even on low resolution and the camera sensitivity is out of control

Could use a bit of work with pacing, text is too slow and random encounters feel a bit, grindy? I'd recommend keeping battles to a minimum with just the interesting encounters if this is a story-driven RPG. But anyway, the music is nice and I absolutely adore the character pixel art