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At first I was very concerned by the lack of sheep, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the game was still very cute and good despite the absence of that essential element.

The tunes in the rhythm sections got my head bobbin' a few times, especially Farm Machine

I love Romio and Juriette, it's my favorite lesbian romance story by the famous Japanese playwright Lilyium Shakespeare

My main project has been taking away a lot of the time I'd like to be able to spend finishing this one, so it may take a while, but I'll do my best!

Of the stuff I've worked on, this style of slash-n-dash action RPG combat might be my favorite, so I'll definitely return to it again with a full commercial-size project someday. I'll probably do more with the first-person dungeon crawl side of things someday too, though with an entirely separate project, haha

One of her, one of the ghost, one of both

So, it took me a bit to recognize your username, but, funny coincidence; I have in the past definitely considered hiring you for a future project at some point. This game was sort of like a practice round for that project, but I'm not sure if I'll ever end up with the budget to like, hire people, in general. I do respect what I've seen of your writing abilities quite a bit though, so the idea is appealing

I showed her several photos of that person but they didn't work, seems to have turned out to be a bug with the photo system

I've stepped away from the shorter regular jams for personal reasons, but I'll still be around for the pride jams!

If you want moves with less commitment, use light attacks and dodge-cancel often.

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I may have sobbed a little while reading this. Cried, definitely

I'm not entirely sure, it was something to do with the conditions for how the "landing" state was being set. The bug ended up disappearing when I was fixing something else entirely at around that part of the code, so now I may never truly know

Yep, I got that bug fixed for the next version. It showed up within hours of release and I couldn't figure out what was causing it in time.

Very cute art, solid writing, and I'm big into the vibe of the music

I'm a big fan of the aesthetic, and level design was quite solid. Combat felt rather awkward though, no feeling of impact to the hits and the lack of telegraphs from the enemies meant it was really easy to get hit point-blank without warning (or worse, killed from behind by an enemy that just respawned mid-fight). My ultimate strategy for beating the boss was to just stand on her head, spamming the attack button.

I know that the lack of music was intentional, but I can't help but feel like some BGM would improve things. The ambient sounds were so low that I couldn't even hear them unless I turned my sound way up, so I spent most of the game in silence.

But like, setting all of that side! This is undeniably very, very impressive for one month's work. Great job, and I'll be sure to check it out again if it gets updated some more

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If I could give this more than 5 stars in the visuals category, I definitely would. I just adore this papercraft aesthetic, and I've always loved the atmosphere of museums.

Gameplay-wise, I got stuck at Aya's bit. I've showed her photos of anything that might be relevant, but she's not having any of it. Well, I'll definitely return to play the full version of this if/when it gets finished

Thanks a bunch for playing and enjoying!

Both of those bugs have been squashed for the update I'll be releasing very soon.

This was my first time messing with GameMaker 3D beyond the prototyping stage of a game, so yeah, the world geometry is rather chunky and flat as a result of me still figuring things out.

The story is nice and the visuals are super duper cute, but the rhythm game sections were way, way too hard for a game where they clearly weren't meant to be the focus. I ended up giving up on them pretty much right away and just vibing to the music (the music is good)

You can dodge-cancel, though; every attack except for a couple heavies (which are already getting their own dodge-cancels in the next version) can be canceled as early as halfway into their animations. I've already made several action games where you could instantly cancel out of every frame of every attack, so I wanted to try something a little different this time.

So, if you want to dodge more, use light attacks. If you want to stagger enemies more often and do a bit more damage (once you've learned their attack patterns well enough to be able to handle the extra commitment), use heavy attacks. I thought it was fairly standard action game stuff, but with how many people have spoken out about this, I guess I got it wrong. Learning experience for next time, I guess.

Letty Whiterock's unstoppable gay violence spree

Very cute and gay, fun dialog and I love the sprites and art. Some great battle mechanics too, enjoyed the risk-reward aspect of it and watching the numbers go big felt great. Surprisingly lengthy and complete-feeling for a jam game, I think I gotta give it 5 stars in nearly every category

Lesbian Wedding Jumpscare

I wasn't sure what to expect going into this, and now that I've read it I'm not sure what I experienced

I didn't buy any other melee weapons either, there is no need for Reimu to replace her iconic gohei!

Logically speaking though, someone who is stunned or knocked out in a pool would probably just drown, haha

Very cute and nice. I like the concept of the main mechanic a lot, though I was a little bummed by the fact that most of the sentences you get the chance to put together are pretty mundane without much room for experimentation or chances to get really silly with it

I decided that Reimu has no business shooting guns around and all that nonsense, so I played this with only melee and occasionally throwing some of those useless firearms around for some range. Tragically I could not beat the third stage this way 'cus you gotta shoot the targets in the pool.

Will be once again eagerly awaiting the finished version

Love the art and all the little animations

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The movement options here have a lot of potential, but I wish they were a bit more precise. The other comments have said enough on that though.

Anyway, one more thing: you should respawn at your latest checkpoint rather than the start of the room you died in, 'cus I had to old redo rooms multiple times after accidentally rocketing myself backwards into them

Very nice, and cute. I don't often see proper well-put-together rhythm games like this in the game jams so this was refreshing.

Scoring feels suuuuper strict though. Feels like perfect notes are really hard to hit, and even when I full combo a song, zero misses and twice as many perfects as the level below it, it still gives me a C. Ouch...

where can I find this mysterious impossible labyrinthian home filled with conveniently available touhou-themed clothing items in real life

Running around collecting corn & bugs while occasionally going into the clouds for Pride Time is a quintessential part of the lesbian experience

Solid writing, presentation, and sound design, and wonderfully spooky

I would've loved to be able to include items and stuff but there was no way I was squeezing that in before the jam deadline, and unfortunately it might be too late to go back and try to fit them in now.

Stagger bars would make sense, I'll try to think about how I could go about doing that

Ah, I see your ploy. Lure 'em in with the memey screenshots and lowered expectations, then hit 'em with the genuinely great writing and atmosphere (and a little bit of the promised memeyness). How devious

Very cute, very smooth movement. I will say though that I struggled on a number of bits because of how tiny the things you need to hit are (and how easy it is to hurt yourself when throwing yourself against them to attack, but misgauging the range) but I could feel myself getting the hang of things by the end, and it was a nice feeling

Full map view is definitely something I would like to get working even if the maps are all very small, just as soon as I manage to reverse-engineer my own spaghetti code for the minimap system. Shanghai getting stuck in walls wasn't an issue I was aware of, I'm not sure which encounters that could even happen in but I'll try to set up a failsafe system just to be safe

That's fair, yeah. I did intend for heavy attacks to be higher commitment options while light attacks are generally safe to use in more situations, but you're right that it probably doesn't work quite as well as I'd wanted it to when factoring in the auto-lockon and bottomless pits. I'll think about including something like a second half-dodge (with less distance and fewer iframes) that can be used in midair after the slower heavies or when you're over a pit, as a compromise so those situations aren't completely out of your control.

The books, on the other hand... to be honest, I just totally forgot to give them the telegraph on their attacks that all the other enemies have, that'd probably help a lot to have, huh? Haha

I've got a couple ideas for returning to these mechanics in far future, but I do mean far future. In the meantime, I'll recommend the Summon Night: Swordcraft Story series on GBA, which I totally stole at least half my ideas for the combat system from (and the earlier 2D games in the Tales of [insert fantasy word here] series from which I stole the other half, heh)

I think I get what you mean, yeah. I can think of a bunch of encounters that I could probably take out without losing anything,  though that would mean that quite a few monsters will only show up in a single encounter, and I'd have to deal with the EXP curve again. Not that I can't work with that, but I worry it might feel a bit weird. I'll give it a look at least, thanks a bunch for the feedback!

I will say though: on the standard difficulty level, you can definitely run past/away from a significant number of encounters and still beat most of the bosses without too much of a struggle, if that helps any

Yeah, from what I understand, the latest version Ara Fell is indeed a full remake from the ground up. Totally understandable, the limitations of RPG Maker are rough (next time I make an RPG, I'll write my own engine in GameMaker or something, haha)

Steam release is definitely planned for this game though

A Switch port would be pretty cool, but as far as I know there isn't a way to port games made with this engine to consoles without fully remaking the whole thing

It's still in development. There's currently no definitive release date, but it'll definitely be at least a few months yet, sorry!

You've got a real way with words, gets me immersed in the stories and worlds and characters even within a short runtime. Keeps leaving me craving more of each story, haha.

Keep up the good work.