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Patchy's Magical MazeView game page

Alice experiences the most action-packed library book return of her life (Still in development)
Submitted by Firecat1311 (@Firecat1311), Miles "Chuunibyou" Yalzin — 1 hour, 55 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Story / Writing#74.2384.238
Use of LGBT Themes#133.7383.738

Ranked from 42 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Fiore, Gubbles, Mai-chan

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well deserved 1st place. grats.


look at you go huh bada bing what else am i gonna say new touhou jam game by firecat "fiore" 1311. been a while. thought you were outta the jamming game for good with your new rpgmaker and ren'py stuff which i will get to trying out oooone day

you already know whats bangin so i'll just hop to the minimal problems i've got

mostly: i am unactionable! sometimes feels like theres not enough time to react or you have to put yourself in a bad spot to deal damage (especially for the wood man books)

thats just one thing though everything else and im groovin


I've stepped away from the shorter regular jams for personal reasons, but I'll still be around for the pride jams!

If you want moves with less commitment, use light attacks and dodge-cancel often.


Only complaint to level is that it's not finished yet. Really hitting it out of the park with this one.


great game, cute art, funny dialogues, nice gameplay, good level of challenge.
only one bug encountered: if u spam attacks midair u can get softlocked in a falling animation while u already hit the ground. only getting hit by an enemy sets u free as the getting hurt animation overwrites the falling animation and afterward u got the normal standing animation.
not the prettiest bug to encounter but also not gamebreaking and also not that easy to reproduce. only had it twice during my playthrough (i spammed a lot of attacks midair...)

ez 10/10 game (would be 11/10 if it was finished)
cant wait for the full game


Yep, I got that bug fixed for the next version. It showed up within hours of release and I couldn't figure out what was causing it in time.


was it because of the spamming or just badly timed aerial attacks that were too close to the ground so the animation couldnt go from attack to falling to landing before hitting the ground?


I'm not entirely sure, it was something to do with the conditions for how the "landing" state was being set. The bug ended up disappearing when I was fixing something else entirely at around that part of the code, so now I may never truly know


sometimes it just be that way....
the badly timed aerial too close to the ground makes the most sense for me though.


Awesome game! The presentation is fantastic, and the art is very cute. I must say, the battle transition in particular feels so... professional. The first person dungeon crawling reminds me of early Persona games. All in all it feels like I'd find this game in a list of PS1 hidden gems, and I love hidden gems (I go for PS1 because I'm older, lol).

I must also mention that I love how you mixed 2D sprites with 3D environments. There's a lot of potential there, especially when they are so well blended together like in this case.

The music fits great with the vibe of the game, and the sound effects are pretty sweet.

Finally the combat is fast and satisfying with plenty of enemy variety. That's a lot of sprites!

I'm eager to see how this book returning adventure finishes! I'm rooting for Alice and Patchouli (and Shanghai)!


Oh my gosh, this is so cool. Awesome, amazing, epic, whatever word you wanna use. Where do I start, uhh...

This game plays so awesomely, it's all so freakin' cool! Shanghai controls super fluidly and has a pretty good variety of attacks (and it seems you're planning to add more?). The enemies are interestingly designed, and the ability to jump turns the combat from a button-masher into a really cool game of hid-&-run and reacting to enemy attack animations (at least for me). I played Normal mode this time, just cuz it took a while a grasp on the controls, but I'll be sure to go for Hard once the update comes out. It feels like I've barely scratched the surface of how to play this game, despite reaching the end of the demo and fighting (almost?) all the enemies.

Sure, there were a couple bugs-- one time an encounter started for an enemy that was on the other side of a wall, and one time Shanghai landed on the ground and then just kinda froze up until she was hit by an attack. Sadly, I don't remember exactly where these were.

The dialogue was fun as heck too, in just about every scene. Not too much to say personally, but it's just full of charm and expressiveness and... everything, really.

Visually, musically... oh my gosh. It's just so so good.  The animations, the sprites, the 3d, the fact that the battle maps are just small sections of the dungeon-crawling map, it's just so amazing! I can't even dock points for the unfinished animations-- Shanghai turning into a stick figure is honestly quite cute. Some of the 3d feels slightly blocky, but that may have been intentional, and besides... this is a game maker game! how did you do that!?

In short, 'twas absolutely INSANE how did you do all this mostly BY YOURSELF in a MONTH‽‽‽


Thanks a bunch for playing and enjoying!

Both of those bugs have been squashed for the update I'll be releasing very soon.

This was my first time messing with GameMaker 3D beyond the prototyping stage of a game, so yeah, the world geometry is rather chunky and flat as a result of me still figuring things out.


So good! It’s interesting to see the animation as it’s being finished! I know how tedious it can be to animate things, so great job on getting so much done! I hope to see more from this project soon. The portraits are also precious. (:


This is awesome, some beautiful mechanics and very interesting mazes, I see good potential on a full game, I really appreciate good comedy, so its both enjoyable and very fun to play.


This was a fantastic experience. Shanghai's controls feel really fluid, and the enemy encounters all seem to be different, which really surprises me in a good way. 
The high quality of the 3D and 2D assets, and the SFX and soundtracks... it's just astonishing for a Touhou fan game, even the placeholder Shanghai animations are a delight to look at.

Extremely minor and subjective nitpick: most combat action games I've played (like Castlevania's exploration-based games or MGR:R) ingrained into me the idea of pressing the dodge key during the attack animation (and that makes it fast-paced gameplay) so not being able to dodge-cancel kinda threw me for a loop for the first twenty minutes haha.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing this game completed, good with that!


You can dodge-cancel, though; every attack except for a couple heavies (which are already getting their own dodge-cancels in the next version) can be canceled as early as halfway into their animations. I've already made several action games where you could instantly cancel out of every frame of every attack, so I wanted to try something a little different this time.

So, if you want to dodge more, use light attacks. If you want to stagger enemies more often and do a bit more damage (once you've learned their attack patterns well enough to be able to handle the extra commitment), use heavy attacks. I thought it was fairly standard action game stuff, but with how many people have spoken out about this, I guess I got it wrong. Learning experience for next time, I guess.


My only negative is that I wish there was more to play because this game is absolutely fantastic.


Very good! All the animations in the game were really impressive, considering the time you had to do everything. I'm happy to see a game with Shanghai, too.  She's so cute!

I can't wait to see the rest of the story!


Yo this is amazing!! I love dungeon crawlers but the way you combined that with an ARPG combat system is awesome and and the music and graphics look perfect. It really feels like a forgotten PSP classic. I'd love to help make this a full game, even though i'm only a writing person lol. I really hope you continue it! Be proud, this feels like a gem!


So, it took me a bit to recognize your username, but, funny coincidence; I have in the past definitely considered hiring you for a future project at some point. This game was sort of like a practice round for that project, but I'm not sure if I'll ever end up with the budget to like, hire people, in general. I do respect what I've seen of your writing abilities quite a bit though, so the idea is appealing


tbh I'm pretty solidly still at the point of not being established enough to be paid for my work, so i'm honoured you'd consider giving me money for writing lol! IE If i'm not doing anything else i'll help out for free because I mainly need project experience at this point


I'm not typically one for griddy dungeon crawlers like this, but I found myself very sad the game ended when it did by the time I got to where I needed to go. The presentation is top-notch, the writing is in-character and very engaging, and the gameplay is an absolute dream on a controller (I used an XBox One X controller via USB and it worked a treat.) I cannot wait to see a full game of this.


This is really cool, even if it's a bit unfinished at the time of writing. I'm a sucker for first person tile-based dungeon crawling, and the sprite/polygon mix makes this feel like something that dropped right out of the DS era in a way that I like a lot. There were a couple instances where Shanghai started a battle in a pit or wall and couldn't get out, but other than that playing went smoothly. The only other thing I found myself looking for and not finding as far as design was a full map screen in addition to the minimap (though the maps in the game at the moment are perfectly navigable just from the minmap, checking the map frequently is just a habit I have from other games). Fun game overall, I'll definitely be checking out any updates that come out.


Full map view is definitely something I would like to get working even if the maps are all very small, just as soon as I manage to reverse-engineer my own spaghetti code for the minimap system. Shanghai getting stuck in walls wasn't an issue I was aware of, I'm not sure which encounters that could even happen in but I'll try to set up a failsafe system just to be safe


The game has really solid presentation and charming execution of the world. The etrian odyssey / old smt like dungeon crawler that transitions to real time combat is a really fun concept. My only main gripe is that when you do jumps or start attacks you can be locked into them and forced to commit, which while not inherintly bad can be pretty funky when you are forced into specific angles of movement that you may not have intended and lead to you being placed in front of an attack or off a cliff that feels a bit out of my control. I was playing on hard, so it may have just been the difficulty but it felt like certain books had startups pretty fast when Im locked into an attack already making it seem either really hard or impossible to avoid. Still, 5/5 rating from me overall and I look forward to when it's further finished so I can go back through and play more when the new content drops. Real nice job


That's fair, yeah. I did intend for heavy attacks to be higher commitment options while light attacks are generally safe to use in more situations, but you're right that it probably doesn't work quite as well as I'd wanted it to when factoring in the auto-lockon and bottomless pits. I'll think about including something like a second half-dodge (with less distance and fewer iframes) that can be used in midair after the slower heavies or when you're over a pit, as a compromise so those situations aren't completely out of your control.

The books, on the other hand... to be honest, I just totally forgot to give them the telegraph on their attacks that all the other enemies have, that'd probably help a lot to have, huh? Haha


Knocked it outta tha park. Only thing wrong with this is that there isn't more of it... YET


Aside from the animation lock bug I ran into a few times, the game plays really smooth and the combat is quick and exciting. I really dig the perspective shift for the overhead Star Ocean type combat view. It's a really nice touch. The audio is great and once again, your art style is unparalleled in cuteness and perspective shading. Great stuff!


Fun game! Very well put together.