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i forgot, i can't upload any file until the voting ends (OnO) sorry for the inconvenience, you can use WinRar to extract the game

(OnO) o oh sorry i'll upload a zip file right away

( OwO)/ thanks for playing, i'll be sure to update this game once voting is over

(OWO)/ Thanks for playing!! i'd do one better next time

(OwO)/ thanks for playing the game!!

(OwO)/ heyooo thanks for playing!! yep i will definitely take note

(OwO)/ Thanks for playing

( >w<)/ thanks for playing!!  i was planning that too

i was originally going to make a flailing ragdoll and intentionally bump him to walls ( o n o ) but ragdoll just breaks
(OwO)/ also thanks for playing !!! i'll do my best next time

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(OwO)/ thanks for playing!! i forgot that one

(OWO) awesome!!!! i like the "surprise out of control" literally the controller is out on the screen lmao! (>w<)b well done i gib 9/10

(OwO) i like the cutesy models, gameplay is nice too. Good Job guys (OwO)b

(OwO) i like the cutesy models, gameplay is nice too. Good Job guys (OwO)b

its ok (OWO)b good job you guys

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(OwO) cutesy graphics, its abit of a twist to helltaker, quite nice to re concept the game (OwO)b, but i find it abit hard you get sent to main screen if you fail to get a maiden, i gib 7/10 good job you guys (OWO)b

(OAO) TOUHOU SOULS!!!!! AAAAAAA!!! (OWO) so far i enjoyed the game, tho i kinda want [esc] to be ingame menu (=w=)b, i gib 7/10.

VN is not my cup of tea (OwO) but i still liked the challenge for PatchyXMarisa 7/10, I still stand for AliceXMarisa

i'm definitely a new VN gamer (UwU) but this one is short and nice, although its a bit hard for me to win over Patchy  (=w=), awesome music (OwO)b, cute and lovely graphic, however i still stand for AliceXMarisa, i gib 7/10 (OwO)b


beat-em-up and shoot-em-up COMBO (OWO) awesome games as always. (=w=) recently learned there is this rating page actually... sorry.  I GIB 10/10 surprise AliceXUtsuho

(OWO) Just finished the game!! i liked the gameplay plus cute character redesigns. I'm a fan of Alice X Marisa, but its a quite surprise (and i do love surprises) Alice X Utsuho pairing (OAO)!!! 

also thanks for:

  • generic controller compatibility
  • action-arcade-beat-em-up gameplay (OWO) i love those
  • music is awesome too Neo-Gensokyo theme
  • game modes (OAO), didn't finish Lunatic btw am baby ( UwU)

i give 10/10 ( OwO)b good job you guys