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The Dark Souls of Touhou Fan Games
Submitted by noeticnightjar (@Rakaasac), Brogrammist (@Brogrammist) — 17 minutes, 23 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Narrative / Writing#113.7313.731
Use of LGBT Themes#163.5383.538

Ranked from 26 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
noeticnightjar, Brogrammist

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Ahhh. Just Yuuka doing Yuuka things.

And again with my potato PC. Thanks to this antique computing box I had to go through a 15 FPS experience. That didn't turn me away because the moment I saw Yuuka can FLY and fight and dodge flying I had to see it to the end. The fangames where characters actually fly and shoot danmaku in 3D are surprisingly relatively scarce (from what I've seen). So that was what impressed me the most: that this system actually works (and is charming in its way).

The bugs just happen though. There aren't many but the one where Yuuka just becomes stiched to the ground, becoming slow and incapable of flying and dashing, and the respawn not working, are particularly devastating.

What I enjoyed the most was definitely the boss fights. The boss music is awesome, and the patterns of the bosses look really good (and any boss not named "Hyper Fairy" had their usual spell quite faithfully recreated too! (at least to me)).

And the idea of talking to cardboard cutouts is just really funny but still not out of place since it's the Dream World, right? What really sold it for me is Yuuka's animations. When she moves on ground, uses an item, flies, parries, and pours herself a cup of tea and sips it while doing a little fancy leaning spin while dodging bullets.

I wonder if I'll see another Touhou fangame like this, or even a version with more content...


Hey thanks for playing! Sorry for your initial subpar experience, we hope to release a post-jam version of the game in about a week or so. It’ll have substantially optimized performance, squashed bugs, additional content and redesigned bosses!


We need MORE.

This is exactly what I was looking for when I saw that this souls like, but with danmaku, probably making it harder should do the trick to make people think its really a souls game.

Very short, but amazing concept, cardboard figures were funny, probably a time limiter on the flight could make things more "interesting".

Never knew what was the umbrella for, I guess it could erase bullets, but I expected her to open it to be a shield or something like that.


girls are preparing optimization/difficulty increase/Yukari update please wait warmly

Successfully parrying a bullet with the umbrella does give Yuuka a (small/spherical) shield for a short time, that's likely to be getting a second look as well though. 

Oh, I get it now, it didn't sound that necessary ingame, but seems important : D

Thanks for the reply


I like the visuals of this a lot. However, my computer seems to try and run it at superspeed, so I cannot play properly

(3 edits) (+1)

Very cute relaxing game. Loved the 3d gameplay and had a lot of fun playing it., even through some bugs.  And the ESC key exiting the game instead of pausing like most game. My main issue was that lot of the danmaku was difficult to dodge, not because of patterns, but because it all looked the same size and shape, with no depth of feild or any way to tell if something was below or above or close or near, especially in the Doremy fight.  And the camera clipping into my head was also making it difficult.
But so much fun just flying through the air dodging bullets.


Okay, so, this was fun and interesting.

I felt it had more taken from Nier Automata than Dark Souls. The only thing I could say I recognized as actually Dark Souls was the aesthetic and atmosphere. Well, maybe the crazy damage you recieve.

I was sure that you guys must have played Automata when I saw the pattern on the second bosses second phase. It was a neat reference.

It felt more like Automata with Free-form Air combat, sans melee combat sadly.
I could not hit anything with that melee attack you have. Bullets are way to tightly for melee anyways.
I kinda wished you went full automata and added melee combat that could destroy some bullets. Would've made the game play better in my opion. Oh well.
I actually like the idea of a 3D Bullet Hell game like this, but there were clearly some shortcomings. Who knows, maybe I just underrestimated the dodge and resorted to circle strafing in the air because I was dumb.

Sadly I could not really finish it I think. The game glitched out multiple times on me, first with Yuuka's walking animation breaking, then with a cutscene triggering again after dying on the fairy boss and lastly with whatever I had to do after the third Bossfight not happening. I don't know if that was because time crunch or because the game broke. Oh, also, 11 FPS on average is not great.


This is probably the game I was most interested in playing, but I couldn't really at all. Framerates were really bad for me even on low resolution and the camera sensitivity is out of control




Gameplay is quite okay. It has tight controls especially the dodge roll. the are isn't pretty amazing but I like the lighting and shader effect . It does give that old PS2 style retro 2D which is a style on it's own. The writing has a lot of humor. There are some technical issues with this game but it doesn't hurt the overall experience that much, if nothing it makes it more laughable aside from the story. I give it a (7/10).  (10/10) when you added praise the sun!

Submitted (2 edits)

I really enjoyed playing this! I'm a huge Souls/Borne fan.

The flying mechanic is really good and interesting, great use for it. My only issue with it is when you exit out of the state it stops the player's Z movement if you pressing W or S while exiting the state, maybe this is intentional? Projectiles are good, particle effects need to be a tad slower it's hard to look at. 

Other than that wow color me impressed. I had a lot of fun. Boss fights were awesome, especially Hyper Fairy. That was sure hype lol


Hey, thanks for playing Joshlynn!

To address your feedback, the flying/walking movement transition is intentional, but we’ll look at it again to see whether it helps/hinders the overall experience. Also, which particle effects specifically did you think were hard to look at?


my apologies I didn't specify. The projectiles that the player fires off.

(OAO) TOUHOU SOULS!!!!! AAAAAAA!!! (OWO) so far i enjoyed the game, tho i kinda want [esc] to be ingame menu (=w=)b, i gib 7/10.


Flowers die once. And permanently. :(