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Marisa Kirisame dreams of a harem of youkai girls.
Submitted by Aeon (@fire_land_dev) — 2 minutes, 59 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Narrative / Writing#153.4213.421
Use of LGBT Themes#173.5263.526

Ranked from 38 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team Members
Aeon, Yunevii

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Harem Mode Marisa! Rings a bell?

Short game but everything works fine. Simple mechanics, good balance, nice sound effects (and soundtrack), and well done portraits.

And even Eiki couldn't stop her.

It has potential to become a full game.

Never played helltaker before, but I guess I understad how its gameplay works now xD

Its fun to think Marisa wants a harem and treasures and she's getting them quite easily .


getting hit is cringe

I will carry these words through the rest of my life


I have yet to touch Helltaker. But this is very nice


Puzzle design isn’t bad at all (you can cheese the 3rd level by moving before the fairies start shooting lol) and the music is great. Helltaker’s mechanics work well as a base here and the Mini-Hakkero add an interesting twist.

Also lesbian harem makes me happy


the problem with helltaker is that's it's too straight. solution? fantasytaker


my thoughts exactly


I like the music and the art a lot, but I found the gameplay to be a bit frustrating.
Like, I managed to figure out how to do a puzzle, but it was somehow not 'good' enough.  Having a few extra moves you can take before you just loose would've helped.
I also didn't understand that there was a selection I had to make in the dialogue. 
It feels like the bossfight is unfair, since I sometimes just get hit without even touching anything.
I don't know if I will ever finish this.
However, I do like the blunt and funny nature of the dialogue. Just my style.


i was trying to copy helltaker's thing of "only can use the exact correct solution to the puzzle" but since its a jam yeah i probably should have had some leniency with all the puzzles like i did with the last two. boss is a bit funky likely due to the fact that bullets still hurt you for a short bit while they are despawning, oops

anyway, thanks for playing!

In my opinion I would see it as room for optimization. Like there is a good answer, but then there is the better, and best answer.

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(OwO) cutesy graphics, its abit of a twist to helltaker, quite nice to re concept the game (OwO)b, but i find it abit hard you get sent to main screen if you fail to get a maiden, i gib 7/10 good job you guys (OWO)b


many thanks, i didn't want to do the whole game reset upon dialogue failure at first but iiiiii ran out of time and thought "puzzles are fast to get through whatever" but i probably shoulda fixed it

its ok (OWO)b good job you guys


Anything Helltaker gets my attention and this was a pretty fun and challenging game!

It was a little frustrating how picking the wrong choice in a conversation would send you back to the start of the game, but it only happens twice so it's not a big deal. Also I don't know if I'm the only one who thought this, but being restricted to grid movement while the final boss' projectiles aren't is a little annoying as it can be hard to dodge certain bullets. 

But that being said, I really enjoyed the Hakkero mechanic, it really helped set this game apart from Helltaker, and added a new layer of planning and thinking. The cutscene art is pretty good too!


thanks for playing! making the puzzles with the hakkero was 100% the most fun so im glad it was cool to play. boss was kinda thrown together and i kinda wish i at least put a grid down on the map so you could easily tell where things were, but jam time limits, ya know?

Developer (1 edit)

hello hello if anyone is playing and having trouble: check back here in a bit, i'm gonna make a short guide because it is a bit tough and i didnt include a level skip

edit: here it is