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An RPG/VN with Reimu and Marisa playing an RPG with Kosuzu who's playing love counselor and GM for the two.
Submitted by Jacoder23 (@jacoder234) — 12 minutes, 15 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Narrative / Writing#84.0404.120
Use of LGBT Themes#113.9224.000

Ranked from 25 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nothing better than forced close contact to solve distance, ey Kosuzu?

And this is what I liked most in this game. The whole thing is well written. So much that it's easy to believe it's happening. Reimu and Marisa making up, that is.

There wasn't enough content to really explore the game's options and mechanics. Not enough "ordinary game content" that is.

The artstyle is huh. Terrifying. One does not live used to persons morbidly looking like an emptied pale cadaver. I wonder why... Why this artstyle was chosen that is.

But the audio was a real delight! And there are even sounds incorporated in the game! And what's this banger of a theme I'm hear-


(Kosusans really isn't difficult once I figured out it's not "Only one spell per battle" but rather "Spells are usable once per battle". My bad. For misunderstanding this rule that is.)


I think I didn't catch the reference of the art style, it just looks creepy to me xD.

The tutorial, is quite cryptic, didn't undertand how to attack the fairy at all, the rest of the gameplay seems a decent VN, but the title is misleading to think this is full rpg (not your fault xD).

I think some of the fonts are a little hard to read, specially on the combat menu, not a big problem, but it ends getting my sight tired xD

Story is ok, but I really hoped there was some attachement on the "game", I really was hoping to start a real incident, predict the future, or anything, its basic at last, but could have more depth within.


If the font hurts your eyes then press A (you can change the font so something easier), I put that in the description! Unfortunately, the story had to be written very quickly. I’ll be expanding on the game after the jam is done, and will be working on increasing the scope on that for a while.

Ohh, sorry, I hurried to read the description, so I did't catch up with that.

Thanks for the reply.


Now that I've played it... I'd say I like the idea but I wish there was more to it.
It's very short and the characters and story ideas seem underdeveloped to me. Reimu and Marisa get the most screentime and development (as they should), but any other character that is mentioned (which are a lot, quite frankly) feel a bit tacked on. I just wish there was more characterization and worldbuilding going on. There is some good potential in this, it's just not fully realized.
It feels like the script got the short end of the stick, which is a little sad in a game that is supposed to be story focused (or at least I think the game is supposed to be story focused?). I see some fun potential in a story that revolves around characters playing a tabletop RPG.
That being said, I'm fairly impressed you pulled this off in Renpy, so on a technical level this is pretty good.
I hope (if you plan on continueing work on this) that the game comes out really well at the end. Good luck for that.


What carried the game for me was the writing. Even though it's pretty obvious it wasn't meant to be taken seriously. Not sure what spurred the character design decisions here but... it works for me. Also, I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment. Kosuzu IS best girl.


Very cool, the visuals are pretty unique, yet they remind me of something I can't quite place. I like the popup boxes and stuff, gotta learn how to make those myself cuz they're cool


It is very short but the story is interesting and the visuals look good. The thing I would wish the game had is narrative related enemy encounters. It is a neat game plus the guy made a turn based combat system in RenPy so give him some credits. Just don't play beyond the game wants you too or you are going to have a BAD TIME. Don't say I din't warn ya. 


not gonna lie, thought this was a horror game at first given the big black eyes everyone has

Making a Ren'Py RPG? interesting concept, don't play a lot of VNs so it's an interesting concept to include for a jam game. Regardless of my previous comments, I actually really like the art direction the game has now that I've played it. The writing is extremely good, I love the way the characters are captured and how the story isn't spelled out for the player. You might want to disable through the history while going through the battle sequences as it's possible to cheese a bit that way, although I think doing so also made Ren'Py break a bit.


Hats off to you for not only one of the best titles, but also managing to make a battle system in Renpy. The writing was also really funny, with some excellent teases at the end.


Okay NOW THAT IT'S FIXED oh my GOD that ending was too perfect. I loved it. I can't wait for the full version. The only thing I still didn't quite vibe with was the way the characters' eyes looked, since it's solid black it looks like they're spooky holes in their skulls, but you do eventually get used to it.


It's a cute idea and I sorta like it, but I can't seem to make any progress beyond meeting Reisen.
I'll check in later and see if the game is fixed.


And I oop- alright, I'm gonna upload a fixed version. Thanks for letting me know!


This is my OTP, and I really want to like this, but it doesn't seem to work. After every battle it keeps sending me back to the beginning of the game, and if I try to go to Hakurei Shrine at any point, it resets the Reisen conversation and acts like I haven't chased after her yet. Also, the enemy generation seems really random, so you can sometimes get so many enemies with healing powers that you can't beat them even if you use both spellcards.

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Oof, I messed up a single line that brings you back to the beginning instead of the village. Let me make a post-jam fix real quick.

Edit: Yup, it was just one line. The fixed version is up.

Also, most early spellcards won't be very effective against groups with multiple enemies with healing, at least if you use them while the enemies haven't used their spellcards yet. I'll put up a little strategy guide later when I have the time, but for now try to hold back on the spellcards before you take out the Lotus Flowers first!