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Indeed, I’d love to work on this if the source code were to be released. I’m really itching to see it get web support.

Nope that was Twine. I just decided to be adventurous this time around.

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I’ll have to expound on this later (maybe do a devlog) but I’m using the Calico engine. It’s Inkle’s Ink programming language with bells, whistles, and a whole lot of customization for the web. I’ve done quite a lot of modifications using the patch system.

It’s been suffering because of the lacking documentation (much more so for InkJs which Calico is built on than Calico). Which means that I’ve been writing in JS to supplement the engine and give me access to things that I really should have easily like: a function to tell if a knot (equivalent to a scene in Unity) has been visited and changing list values from JS (bools, strings, and others work fine but lists are actually demented JS maps with a different name which took far, far too long to figure out).

It’s been torturous fighting JavaScript’s wonky ass dynamic type checking and has required making a lot of helper functions and hacked-together parser things to make it all work.

Other than that, I’m using this website for converting stock photos and the like and Aseprite for polishing it up. I’ve not started on audio though I have some packs on my computer I’ll probably use like the GDC Soniss audio pack. Oh and VS Code for the writing and programming.

I’ve got a basic concept story-wise, a weird art style, and perhaps a few too many mechanics already implemented but it’s going pretty well! There should still be enough time to get it all together into a cohesive game-like thing.

I’m doing a fuckin paper on medieval philosophy, lorem ipsum

I’ll be ready to do copyright infringement in like 3 days ish

aeon what the fuck

you better put this on archiveofourown or kindle so I can buy it

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Oooooooh well when I had to spoiler something for a review before I just linked to an image/text with the spoiler. Should do the trick.

And yes you appear to have stumbled onto a glitch! Welp, that’s not great. I’ll check the code and see if I can get a patch out since well, that is supposed to work.

I think you should be listening to the song while playing the game really. It’s really core to the story. Mute the piano music I just didn’t use the song because I lacked the rights.

EDIT: Patch is out, should be fixed.

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Which of Youmu’s arguments were you on? That flashback does work on a later argument. If it doesn’t though you might have stumbled into a glitch.

I’ll be putting out a spoilered walkthrough later with exact solutions, sorry to hear about that! Glad you at least enjoyed it until that point.

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holy shit meme aa

Feels like a Newgrounds classic that’d I probably played when I was 9. The game’s quite polished for 3 days and it’s definitely great stressful fun.

Also I need fullscreen pls, I keep clicking off the side of the window

Neat concept. The art is all gorgeous and the scenario and the world building is quite charming. I do wish it kept track of previous recipes but it’s understandable given the time and it’s still a real treat of a game.

holy shit blons td touhou

Pretty fun from what I’ve played so far, definitely reminds me the ultimate crosspathing mod in BTD6. Not much to say except that it’s pretty big scope to do in 3 days and it’s fun really. I do love me some tower defense games

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The animations are just too damn cute, I love the visual style of this game. It’s got an fun control scheme that lends itself to the kind of multitasking in this game with Youmu and her ghost half. I’ve seen similar controls before (I even did a jam game with something like it) but the fact its in a puzzle game makes me realize it’s got more potential than just top-down action.

The game’s also real hard, lol. I think you know that from all the times the game told me to git gud.

A nice simple idea executed well. I will say that I think Suika deserves at least a few extra ways to disguise herself (her feet are a dead giveaway) but other than that I think you’ve made a pretty fun concept! The controls are interesting too and it all adds up to a charming little game.

Fun concept. Struggled a bit with figuring out Reimu’s whole AI but this is definitely something that could be expanded into a very interesting game. Still fun as it is now though.

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The atmosphere is quite intense in a good way. While I’m a little sad the endings didn’t get expanded on more, I do like the variety. The effect of Remilia’s power over the game is quite interesting and I think the concept of the choices you didn’t make mattering is very unique.

I think this probably deserves to win Concept on that alone.

Played the jam version rather than the newest one but I had fun! This definitely seems like a great concept and in practice it made for a fun match as I was learning strategies on the fly. I might have biases towards games related to PvZ but I do think this is remarkable, especially given it has online multiplayer.

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I have no words

2spooky out of 2spooky

Edit: Aeon, I’m sorry cause I assumed this was just the first dialogue because I kept hitting space. Gonna actually go through this and give it a real review

Edit edit: Pretty interesting story actually. It’s nice to see Yumemi in the Outside World and see how her magic studies were reacted to. I’m glad she’s not too let down after losing her position either.


Thank you. I appreciate the corrections.

OOP I just checked Vimi’s video.

Looks really nice! I’m trying it with my own project right now and I need to ask if anyone has implemented side images/character icons in the system? If not, I might have to give it a shot.

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Were you playing the rhythm game in windowed or at a non-1080p 16:9 resolution? That’s a bug that’s been fixed but wasn’t a part of the last published build.

Otherwise, you probably ran into a new bug unfortunately.

Edit: We apparently never built the game with the fix, a new version should be up in a bit.

The game was to be submitted late to the jam but due to personal reasons this page was published as a preview instead.

Probably not unfortunately. My own personal life has gotten in the way of the game’s development I’m afraid.

Ah well that’s good to know. The karaoke scene only works in fullscreen 1080p right now unfortunately.

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Fairly sure that you ran into a known glitch with the karaoke part. Were you playing in windowed mode or at a resolution other than 1080p, 16:9?

Ah no, it’s an option for late submissions for this jam. Jammers submit their game’s page restricted then unrestrict them once they’ve uploaded the game.

Ah sorry, the game’s tutorial is lacking right now but the orange bars are the enemy’s beats meaning you shouldn’t need to do anything on those beats! (if nothing is happening still though that’s probably a bug)

Thank you very much for the detailed feedback! A lot of the unpolished things came down to development pacing being a bit all over the place, haha.

We’ll be putting out a few updates soon to address what you’ve brought up, so again, thank you for the feedback. I think this might be the best, most actionable feedback I’ve gotten on a game period lol.



dreams fulfilled, showcase video (watched my part gonna watch the other games later, probably the ones I couldn’t complete myself)

Ayy, OST is going up probably same day as end of jam

About the extra stage bug, if you used the newest version that should, maybe, might be gone (I hope). If you found something new or different to the bug that keeps coming back in the comments below though lemme know

Thanks! I should probably ask the artist for Hakkero about that actually…

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so the villain basically gave a whole lot of people in Gensokyo link to some rando google images to hide SPOILERS

first legitimately evil touhou antagonist damn

Also suuuuuuuuuuper glad you made the characters (sort of spoiler-s? so I could (last image spoiler thing I swear)

Lovely little game, looking forward to seeing it expanded upon if it ever does.

I legitimately laughed.


Absolutely stellar presentation and it’s always a delight to see a game made for a retro console. I absolutely suck at playing bullet hells with a gamepad so lemme see if I’ll get a better score when I play with my keyboard.

I uhh touched the other floating head

(Not a full review but gonna try this again later in hopes of finishing it)

Damn I’m supposed to be good with my fingers

Stuck in the 900s and I think it is as it says on the package. A lot of keyboard-mashing with a fun premise and presentation.

Not a full review or anything but I need to ask if doing one of those advanced jumps is supposed to be easier going left than right? I swear it’s not all in my head:

(I even broke out those keyboard visualizer thingies just because I wasn’t sure myself if I was just messing up the inputs or something)

Thus far into the game, I’ve enjoyed the art and the intro scene was top notch but I’m just stuck on this bit where I think I can make the gap if I managed to do those advanced jumps but to the right but just can’t for whatever reason.

Still seems like a lot of fun though (I love Mario-style platformers, I played the entirety of Super Mario Bros. with a keyboard!).

I gave my thoughts on this before but hot damn

  • On-point atmosphere
  • Interesting mechanic woven deeply with the narrative
  • very gay

While last I saw it, it needed some editing I think it’s astounding that you wrote around a mechanic so well and still had time to polish the FEELS to boot. This might be the best game I’ve seen from this jam when it comes to incorporating its main mechanic in its story, great-ass job and keep the MariAli fans fed.