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Create databases for games. Without spreadsheets. · By radmatt

Is this still supported or has it been abandoned?

A topic by EDslashEM created Aug 13, 2022 Views: 548 Replies: 5
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It's been around a year and a half with no updates or development logs. I hope this tool won't be abandoned as it's a really useful thing for development and organization of lots of projects not just game development. Can we get some type of update to know whether or not we will se more updates in the future?

Well, If I don't see anything then I guess this app is no go. The one negative review on steam is complaining for exactly the feature I'm missing, the reason I won't buy.

Very sad. I'm the type of developer that loves to have everything documented and organized in one place :( . An okay alternative is Notion but this was special for being an offline fully self contained database tool. As far as I know it's one of a kind


Yep, it’s a shame. I really liked this app, and had lots of potential.

AFAIK it’s developed using Godot, and I’m sure I could fix some of the bugs myself. But, alas, it’s not open source.

Perhaps we could rally together to ask for the source code to be released?

Indeed, I’d love to work on this if the source code were to be released. I’m really itching to see it get web support.


I don't know enough about coding to contribute, but I would still love to see the source code released to the community. It would be a shame to let such a valuable tool with so much potential die a quiet death.