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Well, If I don't see anything then I guess this app is no go. The one negative review on steam is complaining for exactly the feature I'm missing, the reason I won't buy.

I can agree with this. I cut too much at the end, so yes. Jam game.

 I was walking around and that was it, nothing was happening. (now you see the reason why I filled mine with button prompts)

I only found the exe in that and I already found a few broken ones.

Yeah, jamgame.

that's the platform.

Use physical keys instead of normal ones, those should know what you mean.

it's not really difficult, it only has infuriating controls.

Do I actually grow from the bubbles?

I do not know how to play it, there does not seem to be any inputs.

I honestly have no clue on what is happening.

The windows download is marked as everything.

You have my respect for writing in in htlm/css/js.

The camera not zooming out with you as you grow makes it uncomfortable.

I can not see the entire screen. fullscreen mode makes it worse.

Which asset kit is this?

Too many holes in the ground, that are also not predictable. I feel through in a spot where I walked before.

Why zqsd?

What is happening?

No idea what to do.

A good game, only the hitboxes are infuriating I get hit when I think I'm not that close, or fail to hit when 'Id think I could hit them.

The usual "I can't play because I have to twist my arms around" kind of deal, but good.

I have the opposite experience: every enemy I face is stronger than what I can actually take on, so it's a streak of instant deaths.

Nice little platformer, with an interesting twist.

A nice little idler.

Theme well done, controls confusing, and the camera is nauseating :/

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The gameplay is fun, can be worth extending.

Also looks good with these assets.

One of those were I can not really play it because you used the arrow keys. (I'm used to wasd, and I reconfigure everything for that)

Which kit did you use?

These kind of games are better when made fancy, as the eye candy is a significant portion of the fun.

The tree has a marker at it's bottom, and yeah It has an degree of corner cutting to get it out (:

you forgot to enable the http support on the page, the zip on it's own does nothing. You have to check the box on the zip that it works in the browser.

To me the audio is only on the right side for me, but feels good to play.

Really nice, really well done.

The keg supposed to use 3 actions or not? It is quite busted (and boring) the way it is now, just infinite healing and a damage.

I know exactly where, I thought I fixed it.

My goal was to see how far I can push that, because I usually skip a lot of polish. So this time I mostly started with that, after getting some ideas.
Normally that would be bad idea, but for a jam, I did not care.

I had no time to check that, reverse/break is mapped to space ':)

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I'm looking at a few options, because this one has a personality that you don't really see anywhere. Like you see things that are close, but not like this.  But, if it goes as well as the rest then.

The only context you have now, is that if you look around in the first room, there are some stairs that I blocked off. You fell down there, and got stuck.

And yes you die, because your "health" is the same energy that powers the weapons, so you "shot yourself".