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You're a very unpleasant person. 

Are these and the other, Monochromatic packs not included in the collection? 

Just wanted to say these are adorable and your work is great! 

I'm having an issue with the common event not running properly in battle, Is it not compatible to be used in battle? It gets to this point in the picture and responds to the ok being pressed by showing the ok button moving but the bar doesn't react at all and it stays stuck here.

It seems like it is abandoned unfortunately :(

That's okay! I understand, I hope to see more of your great work in the future :)

I am working on a strategy rpg similar in to design to Fire Emblem and was wondering if you would be interested in creating character map sprites like this and how much you would charge? And potentially in the future, Attack sprites in a similar size and  style to your Dark Fantasy asset pack!

Hi, I love your style and work, and would like to know if you're available for commission? 

Tyvm! (:

Having an issue where after viewing an image or multiple images when going back the program will randomly select a handful of other pictures on it's own and I have to manually unselect them if I'm not interested in viewing them,

I don't know enough about coding to contribute, but I would still love to see the source code released to the community. It would be a shame to let such a valuable tool with so much potential die a quiet death.

Loved it. Very addictive and very satisfying. Would love to see more. Someone mentioned a Switch release, I think that would be quite fun!

Hi! Thank you for the free high quality content! I have one small request, if it's not too much to ask would you mind making an archive of all the music to download? Just to save time over downloading 1 by 1. :)

Very sad. I'm the type of developer that loves to have everything documented and organized in one place :( . An okay alternative is Notion but this was special for being an offline fully self contained database tool. As far as I know it's one of a kind

It's been around a year and a half with no updates or development logs. I hope this tool won't be abandoned as it's a really useful thing for development and organization of lots of projects not just game development. Can we get some type of update to know whether or not we will se more updates in the future?

The text was completely hand done by me, so no font unfortunately. O: 

I tried to make them as universal as possible so there isn't any specific IDE I had in mind, so in any image editing program or any IDE that's capable of it, remove the background and you should be able slice the individual images to make use of them! 

I'm not sure I haven't really done too much experimenting with Unity, I wouldn't know where to start. Sorry!~

It's not formatted for unity specifically but you can use them in unity with some modifying! I'll also update the first pack when I get some free time! :) 

You're very welcome.

Hit the button in the top right of the website to open the drop down menu. Click "My Library" When you get there on the left side hit "My Purchases" at the top of your purchases list you should see the option to select "Bundles" Click that and select the racial equality bundle from the list of bundles you've purchased. A very big list of items in the bundle you own will be there and you can search for this asset specifically in the search bar on the right. 

Sure thing!

Updated! No background versions should be available :)

Fixed it, though i'm not sure it was the biggest issue? Lol Thank for the heads up though.

I did all the text by hand actually, no font used.

Sure, I'll see if I can squeeze in some time to make a couple of matching fonts! It may take some time though!

The normal image is 640x480. There's a scaled up version that is double that. A pyxel file is also included if you have pyxeledit to change size as you'd like.