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Thank you!

Since I was working with borrowed assets I wanted their use to be limited, but this Jam has kinda inspired me to look into learning to make a VN in case I ever do learn to draw/work with an artist

Thank you for the comment!

Yeah I see Reisen/Kaguya in the Japanese fandom from time to time (though still not as popular as Reisen/Eirin or Kaguya/Mokou) but as far as the the english-speaking fandom goes I've only seen it in a couple of fics, I don't really remember why I started liking it but it's been my favorite Eientei based ship for a while. 

I wanted to write Sumireko and Hatate interactions since they have some similar motifs and it ended up being Hatate engaging in a lot of "teenage girl" things that Sumireko thinks she's too good for lol

I really liked this setting and I thought the Reisen and Mokou banter was really fun so I didn't mind the length of that segment. For whatever reason I had to use winrar instead of 7zip to extract the files but I don't know if that was just a problem with my computer/version of 7zip

This was so lovely! And extremely impressive that a vn of this length was made in such a short timeframe with such detailed art as well. Well put together story and beautiful artwork. I also like how explicit the LGBT themes were

I still haven't completed it yet since its very tricky  but I think I found both "confession topics" but still have trouble finding the actual confession window. Patchy is formidable indeed. I definitely want to come back to this and try to beat it once I go through some other submissions!