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The ceiling fan blades have their own shadows. 10/10

I bought this a few months back and would like to use the Shield animation shown in the picture, but I don't see it in the folder. Can you add the Shield animation? 

These look slick! Thank you

This was so cute and I love seeing Jade discover themselves. Major egg-energy and/or femme energy. The work you put into make the dialog and the super funny miniature cutscenes for selfie uploads is fantastic. I love it!

Aside from the animation lock bug I ran into a few times, the game plays really smooth and the combat is quick and exciting. I really dig the perspective shift for the overhead Star Ocean type combat view. It's a really nice touch. The audio is great and once again, your art style is unparalleled in cuteness and perspective shading. Great stuff!

I'm experiencing a bug where the character gets stuck in an attack animation and can't get out of it until an enemy hits them and forces knockback. I'll post a video link in the bug report. 

Cool! I appreciate the reply. Looking forward to it!

The words that show up in green and red text can sometimes be BEHIND the rest of the GUI and make it impossible to know what criteria is for the puzzle.

This is amazing. Nice work! I bought Crocotile 3D like 2 years ago, but I still have no idea what I'm doing when I use it. Seeing stuff this awesome come from that software is always mind blowing. 

Thanks, Karob! It turns out that the way I programmed a few things, it runs at an accelerated pace during certain segments depending on things like the Hz rating of your display and such. I appreciate you checking it out! I'm actually really excited to explore some more options for Touhou Sports related games. Can't decide if I want to go for Touhou Bowling or Touhou  Soccer first. 

Thank you! I had fun recording those bits! 

Thanks, Aeon!
Almost the entire game functions off one very large collection of timers meant to push the game along at a brisk pace. I was going for a sense of brevity with the game because I didn't expect too many folks to have the patience to sit through a lot of dialog or overly complicated animations. I think I was wrong about this though, because I've played (and watched other people play) some rather wordy entries to this jam that take North of 20 minutes to complete. I may have over-done it a bit on the "Let's hurry through the menus and get to button mashing."

The "Flash" game feeling you got from it is pretty much what I had hoped for with this one. I grew up playing some retired web-based games like Candystand Mini-golf and Bowling. You know, things that would require Shockwave player and such.

When the pun of "Touhoumerun" came to me, I pictured a baseball mini-game like those web-based games with lots of replay value. I didn't quite have the time to shove ALL of the replay value I wanted to in it, but I think it turned out to be a fun 5 minute adventure into the mind of a Touhou momentarily knocked senseless because she wouldn't leave Yukari alone!

I've got about 15 titles left to play / rate / comment and then I'll have done them all! The comments are my favorite part. Having conversations about the outcomes of cramming all this work into 4 days is what I like most about the jams. I learn so much from these games.


Thanks for checking it out! I agree, I would like to create a better in-game explanation of the controls before just tossing you into the first "mash repeatedly" mini-game. I'm also exploring options on how I can better tell the introductory story without it feeling like you have to watch a 90 second film every time the game starts.

I'm excited to have received feedback from you and glad you posted your game to Feedback Friday. If anyone other than Flanne sees this message, check out Flanne's page. They have made some solid games - '10 Minutes to Dawn' is great!

Thanks for playing! Rocking the BGM was one of my favorite parts about this jam. I'll upload a QoL build soon that includes the ability to skip the pre-action dialog! Admittedly, it lasts a bit too long for repeated plays to feel as fluid as I would like. Appreciate the feedback! 

Hey Flanne!

I found this game following the feedback friday thread on

It's really solid! Admittedly, I jumped straight into it without looking at videos or screenshots. I was not at all ready for the enemy density! :D 

I love the polish you've got on the game right now. It sounds good, looks good and plays quite well! The power-ups were exciting to sift through and pick strats. I quickly adopted the "shoot faster, shoot more, and have skills that trigger effects every x amount of bullets." It was a pretty solid strat from what I could tell.

The color palette is rad and adds a lot to the mood of the game. Not sure I have too many things that I'd consider criticisms outside of the fact that I, personally, am not the biggest fan of forced low-visibility, but I understand that it's meant to add to the mysticism of your surroundings. 


If you've got time to check out a jam submission I made that's currently in the ratings period, I'd love to hear your thoughts:

Cute and exciting the whole time. I've yet to reach the goal without getting caught, but one of these days I will! Nice work!

A cute story with some interesting character art. While it didn't do much in the way of challenging me as a player, I thought it was well put together. Nice job!

Like most have said, the artstyle and execution of said artstyle is pretty incredible. I like the level design and the way you are using collisions with this unique perspective. The game didn't have much depth considering how quickly you can blaze through it and beat it without much challenge, but it's a surprisingly adorable and fun experience. Nice work!

I'm so bad at this game, but I really liked the concept and the bullet hell portions were appropriately challenging. It was a fun experience and I'm going to come back to it to improve my routine once I've been able to rate more games. Nice job!

<3 Thanks for checking it out! 

The artwork is super cute and I love how nicely the UI and artwork fit together. It's been ages since I've played a point-and-click adventure, but I'm now wishing you'd make more of these. It was adorable and quite true to the genre. Nice job!

I enjoyed it! The combat was fun and the graphics were cool. Doremy's attacks were bananas. Nice job!

It wasn't immediately obvious where I was supposed to get the stamps, but once I figured out the UI, I enjoyed the fun of denying those filthy lying dream souls from getting on my train. Nice work! I'd be interested to see this one fully-fledged out, because I enjoy these types of games. Kudos!

The graphics are super neat and while the reload time is intentionally frustrating, it was fun to see how far I could stretch each magazine with each run. Good stuff!

Thanks for playing it and taking the time to leave a comment! I'm really glad you enjoyed the music and yeah, Sephi's artwork is rad af! FWIW, I'm proud of you for the 300 average yeets, even if Sanae isn't. <3

Super duper appreciate the feedback! We're thankful you gave it a shot and glad you could find some fun in the gameplay and nostalgic elements (which was ultimately something we were shooting for... I personally grew up with an SNES controller in my hand). You're the first to mention the LERP possibilities for the power meter and I think I have to agree with you here. It would be pretty rad if the meter seemed to pull against you a bit and give you the true feeling of "building" power. Much appreciated! Cheers!

Thanks, Congusbongus! I agree with your criticisms of the clarity with mini-game objectives. I wanted to include more instructions, but I couldn't find a great way to keep from cluttering the UI as I was running out of time with the submission deadline. I'm glad you enjoyed the opening! Appreciate you stopping by to play it! <3

Thank you for playing and for the kind words! We appreciate it!

Interesting take on top down style games. I liked the idea of pouncing on the enemies before they get a chance to shoot at you and the "grace period" on the bullets in the beginning is cool. I'm never expecting the burst-shotgun enemies when they show up ! Always surprise me! Nice job

I know it's unfinished, but I'm still impressed that you went for the .gba submission. The artwork that Sephi did for it is super cool. 

I came here for the awesome low poly graphics. I stayed because the bgm goes way too hard!

Thanks for playing and rating! I'm glad you enjoyed it! <3

Right?! It's the combination we've all been waiting for! 
"There are dozens of us!"

The character sprites are nice and the controls felt pretty smooth. Nice job!

The fish are my friends, right?...



Really cute artwork and the levels were pretty challenging! The platforming puzzles were pretty good too! Nice job!

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This is the most fun I've had playing a jam submission this time around. I don't know who I am, what I just witnessed or if I can call myself a God Gamer anymore. This game is ridiculous and charming and I wish I knew what kind of movie Nazrin is making. It sounds awesome. 

Nice job!

This color palette is so good. The music is super chill and the whole vibe of the game is exactly what the title suggested it would be. The polish on this one is great. Nice job!