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I didn't think I would spend so much time on the last puzzle, it felt really good figuring out the answer, amazing game, cute art, nice song and a very good use of the theme! Thanks for the amazing game!

The game is actually pretty fun, I wouldn't understand what each fairy did until I read the description haha but I liked having to avoid enemy vision and knock them out, I wish the enemy vision cone disappeared after they died otherwise great game :)

Short and fun game, voice acting did a really good job at making you feel like you were interacting with the narrator and being so self aware makes it even more compatible with the objective of the game! Also Bark

They were very mad about the fact they weren't invited for the festival

The game looks lovely, even if it's quite simple it tries to picture Mokou's daily cycles in a way that makes you understand how mudane it can be... although I wish I could just use the cup of sake to drink with Kaguya instead of fighting for a change of pace but it's all good! It is amazing that you did that all by yourself during your first Jam!  Hope you had a good time during the Jam, thanks for the cool game!

As a certified Vampire Survivor fan (Not really certified) I can say that I love this game! Allowing us to choose which weapon to use when it's off cooldown is very nice at early game, specially with strong weapons with long cooldown, although past the 8 minute mark it's basically just spamming right click :P. Each character has different base stats and they have very nice and adorable picture, ingame sprites and character selection sprite! Also the enemies also look very cute with some variations. Love the game, really good take on the vampire survivor like games!

What if we made our usual RPG chain delivery quest into a game but with cute graphics, interesting story and lovely dialogues? That is the game, make an usual simple and boring task into a nice experience! Connecting different parts and characters from Gensokyo in some way or another and wraping it up with a great ending! Loved every second of it, thanks for the great game!

I'm really impressed you managed to make a RTS for a game jam! It is a idle one so there is not really a way to lose but it still very fun! The story was very interesting and the OST fits the RTS genre so much! Cute little fairies make everything look adorable. Thanks for the amazing game!

Movement feels great and I love the concept of sprits helping you disarm some traps, which actually makes death not a punishment exactly, song makes me hyped and graphics are cute and full of funny memes... It fits the theme perfectly in a fun way! And oh boy is it hard, it took me a while to beat the final level and... wait there are MULTIPLE endings???

Love it, thanks for making such a fun game.

This game brings a smile to my face, feels nostalgic somehow and also has a simple and fun game mechanic, hope to see more of this in the future!

Keine's smile scares me a little though...

Touhou: Protest in Perspective has a very interesting concept for the plot, even if it's a short experience there are everything a good story should have, conflict, twist, climax... and it allows you to make a choice to get different endings, both have very interesting outcomes, as a Touhou plot enjoyer I approve. The lovely character sprites also help a lot so does the music, love the scenario during the main choice as well.

The theme of immortality is well used in this game, thanks for the amazing experience :)

Neat little game being a VS Danmaku, way more fun with a friend to couch game but it still has the AI to play against if you are lonely, it is kind of hard to see your character while you are shooting big danmaku to dodge properly but otherwise it s cool! Cute art too!

Guess I'm about to play this for the entire evening then hahaha (I'm a really bad cook though...)

Amazing game! The story is very creative and having multiple endings is very nice too! The stages have an awesome song and they are pretty challenging, as a Touhou player I always tried to graze the projectiles but it was very hard due to the hitboxes so it's usually easier to completely avoid the danmaku patterns... Lovely graphics, I didn't manage to get Ending A but the endings I got were very satisfying, even if they made me sad.

I got to 18 stack size, while I was bringing another one to the stack, it all fell apart... tragic... one must imagine Eika happy... Also love the song and the jellyfish movement, adorable graphics and overall very fun

It seems that I'm a terrible cook and I killed Mokou several times, and I guess noodles are toxic or something but jokes aside the game has a very cute artstyle and animations, the ingredient descriptions are funny and the game is very enjoyable... Love it! Also the song and sfx are very good

Glad the items made you feel exactly what we aimed for: Feeling like death is not a bad thing but a resource to advance in the game! Thanks for the honest review!

This game is amazing, reminds me of Yume Nikki but with goofy but interesting dialogues, the OST makes it all feel like a fever dream until you get your first items to help the game go forward. I love the artstyle and the story, also it's so funny how obsessed with Wario Patchouli is...

Gosh I don't know what I expected but it wasn't a Yume Nikki inspired game with Patchouli identify herself as Wario, this is too good!

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Very short game but it fits the theme perfectly, there are some grammar mistakes but it has a lot of potential, I kind of wish there was more than two ways of losing health. Was a fun experience and the song and art is great too!

Another game based on a funny idea, it is very cool even with the simple gameplay, the song and the visual keep you going, also fits the theme perfectly!

Ngl it kind of scared me when it happened! Great game, great twist and the song and visual are cute and amazing too! Also amongus

This games rules, was a very good experience! Sometimes the song starts playing twice (like at the same time) not sure why

Fun concept based on a funny joke makes a fun game! The puzzles are interesting and I love the barking when the snail starts running due to it being Aunn somehow hahaha The dialogues are bugged on the web version so I couldn't read much of it but overall great experience

The game has a very interesting story, with some cool dialogues and very simple graphic. I enjoyed my experience with it and it fits the theme of immortality perfectly!

You like drawing? You like danmaku? Well I got the right game for you! Jokes apart I loved this game!

Loved the game! Very interesting concept, to be honest I have no idea how you guys pulled that out! I didn't quite understand the health system/condition to lose and that made me confused... and the lack of highscore is a bit sad but it doesn't matter that much for a Jam. Song was very nice and the art looks charming. Great game 8/10

I died this much before reaching the end, that's a lot of years, isn't it? Maybe for us, but for Hieda it was probably worth the journey... Feel free to share yours  too!

Fun game and the ending was very nice!

We fixed most of the bugs already, but we plan to launch the version with fixed bugs and improved visuals after the Jam ratings! Thanks for the feedback!

We weren't satisfied with the obstacles as well, we tried to make the background move as well but weren't able to do it in time, we plan to make it look better in a future update! Thanks for the feedback I'm glad you liked it!

Wow, that's the highest score I have seen for the cooking game! Congratz!

How could I ever refuse to give Reimu a pie when she looks at me like this...

We didn't have anyone working with audio on our team so we tried to use sound effects to have some audio experience, we will try our best to deliver a game with full audio experience next time!
Rinnosuke is supposed to be unlocked only after getting 2000 score in Dress-Up Jorge, we will look into it thanks for the feedback!

It is a known bug that will be fixed after the Jam, you have to buy snowboard item (Mochi) first to avoid it.... I will write that down in the page thanks for reminding me! The only way to fix it is by updating the page and trying again... But thanks for the feedback, hopefully you will be able to complete the game with no issues next time!

I love everything about it, the visuals look charming, the song is pretty cool and the enemies gives me nightmare!

Cool concept, amazing visual, I did have a hard time but I might have skill issues...

This game is pretty rad, I love the animations, I had a hard time figuring out how to do tricks but when I got the hang of it I was pretty satisfied! I was defeated by Cirno but I had fun

It is quite challenging and has an amazing song, I didn't manage to beat it on lunatic but just listening to the song made my experience worth! Love it!