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GMTK Jam 2019 submission (48h)
Submitted by ItsMaS — 7 hours, 37 minutes before the deadline
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Adherence to the Theme#5004.1224.122

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Brutal indeed! Probably could use 1-2 even simpler introduction levels in the beginning, to familiarize with the controls. Any maybe even an "easy mode", where you respawn at your last position rather than restart the level. Even though that can become tricky with moving obstacles involved... Presentation is minimal, but spot on! Really like the sound and particle effect of the death animation and the gradient on the tail the ball is dragging behind it. Further plus: immediate restarts, both with "R" and "space".


Nice idea with a lot of potential on mobile , but the game is too hard for me.

Overall ,nice job :D

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Very hard game but very original. Your UI was very crisp and responsive, the way you 'teach' the player is also very intuitive, the graphics are minimalist but again, crisp. Sound design was on point. The amount of content you managed to pump out is truly impressive for 48 hours. I like the subtle things you did like using space to restart even though you tell the player to use 'R'. Small things like that make a game a lot more enjoyable to play. Polished and well thought out, I can't fault it at all. Well done!  Edit: I think you might be on to a youtube gem :)

If you have the time, please check out my game

One of the best game of this jam, but also somehow the worst one.

Very polished, great gameplay, and I love the death sound effect (well, I had to. It was playing pretty much constantly for me).

Well done!


Well, The screenshots said "BRUTAL GAMEPLAY", so I don't know why I was shocked. The game is really fun and polished but my heart will blow up if I am exposed to any more dose of frustration. I have no criticism for the game and I believe it does what it is meant to do perfectly. Excellent job.

I really don't know if i want to kiss or punch you, for my taste i would have done the learning curve much smoother and the hit with the super hard levels, but very very impressive overall lots of content simple but very well executed and lots of content


Hey, it only took me half an hour to finish the last level! I gave my feedback while playing and recorded the whole thing. I'm currently uploading to YouTube and will post the video soon!


That's awesome, can't wait to see it!


Finally done! Here you go! :)


First of all, I admire your dedication to finishing the game (an hour of gameplay is a lot of time for a single jam game), second I'd like to thank you for doing this. I believe watching someone else play your game with commentary is the best way to improve as a developer. Also thanks for all the kind words, I'm glad you liked it!


I feel it's hard to rate a game without playing through it. It's really hard to tune difficulty, so I find in game jams a lot of the mechanics and content can be locked behind a really difficult early level, so it's a shame to rate it only because of that. And I agree, it's really important, and that's why I'm happy to do it :) Glad you liked it!

fun addicting hard. lol i sucked at it but i still enjoyed the chalenge


There were not only a lot of great individual mechanics in there, but great combinations of them too. Managed to beat the game in 17 minutes. I think my heart stopped beating so I'm gonna go lie down now...


Hey, we made a GMTK game too. Check it out!


very good game, i think the arrow is spinning a little too fast, but im also bad at almost every game.


I really like the graphics. Visual effects made it much more enjoyable as well. Well done! :)


This is quite the challenge! It is hard to control with precisio, but the graphics are so clean. Well done


God damn hard, but super well made. The idea and execution was great. Plus, I like how you introduced new mechanics over the gameplay. Congrats!

By the way, my highscore: 00:18:45

Submitted (1 edit)

hard, and precision-oriented.

Difficulty curve well made

Made all the way till "the last level" (Hope it really is) because you made so many levels
(and well done with the wide array of obstacle types)

keeps the game fresh and keeps my sleeping time short

will keep my game on until i wake up

total sleep time stolen: 45 minutes (jk not really blaming you)

edit: you've got save game!?!?! nvm you got all my best wishes!

Submitted (2 edits)

I like the overall idea but think it needs better player feedback. Maybe that gradient that shows when you hold the spacebar could show more of an exact spot that you will stop like projected travel arc. Also maybe have it ping pong from 0 to full and back like some golf games do.


Brutally hard, but well executed. Sometihng to keep the player playing maybe would've been good, but overall a really solid game.


Brutal, in a good way. Might have been kinder to give safe walls at the start but hey, trial by fire~
Nice work!


cool game. maybe make the game reset automatically so you dont have to press "r" all the time.  a fun alternative mode could be jump based. so not elapsed time but jumps needed to complete the level!

Game feel is great.


This is really fun! I think my only critique is the tutorial, it was a little bit too much telling me how to do stuff instead of showing me how. I think just by telling the player how the movement works they will figure the rest out on their own just through experimentation. Great work though! This is a really fun mechanic with a lot of potential to get insanely difficult.

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