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Sorry can't, since we plan to make it into a commercial product. Though I'd be glad to answer any questions that you have!

That's actually a very good idea for a future item!

They were supposed to give you money and we found the exact line which prevents this, but weren't able to patch it in time:(. Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you!

Yeah, I noticed that after the jam. The hunger stat was clamped at [0-100], but I decided that 100 was too little so I increased it and forgot to increase the clamp as well. Thanks for playing and feedback!

There isn't at the moment. Also how long did it take for you to figure it out? Do you think it would warrant a tutorial if I continued to work on this game in the future?

Didn't manage to make it in time, so no. Thanks for playing!

Hey, thanks. I spent 90% of time implementing the action mechanics and there wasn't enough time to fill game with actual actions. I will definitely be working on that in the future.

The idea was that radiation and hunger are your enemies, but I failed to emphasize it

I was adding audio in the last 10 minutes of the jam and for some reason that version failed to build:(

First of all, I admire your dedication to finishing the game (an hour of gameplay is a lot of time for a single jam game), second I'd like to thank you for doing this. I believe watching someone else play your game with commentary is the best way to improve as a developer. Also thanks for all the kind words, I'm glad you liked it!

That's awesome, can't wait to see it!

That sums it up pretty well, thanks for doing this!

You will rate AND draw some art?! Sign me up

Very original, great job!


Really liked the effects!

Please leave a link to your Ludum Dare page.

Please leave a link to your ludum dare page.