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Destroy Those Stressors - Please Use Fullscreen To Play
Submitted by WorldWolfGames (@WorldWolfGames1) — 16 minutes, 18 seconds before the deadline
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really nice concept and awsome music, i got kinda stuck on the boss and it reminds me a lot of hotline miami, noiace


That was a fun take on the theme.  The sound effects were fun, and the music kicked butt. It took me a bit to find out that you get healed if you destroy enemies but I think it was a great effort! Thanks for submitting!


Now that was an amazing take on the theme. Loved the game and your Idea. It lacked in visuals but it made up for that in tight controls and clarity of the game. Especially loved your "Health Bar". Thanks for this amazing game!

Please take some time to play and rate my game as well. It is my first game. I hope you like it. Thanks!!!


I did not know in order to have no stress you need to kill your boss wow! the more you know. This was pretty neat game i liked the sound effects that was funny and the difficulty was perfect i enjoyed it nice job, but the camera was in such a strange spot it was up a little to high which would be fine if i was always going up so i couldn't see anything when going down and that was frustrating but it was a good game other than that nicely done!

may you please play mine thank you!:)

Submitted (1 edit)

At first I thought this was a troll game where I just have to sit and listen to the music to not be stressed out and getting stressed about the game not starting what how I lose. Then I read the comments bellow about the button not being visible unless you are in full screen node so I tried going full screen but Unity was not having it...finally after refreshing the screen Unity expanded to fill screen.   Cool interpretation of the theme.


This game sure did enforce all the stress of tax, guilt, regret, and DEBT.  I couldn't shoot those balloons of debt sadly, but this was a pretty nice experience. With a bit of polishing, this game could be better. Nice entry!


Can't even start it.tell my why?


Hi, error in my part I put the start button too far to the right so it’ll only appear if it’s in fullscreen mode. 
first game, first game jam and first itch upload. Errors were made 😂


Sfx were funny! I made to tell my boss who the boss really is xD

Well done!


I had fun playing! all i can say is if you use an auto clicker you can spam shoot.


Couldnt play the game. Only hear the awesome music hehe


Can't even start it

I hear rock and see this pic, that's it. Standard Chrome Browser.


Hi, I think it’s because of a bad design choice on my part. I think it needs to be in full screen mode as the Start button is on the far right hand side.

Let me know if this helps. Cheers 


Well, now it works! So, bad desigh decision for sure.

Game has some Super Hot vibes when it comes to messages, but execution of it isn't very good. 

Level design feels like an absolute chaose of randomly placed stuff. Whuch fit the idea of chaos in our minds, but doesn't male this game better.

Sounds doesn't feel fitting most of the time. Especially gun sfx, because it sound as auto fire weapon, but you still need spam click to shoot (I recommend to add auto fire on hold).

Music is good, but not always fitting. Anyway, it's better then no music at all.

Some of the turrets are killable, some not. And it's quite unclear. You nee a good tutorial to help player understand this and other stuff, like pill that improves your weapon for some time (it's working for some time, if I got it right, so, why not let it work for some quantity of shots, letting player use it effectively, because on my first go I just didn't get any improved shots from this pill).


I like this game! Great art and gameplay! Good job!

Please check my game as well ;)


The camera made it hard to see the enemies while move down.


This game kept me pretty engaged! I think a lot of it had to do with the satisfaction of visually keeping the stress down. Short but good!


I liked the idea and the small text on the enemies!

but the game just became repetitive and i didnt realize why i died a lot of the time

But good job with the music and the idea!