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I liked smashing into the bombs and flying around.

Really fun, thanks.

Proper chilled. Loved the sea sounds.

Love the art and the concept.  Didn't manage to beat the boss but I enjoyed it thanks.

I flicked a lot of Shmushes :) Fun game thanks.

I flicked a lot of Shmushes :) Fun game thanks.

Hi, error in my part I put the start button too far to the right so it’ll only appear if it’s in fullscreen mode. 
first game, first game jam and first itch upload. Errors were made 😂

Hi, I think it’s because of a bad design choice on my part. I think it needs to be in full screen mode as the Start button is on the far right hand side.

Let me know if this helps. Cheers 

Bummer, not sure why that is Sorry.  All fine on my browser. I’ll upload a downloadable alternative too.

Cheers for taking the time to look. 

Really, enjoyed it . Cheers