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Thanks for the great work!
Used part of it as a background for my game concept

I'm really sorry for such a late response. Was busy fleeing my country, finding myself in new reality and etc. You know, ordinary life stuff.

I'm afraid that your highscore was already beaten by me in the video. I checked the footage and it appears that I got to 1001 as a joke without submitting it just to make scoring 1st place easier :)

Anyway, that's for video proof. For actual score. It wouldn't be fair to say that I took back the 1st place without actually submitting to the leaderboard. So, I spent around 20 minutes and officially took it back.

Bravado away, I expected beating it to be easier. Despite all my efforts in development, game still might get unfair at some runs, but I wouldn't say that it's too bad.

Also, in my mind game logic was much more stable and in all the tests I didn't encounter buggy bridges (otherwise I would've fixed them), but now I see them often. Wonder what happened wit that. Probably bug got into the game after I finished the first version and started adapting for mobile. At that point testing was less strict.

That's because not many people actually tried 

If you check the video, there's actually a footage of me beating that record, I just didn't submit a new one :D

Beating it on pc is a piece of cake. On mobile it's a bit hard because of the different controls. 

I feel like I should at least fix all of the bugs and make this game completable. Not sure about further work on this concept, maybe, but I have too many projects already :)

Simple yet fun game.
Take a look at one way collisions. They would benefit your game a lot.

Controls surely need some love, I 100% agree

This was intended to be a part of work on polishing the game, which never happaned because of deadline

Yeah, it's kinda (but not really) intended
You can put scrap into thrusters and mobility to improve it

But, in general you are right, starting speed is too slow, but I didn't have time to balance it better

It's good anyway. Hope you got enough scrap to look at some upgrades 

Thanks! How far did you get? (hoping for someone to at least look at the boss :) )

Hi! I'm curious, what is your way to store and access hexs in your map grid? Abd why did you choose this approach? 

I know that there are a few different approaches to storing hexs. And I want to research this theme a little deeper.

Wow... 10 years! Nice job)

700 мб на 4 комнатки и несколько аудиодорожек? Как-то очень жестко

В целом довольно забавный прототип с серьезным вниманием к деталям. 
НО в первом прохождении вообще не понял, что голос из колонок говорит что-то важное, думал просто антураж. Дело в том ,что он слишком тихий и другие SFX его еще подглушивают, так что сложно понять что он важен. 
В следующих прохождениях приходилось тригерить ивенты и сразу после этого бежаь к ближайшему динамику чтобы нормально все расслышать.

Стоит либо  сделать так чтобы голос говорит у персонажа "в ушах", то есть просто убрать у него расположение в пространстве, либо лучше поработать над громкостью разных звуков в игре

There were some comments in chat. Mostly ppositive. But for some reason live chat wasn't saved. I think I've read most of the chat about your game anyway/

I've okayed your game on the strea. From 1:30:00 to 1:45:00

I've played your game on the stream. From 1:21:00 to 1:30:00

I've played your game on my stream. From 1:05:00 to 1:21:00/ Very solid piece!

I've played and commented this game on my stream. From 50:00 to 1:10:00

I've played and conneted your game on this stream. From 30:00 to 44:00.

I've played your game on the stream. From 02:0 to 15:00

You might say that scoring system is a little broken. But point is that you're getting two scores on the end game screen: score and how many month you've ruled this country.
So, you can "suicide" it and you'll get a negativescore, but you won't get a good length of the game in months.

Cool game in general! But  this cololdowns... It' s just impossible to deal with it.

The only thing that ctually works is a stone spell, because of this cooldowns. It tleast has quite a good damage, stops enemies and let's you get rid of many salamnders with one stone, by manuvering around them.

I'd recomend to make cooldown more bearable and it would be a very funny arena game. Maybe it would be good to improve damage of other spels too, because even when I'm using only one spell, I can't kill  salamanders reliably with anything other than stone.

Well, I surely need to spend some time messing around shaders and post processing, because what you did looks very good and you are saying that it didn't took much time to make it look in this way.

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Also, is it your shaders or something from the internet? Looks great and I want to have it in my collection :)

Yeah, it would be a good idea.
But you're atleast tried to make a tutorial, which is a big plus for effort. Not a lot of people decided to create a tutorial.

Seal the deal stuff is fun. Dialogs are interesting. But Fallout 4 style choices are very unclear. Lost most of the dialogs because of that,

I've commented it in this stream. From 1:40:00 to 1:55:00

I've commented your game in this stream from 1:30:00 to 1:45:00

I've commented your game in this stream around 1:20:00-1:35:00. Very good  game!

I've commented your game in this stream around 30:00 to 1:00:00

I commented your game in this stream around 12:00-32:00. 

I've commented this game in my stream on 3:00-12:00

I mean, game getting harder isn't a bad idea. But in the end it was just a little to much.

Strange, you are he on;y one who encountered such a problem. Did you tried to go to main menu and continue your game after that? It might help to restore a game state.

Oh... Great point! I was too focused on the first playthrough and missed theproblem with waiting tooo much on the second playthrough and later. It was important for the first run to work in this way, because of accelerating nature of the game, where you're starting with a few decisions a year and getting to the point where you just can't keep up with all of them.
I'm thinking about the button that won't skip the time, but just accelerate it a lot. To still keep oroginal experience, but now wait for so long.

Also, you got the idea about mobile app-esque look absolutely right. In thiis  game I'm talking about very difficult subbjects, like war, hunger and etc. And I didn't want it to be a sad game about bad stuff, so  this stylization plays an important role of making it all a bit more fun with jokes about lazy bored ruler and whole corporative culture.

Well, now it works! So, bad desigh decision for sure.

Game has some Super Hot vibes when it comes to messages, but execution of it isn't very good. 

Level design feels like an absolute chaose of randomly placed stuff. Whuch fit the idea of chaos in our minds, but doesn't male this game better.

Sounds doesn't feel fitting most of the time. Especially gun sfx, because it sound as auto fire weapon, but you still need spam click to shoot (I recommend to add auto fire on hold).

Music is good, but not always fitting. Anyway, it's better then no music at all.

Some of the turrets are killable, some not. And it's quite unclear. You nee a good tutorial to help player understand this and other stuff, like pill that improves your weapon for some time (it's working for some time, if I got it right, so, why not let it work for some quantity of shots, letting player use it effectively, because on my first go I just didn't get any improved shots from this pill).

Idea seems interesting, but realisation isn't that good. You are just fighting with your camera and your character to do something. And time constrain doesn't help in this situation.

Sfx might be nice, but consider making it a little quiter or add setting for it. As a gamedeveloper and video editor I can recommend something around -18 db and lower to not steal plfyer's attention.

About a fix for shooting enemies. I'm not working with Unity, but I know that it has good and simple system of collision layers. Just google it and you'll be able to fix this problem in a few minutes.

To make your game intuitive you need a very good idea and whole group of playtesters to setup a feedback loop. And even with all of this, you won't be able to make game intutive if it has some level of complexity.

Can't even start it

I hear rock and see this pic, that's it. Standard Chrome Browser.

Cool little game. The only problem is that your character seems to be right-handed, so he aims a little bit to the right of the point that you'd expect him :)

Also, music is a bit too repetative and very much too loud. I always recomend to set background music to -18 or -21 db and add an ability to disable it easily when it starts to get too repetative.

Otherwise, quite a solid peace. It doesn't have a lot, but all that it has is polished.