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Really awesome chill game! I love the style. The controls feel really sharp and responsive. I just wish there was more progression, for example I think it would be cool if you had to unlock the different skins (it would make players want to play for longer) I also think the music is a great! Really calming. Overall a great game!

My high score was 113 :D

I agree, thanks for the great feedback!

wow this game is fun to speedrun.

Thank you :D

Yeah.. I rushed the sounds in the last day of the jam!

Thank you Handyfon!

Thank you Tufayl!

Awesome fun game! 

Thank you so much Austin! Your positive feedback really motivated me :D

appreciated :D

Thank you :D and I agree, the game maybe is a bit too bright.

Thanks for the positive feedback :D

Thank you! :D

Fun game! I love the concept, Well done!

Fun game! The graphics in the intro are awesome! I think the gameplay could have don't with more twists, it would have made the game a lot more interesting.

Overall great job!

Fair enough... great submission still!

Thank you :D

Thanks for the feedback! I fully agree, the idea is quite uninspired and the sacrifice mechanic could defiantly be explained better.

Fun game, It lacks in the Audio and Graphics side, even just a short song could have really helped the atmosphere of the game. However I really liked the gameplay, using the bomb is really fun.

Good job!

Really fun game! I liked the audio and the gun felt great to shoot!

I wish there were more guns to collect, since the shotgun felt great to shoot. Also it was quite annoying when I pressed the R key to try and interact and it sent me back to the menu. 

Really liked the game overall!

Nice submission, I really love the simple visual style, it looks great because of the post processing you have applied.

I wish the sound effect were nicer however, it impacts the overall audio which is a shame because the music is so great.

Overall I liked the game though :D

Great submission! The only complaints I can make is that pixel ration isn't equal and i would have loved to be able to attack upwards since a lot the enemies are flying.

Loved the animation and dialog though!

there is an easy mode... go in settings to turn it on

Submit your games here!

My game -

Yeah, ive heard the webGl build was faulty, you can always download for a smoother experience.

Submit your games here!

My game -

Submit your games here!

My game -

The end of the day isnt on a timer, its when you serve enough customers, which is diplayed in the UI in the top left of the screen. Thanks for playing :D

Play other games in this thread and then people will play your game!

My game -

Play other games in this thread and then people will play your game!

My game -

yeah, thats an exellent idea.

Thank you :D means alot.

Thank you!

Congratts on winning! I tried to make the game easier since my last jam game was way too hard, maybe this time it was a bit too easy however :,(

Thank you :)

Everyone that sees this post should play and rate each others games :D

My game -

TY :)

Thank you :D

Thanks :D