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Hi! I really like the art style and concept for this game. I wish there was more indication of what boost or change each number of the die gave you. Also, the animation on the attack made the attack feel very slow and clunky, I found it hard to hit anything. 

Hi! I liked the concept for the game, and making combos was an interesting mechanic, one thing that would have been nice would be a way to rotate blocks so that you could strategize a little more about blocks placement. I found it pretty hard to make more than one or two combos with the blocks that I was getting. 

I enjoyed the setup for the game, I wish there was a way to get more involved in the gameplay, it really felt like I could just flip a coin a few times and have the same gameplay interaction.

Hi, the concept for this was pretty interesting. My one critique is that the numbers on the font were close enough that I couldn't tell what numbers were flashing by so I couldn't really try for good numbers (even if I could aim for something and miss it would have felt more satisfying). Luckily I got good rolls and made it to the end :)

Hi! I really liked the concept of tying your movement speed to the number of shots you have left. The game was pretty easy because once you get enough speed you can just dodge enemies and not shoot and just go from portal to portal. One thing that I couldn't tell if it was intended is that your movement would wrap if went over 6. For example I would have 5 in green, collect one, and then have only 2. Great concept!

I really liked the idea for this game, and the art was compelling, but I couldn't get the game to work after the introduction. The first few "practice rounds" were played, the cops showed up, I hid the dice, and then we started playing, and the first roll wouldn't register any of my inputs. I would try and scoop and nothing would happen, then the cops would show up, I would hide the dice, and then I would still get caught and the game would restart. Despite that, I really liked the concept and wanted to play more. 

Hi! I really enjoyed your take on the limitation. It was a little hard to figure out where to get what you need at first, and I sometimes had trouble turning in my sandwich even if it me the proper values, but overall I enjoyed my time with this game. 

Hey! I liked the idea of having to complete different minigames to gain faces of your die. I wish that the minigames were more interesting. They were all really easy. It is also possible to sequence break the game accidentally by missing a minigame. 

Loved the visual design on this game. Also, the mechanic of having your to chase down the dice after you roll it was a lot of fun. I think that an indicator of incoming enemies might be nice, I died several times when I was chasing the dice near the edge of the screen and was instantly killed by an enemy.

Hi! This was a reasonably solid side scrolling shooter. I think that the movement was a little too slow, the game only really felt nice to control once I had a speed upgrade. It also would have been really nice to be able to aim, so that I didn't have to be exactly in line with the enemies. In the end, I ended up dodging more than I did shooting. I also was confused about how to charge the railgun at the end of the game. 

Hi! I downloaded it, but the .exe file couldn't be opened. 

Hi! I was able to walk around and collect items but couldn't find any enemy or anything to do with the items I collected. Also, once you interact with the diamond and it tells you to slay the dragon, the player's movement slowed a ton making its really hard to navigate the world. 

It was a little tough to figure out what to do at first. A better tutorial would have helped (I failed the first level flat out just because I didn't know I needed to dodge the notes), and once I figured out what I needed to do, the notes for the chord or scale I needed didn't spawn often enough. This meant that I just sat on the next note in the chord or scale and just waited, and there was no need to dodge other notes.

It was a little tough to figure out what to do at first. A better tutorial would have helped (I failed the first level flat out just because I didn't know I needed to dodge the notes), and once I figured out what I needed to do, the notes for the chord or scale I needed didn't spawn often enough. This meant that I just sat on the next note in the chord or scale and just waited, and there was no need to dodge other notes.

Love the art on the boss.

After figuring out the timing of the attack the game was pretty easy to beat.

The puzzles were a little confusing, sometimes objects would just teleport back to their starting locations, and it took a while for me to solve it. I also fell into the water crossing bridges a couple of times because the movement felt a little slippery, it was hard to be precise even though the move speed itself was slow. Overall though,  it was a cool concept and I had a lot of fun figuring it out!

All of the artwork was done for this game during the jam by the artist on our team!

Hi! I was drawn to play this game because of the art style, and was really satisfied with the overall aesthetic of the game. The sprites looks really good and the animations are solid. The way that the dash attacked worked was very cool, and the character was fluid and satisfying to move. 

One frustration I had, much like EroAxe, was the UI covering parts of the screen, especially when the level moved downwards it was very hard to see where you were going.  It was also hard to tell how much health the enemies hard, for the first level I thought my attacks were straight up missing until I realized it took several hits to kill enemies. One problem that added to this was the lack of feedback when hitting enemies. A satisfying sound effect or a particle effect on hitting enemies would definitely help. 

There was also a glitch where I could teleport into walls if I dashed into them.

In the end the unsatisfying combat made it so that I dodged fighting pretty much all of the enemies, but the satisfying movement made it a still enjoyable experience. 

Hi! These types of games are always so much fun. It's always really satisfying to beat a game that is on the difficult side. It was nice that the movement felt fair, even when losing. In fact, on my first time beating the level, I almost died right before the last checkpoint but saved myself by doing a complete loop-de-loop which was pretty awesome. 

I do wish that there was more polish to the visuals of the game, even though you were going for a minimalist feel I don't think it was executed the best. Also the lighting made it a little bit difficult to tell where walls and obstacles were at some points, because the shadow color and wall color were very close.

Overall, very enjoyable. Thank you!

This is the best game ever!!! I love this game so much. The llamas are so cute and I really felt devious luring them to my mouse and then scooping them all up. I really liked the different varieties of llama, my favorite obviously being the tornado llama because of the absolute chaos it causes. The one thing I want is a way to move the mouse slow enough to sneak up on a llama and capture it, but that might be against the balance of chaos that ensues when trying to capture a big group. I also think the game is pretty well balanced, the only level that I had to try multiple times was the final level and that only took me three tries. 

Absolutely wonderful job on this entry, my favorite so far! 

Hi! I liked the direction that you took this concept. There were some moments where the writing was awkward or repetitive, and there were some grammatical issues.  It also felt a little wandering and unfocused, but it did keep me engaged, so that's definitely a pro. 

Hi! It took me a little while to figure out how to download and run the game, I didn't know you needed to download both files for it to work, but I got that figured out. The timer was really annoying. I ended up not finishing the game after finding four of the keys and then having to backtrack for a second red door and then running out of time. I think that taking out the timer would let the player relax and explore a little more. Some of the spots where keys can get stuck are also frustrating, especially if you've already opened a few doors and gotten several keys. 

Hi! This game was pretty neat. I think that having to press enter while in red zones to shrink seemed a little redundant, sometimes I just forgot to press the button and got cheated out of going down a size. I also had a couple deaths where I couldn't tell what I had hit! In the end I beat it by saving up crystals and just spamming them xD.

Hi! This is one of the best executions of this kind of concept I've seen in the jam so far. I really like the ability to stop all momentum, it makes the movement feel a little more fair. I do wish that the player accelerated a little faster, so that bullets were easier to dodge. I also was frustrated by the camera keeping the player too close to the edge of the screen at higher speeds, making it very hard to dodge enemies that are just offscreen. 

The visual style was also really nice, with a little tweaking I think this can be a really solid game!

Hi! I really enjoyed the concept of this game. Some of the levels near the end felt more tedious than like solving an interesting puzzle. I also used a trick where I would turn walls on and off while the ball was moving, which was fun. Hopefully that was intentional because it allowed for some really cool tricks. I also wish there was a way that I could replay levels after completing them to get a perfect score. Thank you! 

Hi! I really liked the look of the game, and enjoyed the small story you told. I think it would have been an interesting change to have the player chose whether or not they want to talk to each of the characters, maybe with a little button prompt. I feel that adding that choice would make the moments where the characters tell the player they didn't have to talk to them a little more weight. I also wish that the path the player walked was actually on the dunes that form the background, that little discontinuity made the walking feel a little strange. 

Overall this was a very enjoyable experience! Thanks for making it!

Hi! I agree with some of the other comments that the game was really easy. There was no point where I had low health, and when I intentionally took damage to see how fast I could go it still felt slow. I think speeding up the gameplay would be an important improvement. I also would like there to be more to explore in the level or a more structured and linear set of levels to beat. 

I had a lot of fun racing my girlfriend in this game. My fingers are really tired!

:DDD I never thought that a player would actually see all of the text for throwing away the cat! She's so sweet and nice! You really are a monster!!! I'm glad you found the game relaxing, hope your jam went well!

Hi! I liked the theme of this game, being a plague doctor feels really good these days. Once a few of the villagers died it felt like you could go forever, I quit when I got to 500 seconds. Maybe there should be a strong punishment for letting villagers die so it becomes harder to save other villagers? Overall I had a lot of fun!

Hi! Was really excited to play this game because of the aesthetic of the title card and was surprised to see that it is very similar to the game that my friends and I created for this jam! We had some similar mechanics, but I liked the active response that you gave the player as they played, as well as the 3d art style. Given the similarities of our two games I would love to ask a few questions about how you approached the project!

Hi! I enjoyed mining for gems and set my light level to really low which ended up making it a lot harder. I think some of the jumps could feel a little fairer if the player slowed down faster after letting go of a key. I kept sliding into spikes after making jumps.

The browser version doesn't load, but the windows download did. I liked the concept for the game, but found the screen scrolling pretty annoying. I also wished the player moved and shrunk a little faster so you could move through the level more fluidly.

A nice solid asteroids clone. The sprites looked nice a clean, and I had a good time flying around shooting up the disease. Getting some revenge for the cornavirus!

Hi! I had a lot of fun with this game. Some of the puzzles were pretty clever. I also really liked the aesthetic. I got stuck on level 11 after trying for a while to get the mirror enemy above me somehow, but I was never able to figure it out. One thing that would be helpful would be some kind of an indication that an enemy is going to move on the next turn. For enemies like the slimes and skeleton I sometimes felt cheated because I got hit when I thought they weren't moving that turn. 

Hi! I really enjoyed playing the game. The art looked awesome, and I was pretty invested in beating the game. None of the levels were really too hard for me, but I often felt like I couldn't get some of the more fun guns like the sniper rifle. The pistol with no other guns was powerful enough to get me through most of the game anyway. I wish the screen was a little more zoomed out so I could see where the enemies are. Overall, it was a really enjoyable experience. Thanks for the game!

Hi! The aesthetic of this game is absolutely awesome! I really loved exploring the world, even though it was pretty sparse, every element really added to the ambiance of the world. I also thought that the short form storytelling was very effective. I feel like with only a few pieces of text scattered around and a couple of ruins there was a whole history in the world. The puzzled was a little annoying with shade being just a little far away, but it was nothing too bad. Really loved this!

Hi! I had a lot of fun playing this challenging game. It was sometimes hard to follow what was going on with all of the collisions and particle effects. I also wasn't always sure how hard an object would tug be. Nonetheless I just wanted to keep playing. I finally quit when I got 5000 points for the first time.  Want to see more of this mechanic!