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Thank you so much! I definitely learned a lot developing solo, but it was a ton of work!

Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to add in more abilities for the fighters (another idea I had was a "protect" ability), but I'm not used to working solo so I mis-judged how long everything would take and ran out of time. I'm wanting to add in more features after judging ends to improve, but I hope you still enjoyed my game! The "help" action hopefully made the game a little easier, but I know it can be pretty tough!

Thanks, when they first mentioned the theme I thought of D&D so I wanted to make my game based off of that. But I tried to add in other things (like the "help" action) to emphasize the community aspect more. Good to hear you picked up on how it related to the theme!

Thank you for your kind feedback! I've always wanted to make a game like this but I've never had the chance, so I'm happy you liked it!


Could the organizers clarify whether the Nonexclusive License portion of the Terms and Conditions applies only to winners of monetary prizes, or to all participants who enter the jam? 

It seems that an organization that cares and values indie creators wouldn't ask for such extensive free licensing for art, coding and other content from indie developers? These terms seem to make some sense if the creators are being in some way compensated for their work with the monetary prize, but is it true that all the creators who don't get the prize are just giving away their content for free for IndieCade to use into perpetuity? 

I think all the developers might appreciate clarity on this, as this seems to be the exact kind of problem that many who work in freelance/creative spaces run into frequently, and I'm surprised if an organization like IndieCade is doing something like that. If that is the case, could the organizers provide an explanation as to why that is?


Really cool!! Love the graphics!!!!

Thanks so much! We’ll definitely check out your game!!! :)