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Thanks for playing it last year! We're very grateful to have been included in the bundle :)

We'll be releasing more updates to this project as we finish them, but we would love to contribute to this bundle as best we can. Either way, thanks for organizing this!

I like that this was pretty intense, but not too intense in my opinion. I thought that the disorientation was captured very well in "Fight In The Summer Heat". The general atmosphere of these pieces gave me some Oxenfree vibes, which I really loved! Great work on this OST!

I really loved these pieces! I could really connect the story to the music; I can almost imagine the tendrils of color being restored to the world. The pieces had very calming atmospheres and I could definitely see this being in a relaxed exploration game. Great work!

I loved these pieces so much! The harmonies in the main theme were amazing! I also absolutely LOVED the Bossa Nova, especially when the organ entered. The rhythmic drive in “Climb The Mountain, Swim The Ocean” was so, so good as well! Excellent work! 

I loved all the pieces! They were very minimal and I was really grooving out to them! Nice work!

All of these pieces are absolutely beautiful! I could absolutely picture the seasons with each piece and the background ambience was so very clever. Excellent work!

This is such a great OST! I thought that “Frostbyte Heart” was very beautiful and I loved the intensity of “Daemon”. I definitely got the summer vibes from “Digital Summer”! You did an amazing job on this!

This soundtrack was so diverse in its style and instrumentation! I loved the bass riffs in “Sunny” and the waltz in “Ferry Across the River”. “An Unusual Character” s very fun with such a creative use of sound effects. I could go on and on, but all in all this was a joy to listen to!

This is so groovy! I love the syncopations and the instrument choices are excellent. The vibe feels pretty chill which I really loved, and I was definitely grooving with your music. Nice work!

Excellent tweet! Clean, concise, and gets me excited to play. I love the way you broke up the text & had emojis next to the key selling features - awesome job!

I think adding some details about what makes your game different from others like it would help get people excited to try your game. I love the logo - excellent work on the design!

Lots of great language in the text of the tweet! I recommend breaking up the text with line breaks/emojis/etc so it's not one big block of text. This game looks really fun!!

Cute concept! A little bit more text about what the gameplay specifically entails would help. Also, adding a call to action where people can snag your game would be great. 

Also - not sure if it's just me but I wasn't able to access the link to your press kit :(

I think adding some details about what really sets this game apart from others like it would really help get people pumped about playing your game. Awesome job on the trailer! 

Clean, concise pitch that gets me pumped about the game. Great work!

Not sure I have a clear sense of what the game is like to play from this pitch - cleaning up the trailer/text to make it more concise & feature gameplay would probably go a long way. Love the art style!

Love the cheeky text! Agree with other comments that a trailer would really bring a lot to this pitch - and would probably be really satisfying to watch!

I think the tweet text looks good! I think a trailer would really add a lot to up the engagement and get people psyched about the game :)

The tweet doesn't provide a lot of detail into what the game actually is - but the visuals on the trailer are so good that I'm still pumped about the game anyway! Awesome work on the trailer :)

Clean & concise pitch - and love the art/design!

Your game is very memorable, and you communicate the different aspects of the game well through your trailer without overcomplicating things. Good work!

A couple things:

- You might want to link your demo in your tweet instead of your press kit so people can download/wishlist your game more easily

- It takes a lot of effort to download and unzip your press kit, which might keep people from looking at it. You might want to host it on somewhere like Google Drive or something like that

Really great pitch! The tag line of "beat 'em up plus RPG" is both unique and descriptive.

Really liked the whole package - art, game idea, press kit, and tweet!

A small suggestion: in your first screenshot, it's pretty difficult to read the text. You might want to decrease the transparency on the background to make it easier to read.

The graphics are really cool, and I think the way you made your tweet makes it very intriguing! It had just enough information to peak my curiosity.

It would be helpful if you labelled the link in your tweet as a kickstarter link - people will be less likely to click on it if they don't know what it is.

Pitch deck and press kit are both really good, I think you would be able to use those to sell your idea really well to customers or investors.

For your tweet, you could try to figure out what hashtags work for your game genre. And add a catchy trailer to draw people's eyes and show them what the game is all about!

I really love your trailer and how it shows so many different scenes and mechanics from the game! I also think your game idea is great, and it ties really well back to classic games just like you said in your pitch.

A couple of notes:

- If you have space in your tweet, you should include a link to your steam page so people can wishlist your game

- I think the trailer and story could be tied a little more closely. There wasn't a lot of transmutation or alchemy going on in the trailer

Still, this was really great and intriguing! I think your game is headed in the right direction to be successful :)

This is so cute! I think your game is really creative and the text of your tweet and itch page match the feel of the game well.

My only suggestion would be that you might get someone to review your pitch if you plan on posting for pitchyagame. Just for grammar edits and that kind of thing :)

Really cool game idea, and I like the way the gameplay looks in the trailer. Your itch page is also really nice and descriptive.

I don't mind the sarcastic pitch in the tweet, but I don't think it grabs attention as well as something else might. You could maybe try using something about how adventuring is no longer heroic, but rather just a looked-down upon way of life? Or something like that.

Also, it would be nice to have some music in the trailer to go along with the sound effects. I think that would really help your trailer be even better.

Don't really see any parts of the pitch, like a tweet or press kit. But the game idea sounds cool and scary, and the art really matches that vibe.

Really like the screenshots and look of the game!

I'm a bit confused on the gameplay, so you might want to explain better what the player specifically does while they play the game. What types of puzzles do they solve? What kind of actions can they do? That sort of thing :)

Really like the art and game pitch from your press kit (specifically the "epic game of tag" description)! I think if you included that in your tweet instead of the current tweet text and logo, it would be more descriptive and intriguing.

Also, the tweet link from the itch page for your game is broken. Just so you know :)

I really like your art and story! The writing for the pitch was really good and intriguing. You also communicated the gameplay really well, and how the choices the player makes impact the trajectory of the game.

I think it would be helpful to have a trailer, even if it's just small gameplay moments with music in the background. Might help communicate the creepy vibe of your game even better.

Agree with the other comments here. It almost seems like there's too much going on - all of the hashtags make it seem like your game is every type of tabletop board game genre at once.

On the other hand, the screenshots look really cool! And pirates + TTRPG sounds dope for sure :)

Cool game idea, and I really like your trailer and all the different scenes/gameplay it has in it! The screenshots are also really nice too.

A couple notes:

- You might want to include a link to your steam page in your tweet so people know what platform it's for and where they can buy it

- Is the logo for your game any type of copyright infringement? I'm not a lawyer or anything but it might be something to think about if you haven't already

I'm happy the theme of the game comes across well in the title and trailer! We'll be adding music and sound effects to the next iteration of the trailer for sure :)

Thanks, good to hear!