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A jam submission

Baroque Drawing RoomView project page

Ben Lane's Search For A Star 2018 Submission
Submitted by BenjaminJohn — 4 hours, 10 minutes before the deadline

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Research & development#34.3334.333

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Judge feedback

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  • Really nice stuff. You have a lot going really well. Techniques are excellent, modelling and texturing seemed really solid. Mirror Idea was well executed. Good Job.

    Minor Critique and Nit picking
    The fire place stands out like a sort thumb, you had a good Idea, modelled it fine etc then made it a wierd cream colour when the rest of the room and ref is bright clean white. It made my first few viewing of the room harder as It Jars badly.

  • A very strong entry, this environment demonstrates the artist's skill across the full range of environment art disciplines.  The results match the original concept quite closely, lighting is well handled as interiors can be tricky to balance, and tonally the whole piece works very well, the white walls balancing against the dark floor.  The artist has also shown a nice approach to handling the tricky detailing that comes with this period of interior decor, with elements like the picture frame adding believable (but not overwhelming)  detail.

    I feel the environment could benefit from a more interesting 'hero' prop to focus on - perhaps a harpsichord, and maybe some more props.  But I understand the time limit for this work only allows for so much to be done, so the results are still very impressive.

  • The overall look and feel is very well done, you are making a good effort lighting the room, some points for improvement regarding the lighting would be the floor seam, there is a harsh contrast between the floor and the walls, especially visible on the specular area, this could be improved by matching the textures or post process ambient occlussion, a good example would be your own work because it is happening at the roof.

    The technical aspect is very well done, but you could improve the scene a lot by adding some story elements. like candles, pencils, or open the door slightly to give the illusion there is more then just the room.

    Pre production is very solid, you clearly followed up on your own research.

    You got a solid understanding of Unreal Engine but could improve by keeping performance in mind, I noticed you used unique materials for each scene, I would suggest you look into Material instances and parameters to quickly change or adjust settings in unreal engine :

    Overall a very solid piece, good job !

  • Very good technical skills regarding the modelling and the engine scene setup . Overall, the details, as well as the main assets, are clean and made in the respect of the reference art.

    More work could have gone into the wood flooring (using a different planks pattern). Also, the roughness on the curtains doesn't help to feel their textile aspect.

    This is a good architectural project that shows respect of the style and references used.

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Search For A Star

Final Year & Masters students

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