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I want to play your games.

A topic by ToaoMCL created Sep 20, 2020 Views: 268 Replies: 21
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I'll be going through submissions first thing I do tomorrow morning and if you would like for me to play and rate your submission give me a link here. It doesn't mean I'm only going through these games but it does make it more likely I will play your game.

Edit: I have finished rating the last 18 submissions. Hope my feedback was at least slightly helpful.

Edit 2: I've gone through all the games listed but I won't be able to play rate or review games anymore. Sorry to disappoint and good luck with the jam.

Submitted , Thanks! :)


This is a 2D platformer in which you don't control the character directly, but switch it from one dimension to another, while exploring a research lab at different points in time :

Submitted difficult puzzle ish platformer where the goal is to squish a bug in the future (im way under talking it here XD)


Puzzle platformer game.

Submitted zero-gravity platformer

Submitted A rather difficult platformer were your goal is to find the reunite the 2 robots

Submitted hello! in this game you are a space garbagewoman, tell me later if you found any cool trash



How about controlling ur Future and ur Past ?


Hi, I tried to play your game but it crashed my browser a few times, are there certain requirement I need to know of?


try downloading the zip file ? I don't know why it's crashing in web browser :(

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A good time by yourself, a great time with  some friends on steam :D


boss rush where you start in the future and go back in time, ending at the first boss

A platforming training facility course used for the testing of the latest gravity belt technology! Hope you enjoy it! :)

Fun pirate rhythm game that you play with a controller


A game where you need to find out who's the murderer amongst other villagers. No real ending, but some silly character generation :))


We made a super ambitious turn based survival game! had to scale way back due to time constraints but we hope people enjoy it.

Submitted - thanks /*0*/




Would love if u could play and give me some feedback.