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I liked the computer circuitry-like style, it's simple and efficient in conveying meanings, and made me want more puzzle than running-to -dodge-bullets. I'm a fan of cyberpunk, so I liked the atmosphere.

I liked it, it's a bit tedious to get through at first but then the game is deep and you have to think for real. The simple graphics help the player focusing on the game.

Their is a couple non-ergonomic details that annoyed me a bit, but nothing too bad : the bin is not so obvious, I would rather like a button on bot click offering to delete and rotate, rather than using keys. I wanted to select and drag in one click, which was not possible. The icons of the pulling bot and the one that push while staying in place are easy to mix up.

The art is gorgeous, bravo ! The music and sounds fit perfectly.

The concept was fun but honestly I didn't get it at first, I didn't understand that I had to look carefully at the person beside the bed before the game. If you want to upgrade it a bit after the jam, you should add explicit instructions in a dialog box like "watch the person that will betray you tomorrow" and "now if you see them coming, click on them before it's too late".

I absolutely loved the illustration, and the game is fun. I'm not really used to xbox controller buttons so it was a bit tough for me though.

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If you look at the rules it says "Remember, theme is purely inspirational and not required. Feel free to interpret it however you want."

while "The limitation is a special condition that your game must follow"

Theme: optional

Limitation: mandatory

Thank you for playing and for your feedback,

I didn't think about the confinement while doing this game ! But I did hope to have the players make up their own story, like in Inside. There was more or less a story to find out, but I didn't have enough time to add enough details to flesh it out. It's the story of a research lab that got abandoned after a disaster, and the player is the cause of the disaster. If you look into each dimensions, the bottom one is the first in the timeline, all the others happen after the disaster ( chairs are thrown away, vegetation ramps up.. ). When you get to the end of the game, you have no choice but to let yourself fall straight in the bottom dimension, which is to say the earlier one.

If I'd got more time, when reaching the ground I would have created a nice animation of the upper dimension disappearing, and something like an explosion or chemicals leak to show the disaster happening and explaining the abandon of the lab.

Thank you, next jam I will try to find a musician to team up with, coz I really don't feel like doing that myself.

I see what you mean for the controls precision. If I were to continue building on this concept, I would rather flesh out the story side of it, and create puzzles involving no precision, but rather a good understanding of what is in each dimension and how an action in one dimension can have an impact on another.

Oh sorry to read that you had a performance issue... Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to code an instancing system for the decoration, so it's heavy in polygons. I have many regrets for this game and this one ranks high...

Thank you for this heart-warming comment !

Wooh so that's really your idea ! You can be proud.

What about switching the clones smoothly between random behavior and organized patterns ?  Like you have this random crowd, but now it seems more of them are going in the same direction. Not all of them but more and more but now it's random again. Just my two cents...

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This is absolute genius, congrats ! Honestly the best of the jam I played, I wish I had the idea 😂 I'm curious, were you inspired by anything ? A game you played before ?

What I loved :

- the way you write, how the little story is brought, it's so simple and enough to get hooked and laugh.

- The concept of course is great, I've never played a game toying with this part of my brain.

- The music, although I understand you've not asked the artist the permission... you should try to find them, they will surely give you the right to use it, but all the same you have to ask. Use Shazam ?

What I didn't like :

- Difficulty ramps up a bit quickly

- It's repetitive, I was really hooked on the beginning but it didn't last long when I saw that the only difference between levels was just more Bobs

Once again congrats, you have a talent.

Nice game, I think the concept of the ghost is interesting. I found it odd that it didn't always start where you the player start, you still have to blindly step on some tiles and die, which is frustrating.

I liked the look of it, you seem to have observed the limitation very strictly, which was hard for a 3D game ( I was here too... ).

Good job !

I liked the idea of having dialog panels fixed in the world, it makes you want to go on to read the next panel. That's an idea I may use myself in the future actually ! On the down side I found the character a bit floaty, especially compared to its horizontal speed.

The art is pretty and I liked the sound, well done for doing this on your own 👍
To be honest I struggled a bit, I didn't have enough time to dodge the warning signs. Nevertheless good work.

wow that was a bit confusing at first, but nice concept !

Thank you for playing !

This game tells the story of a research centre disaster happening in the future because of the cube you are controlling. If you pay attention about the decoration in the different dimensions, there is a timeline going on : it starts on the bottom, where the research centre is all fine and neat. Then the disaster happen and the centre is abandoned, that's the dimension on the left. Then nature develops again on the ruins, that's the dimension on the right. Then it's all flooded by rain, dimension on the top. When you finish the game there is no choice but to let yourself fall, that's to say using the bottom dimension, the start of the timeline. If I've had more time I would have added an explosion at the end when you touch the ground, which would have made the concept more obvious. Anyway the end was so hard, few people reached it.

I wanted to interpret the theme future as a story theme.

Yes I went through it, it's an amazingly great resource ! But yeh the journey does not end there... I should just focus and set myself on practicing it for a while.

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Oh when you get to the wall on the right, you actually have to dive into a hole in the ground. It's a bit hard to see, you're not the only person to have missed it...

Thanks mate ! Graphics are not as good as your own submission though 😉 I wish I could do some postprocessing, got my hands into GLSL a bit but that's freaking hard...

There is actually no good game engine for JS, what I used is a rendering engine and a separate physics engine, both just programming libraries without editors. It's so tedious I'm thinking about making my own little game engine actually.

Well I did it solo, so no time for sound sorry.

Wow that's an amazing game, well done ! Everything is so smooth, the controls, the cube animation, the bullet, the level design... No joke it's perfect, the only thing is it needs more levels but hey it's a 72h jam ! Congrats 👍

Putting the actual game into this TV was a good idea ! I wish the game was a bit longer

I liked the idea, it even has a Portal feel, good job. I think the rules mentioned that you could't use light nor postprocessing producing colours out of the allowed colour palette though.

I wish the game was longer and more complex... But I really loved the presentation, both the graphics and the music blend well together and it doesn't look like a game made in three days.

Truly nice art !

A bit hard to play a first, but you quickly get the hang of it. I would have added some collectables to spice it up and make the rewards more meaningful. I couldn't get past the black level with gears, but I liked a lot the atmosphere, graphics and sounds. It's amazing that you were able to do all this on your own, great work !

Wow I didn't expect such graphic quality, why don't you add some screenshots to the game page to tease about it ? Right now without playing it could as well be a 2D game made on paint !

I like the idea, and the graphics and sounds are really nice, good job ! In my opinion though the player needs more feedback in order to make meaningful decisions, right now we are pretty much left blind guessing about the outcome of what we are doing. Is that intended ?

I like the flow of this game, I'm sure if it was more balanced it would be quite catchy. I remind me this game, which I enjoyed a lot because of the flow of quick important decisions you take very often.

Congrats !

Thank you for playing !

Yes the worlds were initially made to have differences in it, it's actually four physical worlds and the box is transferred from one to the other. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to add physics body and collectables in each world... I'm pondering building on this concept for a more polished game out of the jam.

dash would be so much better yes !

The art is truly great, although I think anti-aliasing was not allowed.

Good job 👍

Honestly one of the best games among those of the jam I've tried ! The concept of pinball-platformer is great ! So great that I actually wonder if having ball shots is really needed, it complicates the control and it's a bit tedious anyway.

Great job, I hope you expend on this game later on 👍

I did enjoy the fixed camera cells, but I didn't enjoy having to jump across those cells, it's not fun. I liked the Metroid atmosphere a lot, and I found interesting that the gravity is not the same on all planets.

Good job !

I liked the feeling of speed, but I was a but frustrated that you have to wait to make another dash. That would be more fun in my opinion

Cool game ! I like the character animation, the way the magnet wiggles freely. One thing I didn't like is the character speed / speed tweening. You start really slow and it ramps up exponentially, it makes it very hard to control it well and I personally died a lot against the bullets while the levels seem pretty easy to clear.

Great experience overall, congrats !

A great game ! I like your interpretation of the theme "Future", it was smart. It reminded me the famous game Simon, but applying it to a top-down game make it so much more interesting ! The graphics are just awesome, but I'm not sure you strictly comply with the colour palette. I had a few frustrating experiences with the arrows that would not disappear right after being blocked, and also the shield that rotate while i'm moving since it's difficult to move the mouse in perfect coordination.

Great experience, honestly my preferred game of the jam so far !