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MiniJam 63 submision
Submitted by ToaoMCL — 5 hours, 45 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#174.0004.000

Ranked from 39 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members

Software used
Unity, Visual Studio, Aesprite, Tilesetter, BoscaCeoil, Bfxr

Cookies eaten
0 but I did eat a cake

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Nice, that's a solid platformer! I've seen other people talk about the wall jump, so the only thing I'll say it that I agree that space would have been much more useable. I really liked the risk-reward balance that came with the checkpoint currency; the dynamic it added was fun. Aesthetically, it did suffer a bit from that Unity camera stutter (was it using the standard Update or LateUpdate?), and the music cutting between levels had that popping effect. It also got a little bit repetitive, but you added a volume slider, so that was on me.

Regardless, I very much enjoyed the sprite animation, and the trail renderer was a nice touch. I also thought you used the color palette excellently; the cool environment contrasting with the warmer obstacles made everything readable. That's a lot of content for a 3 day jam, well done.


Thanks, I was using a late update for the camera, it was the first time I had written my own camera controls like this so I will definitely try to improve for the future, the music was really a last touch before I had to go to sleep on the last day so I tried to just get something monotone that fit in the background, probably should have made it persist between scenes to avoid that pop. If you have any advice as to how you would have handled anything I'd love to hear it I saw you in the discord and I see you have a lot of experience so I'm hoping to make games as well as you.


I completely understand last minute music haha! And late update is usually the way to go with cameras, so it might be something else... Unity is a bit funky sometimes (and I've gotten lazy using Cinemachine). I won't pretend to be an expert, but feel free to pm me on discord if there is anything specific you want some input on.  Again, great work - I really enjoyed playing your game.


I really enjoyed it, amazing work, really liked you did a good jump math, the movement is fun, the wall jump is buggy and idk if that's only in the webGL version but there's something wrong with the collider when you're climbing some platforms after the tutorial. the music could have more variation to it and the drum is a bit strange. good level design too


This game is so fun, congrats! The visual is so appealing, the contrasts fit very well and do not hurt the eyes hahaha. The only things I did not like about the game is that the wall jump is not working very well, sometimes it didn't work and sometimes it work more than necessary and the button position is not ergonomic enough; and that it's not very creative, but as soon as you fix that the game will be so nice as a whole. Keep on keeping on!


The gameplay is cool but as others said I couldn't get the wall jump to work correctly. Having it be a different button from the jump button doesn't help much.

That said, I love the level design! The multiple dash+jump sections are very fun to accomplish and the checkpoint system is a really nice touch.


The art is great, gameplay is cool but wall jump isn't working correctly on keyboard (I couldn't press d and e at the same time) and camera is shaking. However, very nice game!


I had a lot of fun with this! I love the use of colors and the dark themes in the game. Also that extra jump mechanic is really cool. One thing I would critique is the button you used for wall jumping on pc. It was kind of hard for me to move with WASD while also tapping E to wall jump. Other than that it was great. The music was a great touch too.


Really cool game! The art was excellent and it helped to have a white outline on the player in order to distinguish them from background.  I read your description of the plot, and it's a shame you didn't get to implement it because it sounded pretty good. The tutorial was very well done and the ability to place your own checkpoints was super useful in some of the later levels. The only issue I had was wall jumping with e felt a bit awkward, and that sometimes the camera would resize during a jump, which could be distracting, but overall a cool game!


the art is great and definitely follow the limitation. gameplay is also a solid and enjoyable experience. well done! 


Great game, the art style and color fit well, having a sound bar on main menu was pretty great, the tutorial as very detailed too, didn’t even need to check the commands on description. The only things i didn’t like was “E” being the command to wall jump, it was kind of weird pressing it together with A or D, and the spikes hitbox seems a bit big, but overall a pretty good (also the ability to put our own checkpoints was cool :D)

good game, i like the art and of the game and the two layer of the background, really good game, the only problem to me is the wall jump, i couldn't make the 4 level(i not sure), that it has a walljump section on the beggining, cause the wall jump some times works, others don't.


Love the game!

Sprites look pretty good, have a very simplistic look and reminds me of Celeste, but it does annoy me to see a thing or two that are pretty offscale. Level design is just great, and being able to make your own checkpoint is pretty new to me, neat.

Song's alright, I can see it getting repetitive after a while, but is not too intrusive, so it does its job.

I think the one problematic thing is the walljump, I find it weird and hard to pinpoint how it works. Sometimes it spins you around and gives you knockback, sometimes it works indefiinetely, sometimes it works once per wall and sometimes it just doesn't work at all.

So overall excelent game!


Nice game and good soundtrack


Great game! i played it to the end, really like the colors, level design is awesome and it is really fun (remind me of Celeste).

Keep it up!


Great level design and visuals!(loved the "Celeste" vibe). Some things to improve: Wall jumping is weird, maybe you could increase the time needed to press space in order to chain them (and remove the need of the "E" key). Also, some spikes had really big colliders.

Other than that I played it to the end and enjoyed ir  a lot. Keep it up!


OMG I saw your game and I can't wait to play it, I'm going through a list right now and yours looks so good!

On another note, thanks it was my first time doing platformer movements so this was kinda new to me it seems to be a common consensus that wall jump = bad and spikes = big. Gl with the jam.


I found this game a bit difficult to work with. The spike hitboxes are too big and felt really punishing in some of the tighter areas. I also found the wall jump very difficult --- why is it bound to a different button than jump?

The game looks excellent though and I had fun with it overall!


A great game ! I really liked the level design and the difficulty curve. I think the hitbox of the spikes is a tad bit too big, but other than that, great job !


A very robust game, well done! My main issue was that I would die too easily, I think the hit-box on the spikes is a tad too big, other than that, I enjoyed it and played it till the end!


The wall jump needs work but I like how you can place checkpoints


I see you like celeste. It was fun I did beat it. Not sure if the game is easier on controller but I used keyboard. Wall jumping was a little funky and I think the spike hit box seemed a bit off. I liked the challenge and awesome level design!


I actually never played Celeste but I did like the look so I tried going for that.


I've definitely enjoyed playing this game! I really like the overall presentation, the design is really nice too! It definitely gave me future vibes also! The wall jump controls are still a problem though. This was a great classic platformer for sure! :)

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