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The game is awesome (cool idea with mining asteroids and quests) , it's only need a bit polish and it can be very fine game.

I liked artstyle and music. Fine idea with nachos, i like nachos :)

Good game, i liked it. It's hard and fun to avoid the obstacles. 

Fine game. I liked scenes, they are so many and well draw.

Looks great ! But i got stuck on the key puzzle.

Interesting game with fine concept :)

Quick enjoyable game. Good music !

Very good graphics, definitely a game with a lot of potential.

This game is so weird, but it's really fun and interesting. Unique game!

Interesting concept, game is hard :)

Good art.

Not bad for the first game.  Funny sounds :)


Pretty ambitious game mechanic, well done !

Nice game, i really liked idea of the test of ages. This game needs more content and polish and it will be good mobile game.

My highscore is 57 :)

Nice game for solo developer

Incredible game ! Everything is perfect (graphics, sounds, music) ! 

I'm shocked that you used only colors from given color palette in this game. 

Very interesting story and good music. Sometimes  sounds don't hit the notes, if you fix this it will be very good game to relax. 

Fish are beautiful. 

Looks fine and good idea with switch timelines

Enjoyable graphic design

Fine concept

I can't to open a game in fullscreen

Interesting art style and concept of levels.  Ending was unexpected :o

Cute cat, interesting concept. I like it.


Awesome concept, great music and nice realization. 

Pretty hard.

Nice game and good soundtrack

I didn't find the easter egg :(

I can't execute version for Windows

Not bad, interesting storrytelling and good music.

The frogs are crazy LOL

Its funny 

I can't execute a game

Music is amazing !