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Rhythm of the GodsView game page

Rhythm Game about Fish Gods
Submitted by Juan%Percent — 12 hours, 7 minutes before the deadline
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Use of the Limitation#283.8643.864

Ranked from 22 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Unity, Krita

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It is a very cute gameplay, I also like the rhythm games!

Good job!


I thought dolphins were the dominant life form on the planet, huh...

The concept of fish gods is really funny and the whole "let's please the gods with music" is so cool, but I think the sound effects are a bit too different from the music playing and it kinda lessens the experience for me.

Overall a game that doesn't take itself too seriously, great job !


So a very cool story and the game looks nice and was certainly an easier experience for me, I tend to suck at rhythm games so I actually finished it. There were a few things that could do with a bit of tweaking, the notes just didn't match the songs though the songs were good, it seemed to me like the blue fish noise was similar to windows error sound, and I did find out that you can just mash all the keys if you really want to with no consequence. Other than that a very nice addition to this jam's collection. Good job.


the sound effect just doesnt match in my opinion, i more if its the timing same as the beat the music. the art is cute btw


Cute game! It was a fun little challenge, and I loved seeing the fish swim along. The story was a great addition as well. I think to add a little more challenge there should be some king of penalty for missing a note, as sometimes you could just spam the keys. Overall a cool game!


Super cool game! Loved the art, although the controls did take a while to get used to.


I found the the horizontal view of the game a bit odd, I use to play music game where note come from the the top, this orientation make it not easy to get used to. Where I need to press asdf which go from left to right to match the fish from top to bottom. Other wise well done.


Very interesting story and good music. Sometimes  sounds don't hit the notes, if you fix this it will be very good game to relax. 

Fish are beautiful. 


It's got an almost comedic effect, how you are just a fish playing song for the Gods... and when you play your note a strange discordant sound plays, lol.

It's like a deep existential game - that doesn't take itself too seriously. I respect it for that. 

The simple graphics are nice, very colorful.

My critique is that the game is about hitting the note at the right time, but the game doesn't make it clear when I'm hitting or missing a note. Sometimes the sound doesn't play when I click correctly, so I'm not sure if the game counted it as a correct hit or not.

Also there's no game over state from what I can tell? I can miss the notes and still get to the end without much punishment. Which would be fine, if you are just making a game about  getting a good score on each track, but the premise made me think I would get a game over if my score was too low.

A solid entry anyway - the concept makes you giggle and the game offers a good challenge. Good one!


Good job! I dont know why, but i have hard time figuring the keys that i should play with.

Keep it up!


I love music games! Obviously, we weren't really playing the song, which is a shame but 100% understandable. Only thing I disliked was that it wouldn't let me hit notes in quick succession on the same fish, so I missed out on a perfect score. Other than that minor bug, well done! I also loved the concept of fish gods! hahaha


Good job on the jam! I liked the concept & music of the game. However, if I spam the keys, I would be able to get scores with no effort. I think it would be cool if the game had a lives system. If you press a key and there is no note there, you lose a live. Lose all three, GAME OVER.


This is a cool little game, I liked the music! I think you should add what keys to press on the fish though instead of just showing them at the start.