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Thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing

Thanks for playing, definitely. It is in discussions. 

There shouldn’t be problem playing on the browser.

thanks for playing 

This mechanic appear a bit too much in this jam. The only original things is the color part which is nice change. The art, animation, and sound effect is well done, but still can be improve on. I think you can do some tuning on your level. Couldn't give this game a high rating because of the abundancy of the same mechanic.

The place is way too big, this types of game should be a bit more fast pace to make it fun, otherwise it will came out bland and player will be bored. The art is really nice and you should add some background music too. 

I found a bug I believe somehow, I wasn't able to give banana to the apes. I found this type of game to be boring to be honest.  check my game out, thanks check my game out thanks check my game out, thanks check this out thanks. 

Your game is not loading for me on browser. 

Not sure how it fit the theme of stronger together, maybe you trying to say two people is better then one. The theme is better if it is obvious. I liked the art and the ui, is nice and simple. 

Don't know how this game fit the theme. The graphics is nice and all. I feel the camera move a bit too fast to be honest, need to tune that down a bit, because this is not action game, it doesn't need to have a fast responsive mouse camera control. this is my game check it out. 

My teammate rated so I'm not going to play, there is too many game in this post I need to play, sorry about that. 

Is a good game, the level design is pretty good. And the particle coming across the screen is distracting to be honest. Is better to get rid of it. 

I don't know how to play this game to be honest, like I can't see what's is in front of me, am I able to carry the light or something, and then I just died. And I feel it doesn't fit the theme well.

It doesn't fit the theme all that well. I liked the art and music.

It doesn't fit the theme, though. And the screen shake is a bit too much, and it kinda make it feel awful. That is my two cents.

I saw a crewmate and how do I even save the crewmate, some kind of instruction will be ideal. And some direction too, was really confuse when playing the game to be honest. And don't think it fit the theme good.

I found the game to be kind of difficult, the skeleton spawn a bit too fast even though I choose small as the difficulty level. This game need a bit more tuning, try out my game too. 

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Interesting to be honest. One suggestion is that the camera need to be work on a bit more. I get a little dizzy from it. I like the art, wait no I don't like it. I love it. ;)

The concept is not unique, just a twist of space shooter. And I think it didn't fit that well with the theme to be honest. The sound and art is well made. One suggestion is that you could add color change to the asteroids to make it more colorful and etc. Well done. 

The ui and art is really well made, you should add some background music and sound effect to your game. 

Too many control need to remember, and the difficulty need to be tune down a little bit and the camera is a bit iffy, I can't really see the where is the enemy. Like if my mouse is at the far left and im going to the far left I should see more on what's on the far left, but the camera move a bit too slow and this cause me to die way to fast. 

It should have some kind of background music to make it better. And it didn't fit the theme that well to be honest. But well done. 

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Played so many games in this game jam with switching player mechanics, got bored playing these type of game without more interesting  premises. I liked the graphics, is pretty well made. 

Good graphics, and don't think this fit the theme well to be honest. Didn't show how it is stronger together. 

I can't open rar file.

It is really impossible to beat the circle that surround you. Instant death anyway I went. 

I couldn't build tower with x, is it bugged? weird. 

The graphics is top notch, but I didn't like the fighting mechanic to be honest. A bit too difficult for me. 

Your choice of color is interesting, but this doesn't fit the theme that well to be honest. I kinda get stuck on edges and stuff, and just fall down. Well made.

I think this game doesn't fit that well with the theme, and I feel the control to be a bit off, sliding a little bit when button released, and the wall is a bit too tight, make the collider a bit smaller will be ideal. 

Didn't feel this game to fit the theme well to be honest, you get light you get brighter and that's it. It should be you get brighter and maybe your bullet is larger or your bullet is faster. Didn't really like the background music though, that's my two cents. 

Overall design of the game is pretty impressive, the ui, the art, the lighting, the shadow, it fit really well, and the color you choose for the cube is also good too. One suggestion is adding sound effect to the cube landing and releasing. The background music doesn't the game well I think.