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Game for Brackys Game Jam - 2021
Submitted by merlin105
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Game Design#3493.4873.487

Ranked from 39 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

In what way does your game fit the theme?
they need to work together to succeed

Did you write all the code yourself and made all the assets from scratch?

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Like the music, graphics are good( I like the lighting), very innovative idea and fun to play.


Love the art style!

Submitted (1 edit)

This is a pretty good concept, and a fun puzzle game!

That said, it does feel like it was designed for a larger visible area, or at least a Follow command that treats walls as slippery (one of the puzzles in level 1 is just ?????, I might just not have the mind for it, but for me at least this is coming on pretty strong for a first challenge).

Also there's zero indication that boxes just don't work anymore on the same puzzle in level 1.

  • Movement feels slide-y (like skating on ice). Perhaps due to a lack of friction

  • Good visual and audio feedback with the doors. The way the boxes snap to the pressure plates feel like satisfying

  • It would be nice if the NPCs had better AI. They frequently get stuck on areas like corners

  • The walking animation look weird

  • The rendering order between the some tiles and the player’s hair looks a little messed up: Same issue with the boxes

  • The way you can only control characters you can see is a cool mechanic

Loved it! The puzzles were challenging and it fit the theme well. One criticism is I had a lot of trouble having the NPCs follow me around corners. Otherwise, excellent!

Fits the theme and the puzzles are amazing. The one time my character got stuck I realized way -  defiantly not a bug. Great graphics, lighting effect, and level design. Love it!


Interesting puzzle game, aside from what others already pointed out, I don't see the need for having two different keys for interactions, you could have used "E" for everything to avoid confusion, but that might have just been me. You can easily tell the theme, a good game overall!


Nice mechanic. To make it even more interactive you can implement something that can hurt the player or maybe a race against an unstoppable force that you need to beat to the end or else its game over.


Reallly neat game, but I agree with some other comments. The movement is slidy and makes the game really hard. But all in all, this is really good! Loved the graphics and the level design!


Nice game. But I agree with the other comments.


Love the dynamic lighting! there is a few pointers from me

Main character need to have it layer above the walls.

the walls are too tight 

controls are too "slidy"

Nonetheless, good job!


Really nice level design, i'm not sure if it fits the theme of the jam though

In order to solve the puzzle you must work together, so it fits the "stronger together"


I think this game doesn't fit that well with the theme, and I feel the control to be a bit off, sliding a little bit when button released, and the wall is a bit too tight, make the collider a bit smaller will be ideal. 

you must work together in order to solve the puzzle, so it fits the "stronger together"


Very cool game! the puzzles are interesting and feel good, the doors showing what button activate them was a nice touch. My only complaint is that the AI is a bit wonky and will often get stuck on edges. Otherwise, great game!


Interesting puzzles. Characters got stuck in some places, but anyway it was pleasant to play. 


Fun game... love the lighting effect and the implementation of field of view... well made!


Nice art, good mechanics, great concept. Very nice job, really liked.

Hello Buddy Dev!.

My brain just melted away with some puzzles.

I like your style!.

Just in case you wanna pass by


The games feels good to play the puzzle are good and got me to think. There was a bug in which the characters got stuck on the doors it was a tad bit annoying.

Nice concept and cool puzzles!

The following characters got stuck on doors a lot, that was a bit annoying

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