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Yep, you can fully use my guns pack.

Thanks! I first time made enemy logic, but it so primitive that enemies don't understand where is the walls.

Wow, this is very hard game, but i like the idea as well as this "POP" sound effect and art style.

Ok, it looks really cool!

I definitely have chosen a difficult for players concept, but anyway thanks for your feedback!

Really fun game! I like it!

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for your feedback! Maybe i will make other build after rate period in which i'll introduce something like small tutorial.

Little and simple game with genius idea!

You really made it! Cool idea with only 1 dimension game.

Here is my game in "Top - Down Shooter" genre.

Well done! I like this art style!

I'll join to all you and i will rate as much games as i can!

My game in "Top - down shooter" genre - "Figure Smash".

Thanks!  :)

I'll be really glad if you find time to play my game and express your own opinion about it!

We can talk about this, but the game is really cool!


i'm glad to hear that you liked my concept. I really appreciate it. Thanks!

Simple prototype with interesting concept, but it isn't a game for a gamejam.

Simple prototype with interesting concept, but it isn't a game for a gamejam.

Thanks for giving me useful information! I think i'll update the build soon.

Thank you! I'm glad to know that you liked my game.

I'll be waiting for updates!

Okay, that's really cool. I like your pixel art style, but i think you should make another background.

Nice player animation!