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Think, write, fight
Submitted by Scanax, maksanm — 3 hours, 2 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Use of the Limitation#513.5883.588

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Scanax & maksanm

Software used
Unity, Visual Studio, Sublime Text, Photoshop CS6

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idk how to play i just dont understand the mechanics put a tutorial or something


Interesting take on a real time strategy. The game could benefit from more commands like being able to build new ships and introduce ship classes etc. Overall, great job!


It's a little bit complex game, but I like it! Good job!


One of the most interesting game mechanics of the jam! My best time was 4:45 :) 
The console input is a coole idea, but it is not very usable for only movement management (Would be different if the game mechanics are expanded). 

I think the game idea has a lot of potential and it would be nice if there was some payoff to moving around the map with the fleet, like destroying an enemy base.

Cool game and keep going! :) 

Nice work! Reminds me of Homeworld and Duskers. :)

Love the idea, very fun. Noticed a few bugs where ships would seem to get stuck, but that got me to 7:40, so no complaints here :)


I think this is a really fun foundation for additional mechanics. The control method is pretty engaging and unique.


Well done! This was a really good idea! I honestly really enjoyed controlling the ship with command lines! I think it could have been better if it was turn based for those slower at typing. I don't know if I had an ultimate goal other than to survive, but I would have played for hours if there were motherships to destroy or asteroids to mine, well done! I loved it!


Like the idea of controlling via command lines. Maybe could add an instruction to tell player to how to move the sight range? I also tried for a while to figure out how to check other areas.


I really love this idea, I wish I could produce units and write scripts for control patterns and production lines, other than that you did mention its buggy and I have found that units stack on the same tile, unable to split some enemies just become docile. Lot's of good things and lots of buggy things definitely a great game with more content polish and effort.

Looks like I win old man! ( I am just joking but I did beat your score )


An enjoyable, different than usual Real Time Strategy game.

I like controlling the units by entering the inputs in the command box - even if I found it a little slow sometimes.

Maybe that's the point - emphasizing positioning and strategy over reactionary movements.

The graphics communicate things correctly, and adding the boxes lighting up with Blue or Red lets your see the enemy units coming if you are zoomed out on the board. 

I kept trying to scroll the screen by clicking and dragging, but had to push my mouse to the border of the scren... should've figured it out earlier really. 

Here's my highscore after a few tries - great entry! Lots of fun.